Update: TELUS to launch the Black HTC One on July 10th


  • Rich

    Love the picture evidence, lol.

  • @jxu93

    I’ve always wondered why they used to release phones in black first, then later in white. Should be the opposite, I’ve always preferred black (though that’s just my opinion)

  • FuzzyFish6

    I usually prefer white phones, but the One in black is hotness.

  • ns.dev

    Are you sure? It looks more clear to me.

    • Anthony

      Transparent to be exact.

    • Frank Lin

      I wish! There was a promo shot for the Developer edition where they had a clear back cover. They should make that (but then people will be pissed if you can’t remove a battery yet you can see it, lol)

  • David

    Funny how the black htc one happens to be ”missing”

  • Greg

    Figures…I finally get my dream phone last weekend and now they drop black on us

    • Borsato92

      If you are with Telus, you are still within the 30 Day return policy. So go back and get black if you want. haha 🙂

    • Greg

      Not an uninteresting notion lol

  • Word

    It is the biggest piss off when they release new colors after launch… Release all the colors at the same time so people have proper choice!

  • zms-235@hotmail.com

    Come to Bell!!!

  • Frank Lin

    Black but is it still only 32 GB?

    I guess they want the One X+ to still remain with 64 GB to its advantage. Currently using this phone now.