Motorola teases Moto X as “the first smartphone designed and assembled in the USA”


  • Petephone


  • Antoine Gagnon

    Can’t wait to see what they have in store. Android <3

  • Henry

    Custom colors? What other design options could they give you?

    • ITCanWork

      Camera. screen display options (720p or 1080p), memory, etc.

    • Henry

      To me those sound more like specs than design aspects. They may offer variations in hardware but that’s nothing new.

    • nekkidtruth

      It’s new if it’s “on the fly” so to speak. For example, imagine being able to choose your screen size, internal memory size, casing and anything else online during the ordering process. If this is what they’re aiming for, I’d say that’s “new”.

  • Eric J

    Made in the USA – Nope… Just put together in the USA. Might as well be Ikea furniture then. Not that I don’t think it’s going to be an awesome phone, but lets not get carried away with where it’s made. If I buy a chair from Ikea, go home and attach all the pieces does that make it ‘Made in Canada’?

    • ITCanWork

      The ad doesn’t say Made in USA, the mobilesyrup article incorrectly said it.

    • Eric J

      I know that’s why I said it. I was only goofing around. I’m pro this article 🙂

    • Eric J

      I really don’t know why people are giving down votes… there was no malicious intent at all…

    • WhateverFreak

      Still means American jobs, crappy ones sure altho ironically one could assume potentially better than the people who actually make the semi conductors.
      I buy “American” products when I can but dont really know why. I mean I already have an American job, been here 12 hours today, and frankly I dont like this one very much so not sure why I would want another.

    • alphs22

      Eh… your analogy is flawed.

      IKEA furnitures are designed in Sweden, manufactured in China, tested/checked in China, packaged in China, then assembled by the end user.

      The Moto X would be designed in the US, different parts manufactured from other countries (some from the US too, I imagine), then assembled in the US, tested/checked in the US, and packaged in the US.

      That is significantly more American involvement in making the final product than IKEA.

      The FTC doesn’t just allow any company to advertise ‘Made in USA’ if most of the production costs incurred in a foreign country. Feel free to read their Policy Statement on US Origin Claims.

    • Neil Patel

      Still better than a product that is made and assembled in China.

  • iMoto

    I’ll just stick with  for all my “designed in america” stuff

  • TomsDisqusted

    That’s quite a while between major phone releases in the Android world – Moto has probably been losing tons of money for Google during this time.

    Allowing users to customize their phones sound great (reminds me of Dell) but I question how much they can let users pick beyond the colour and the storage size.

  • hotcar96

    don’t buy Motorola, save yourself…well buy it if u really want it but…don’t cry afterwards, I hate Motorola for leaving my atrix 4g on gingerbread

    • Derrick P.

      I well that doesn’t sound like a legit reason to boycot Motorola. Welcome to the cell phone industry!!!!!! Not every phone a company brings out will be updated. That is how they get you…….you buy a new device and then you get maybe 1 upgrade, 2 if your lucky and that’s it. They do this so you will buy a newer device. Samsung, HTC, BB, Apple, Motorola, Nokia etc…….they all do it!

    • Zed

      I understand what you’re saying, fan of HTC and never owned a Galaxy phone, BUT, Samsung seems to be updating their phones regularly, at least their flahships. Heck, the S2 received 4.1 update recently if i’m not mistaking. Samsung seems to get it – it’s worth investing in upgrading devices!

    • Derrick P.

      Lol fan of htc hey…… so much. I have owned Samsung phones for the last 3 years. My s3 just got updated from factory 4.1.1 to 4.1.2. Lol yay I get an app slide bar which I will never use. I was 4.2 dammit lol

    • Zed

      My bad, I meant ‘I’ was a fan of HTC and still hate their policies and admire Samsung’s

    • chris

      Well that’s a blanket statement. Does renting a bad apartment in Toronto steer you away from Toronto?

  • Jason

    Who cares where it was designed or assembled, we just want a really cool top of the line phone.

  • deltatux

    My phone was assembled in Korea, seems like ppl are jumping on the “Made in America” bandwagon and get carried away from this marketing gimmick. Honestly, I don’t care where it’s made as long as the quality is good for the right price.

    As for device customization, Hopefully it’ll change the market, depending on how much you can change the device.

    • jackjiarocks

      You will be suprised how many crazy a*s Americans out there will buy this phone just for that

    • ITCanWork

      Some people like to support products made in their home country as opposed to everything being made in Asia with underpaid workers and create jobs locally.

  • bcsc

    I just love the dig at Apple with their new commercials stating “Designed in California”. F- Apple I want this phone now!

    • denco101

      Except “Designed by Apple in California” is both true and their signature, hence the last line of “This is our signature, and it means everything.” Of course, the whole thing referring to the rest of the spiel, talking about their philosophy and how it makes them different…

      This is more of a “We’re still alive… Somehow… Exciting, isn’t it? Oh, and USA! USA!”

      I AM actually looking forward to seeing this device, though… Seems promising, and the one time Moto fan in me (RAZR, KRZR, Droid 3 and Xoom) hopes they can make a comeback.

    • bcsc

      Yes but the proper signature on the back of their devices is “Designed by Apple in California, Assembled in China”, which given the treatment of workers at Foxxcon, I’m certain Apple would love people to forget that part. I guess we’ll have to see if any waves of suicides take place at Moto’s manufacturing facility to see if the “Assembled in the USA” may actually be the happier, more life friendly, and overall better way to build a phone.

  • dboy

    who cares.. its not like it was made in canada