Is this the Motorola Moto X?


  • JBR

    The device looks nice, but I’m skeptical of the whole phone knowing when its in your pocket or your hand or when you want to take a photo. Unless these features are completely unobtrusive and given that they will be accurate and able to predict your needs (which I’m especially skeptical of), I could see wanting to be able to turn at least some of them off. I hope that they make these features optional just in case some find that they get in the way more than they help. It will be interesting to see what actually comes in the final package.

    • alphs22


      All that stuff sounds like Google is trying to mimic Samsung and Touchwiz.

      I turn off most of the “smart” features on my S3 because they rarely work.

  • Friartuk

    Would never ever ever by a Motorola again after my Atrix fiasco !!

  • Sam Wiggans

    Looks basically like stock android

  • JaysonF

    So the camera will automatically come on every time I see a good looking woman?

    • Zed

      It is confirmed, during the setup, you need to provide the threshold for what you consider beautiful, from ugly Betty to Victoria Secret’s girls.

    • Zed Eph

      I thought this is fitting…

      1: “Whoose motorcycle is this?”
      2: “It’s a chopper babe.”
      1: “Whoose chopper is this?”
      2: “It’s Zed’s…”
      1: “Who is Zed?”
      2: “Zed is dead, baby. Zed is dead.”

      Sorry, couldn’t resist; that was from Pulp Fiction. Watching that movie made me diskile this pseudonym, just not enough to think of something else instead.

    • Bri

      That’s one of the main reasons people buy google glass for.

      The future is bring upon us.

    • Zee


  • Bri

    One thing I notice is that this device looks ugly in the photo..

  • JungleBoogie

    I really hope that’s not it. It looks the same as my Galaxy S2.

    • Garrett Cooper

      Looks nothing like an s2. Maybe an s4.

  • Nathaniel James

    The question is, will it receive software updates or be left in the dust like the other motorola devices

  • hotcar96

    Never buy a Motorola, especially on contract. My atrix 4G is garage after 2 and 1/2 years: volume buttons don’t work, overheats, camera doesn’t work, wifi is broken and it shuts down every ten minutes. I am running stock 2.3.6 because i am scared of breaking it even more-i don’t want to “hack” it as i am on contract. I am getting a new phone soon, most likely the s4 or the nexus 4 directly from Google.

  • KrispyInTO

    3000+mah battery or gtfo

  • Nadefrenzy

    If it’s a dualcore, it’d be a fail.

    inb4 “omgz no one needs a quadcore in their phonezz!”

  • Rabid Rotty

    Designed like the galaxy nexus and nexus 4 as much as I love nexus this design is getting boring. Yawn