TELUS doubles down, now offering $100 credit to customers to delay Galaxy S4 shipping

Over the weekend TELUS sent out select customers an email that offered up a $50 bill credit to delay shipping of the Samsung Galaxy S4. This was due to to the pre-orders being “so popular.” Well, more good fortune has arrived because TELUS has upped the ante and is now giving out a $100 credit to postpone shipping the GS4 until May 10th.

The email notes that “we’re offering select pre-order customers a $100 bill credit if you’re willing to wait up to two weeks to receive your GALAXY S4… If you decide to take this offer, we’ll add a $100 credit to your account after you receive your device. We will ship your GALAXY S4 by May 10th instead of Saturday, April 27th. If you choose not to take this offer, your GALAXY S4 will be shipped as previously outlined. For customers who have already accepted the $50 offer, you will automatically be provided the new $100 offer – no action is required.”

Pretty good deal considering the GS4 is $200 on a 3-year.
Pre-orders must be going really well in Canada.
(Thanks Therm0 & AshM!)

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