TELUS doubles down, now offering $100 credit to customers to delay Galaxy S4 shipping


  • tom

    Take notes!

    I am talking to you, Bell and Rogers

  • FunkyMonkey

    Wow at least they’re trying to make it look as if they actually care about their customers!

    Way to go Telus, I’m still loyal to Wind, but its nice to see some positive BigThree competition, and not shameless cashgrabbing which is what Rogers and Bell do

  • Super_Deluxe

    You see Rogers and Bell, now that’s good customer service!

  • Eluder

    They’re just copying what Rogers has been doing with all marquee devices. Rogers first did it with the iPhone 5, then the Z10…

  • Chris


    • Jay Chan

      “Pre-orders must be going really well in Canada.”

      that’s a very subjective statement, i think it has more to do with supply shortage that Samsung would not disclose. they are probably playing the “Apple” game screaming like “OH I sold out all my phones in 2 hours!!”

    • darshani is 1 dollar hooker

      >being this dumb

  • bob

    So if I don’t except this offer will I get my son the 27 even tho its a Saturday?

    • Anthony Urciuoli

      BY the 27th…not ON the 27th


    Da*n, now I want a Double Down.

  • new_tradition

    I’m not familiar with how Telus does things, but how will the 100.00 credit be applied? Still, pretty tempting for just a two week delay.

    • vn33

      Toward the monthly bill ?

  • wildspin

    By mid or end of May, Future Shop/Best Buy will offer it for $49.95 plus a $50 or maybe $100 gift card.

  • jaffna_guy

    Same as Blackberry Z10, production depends on orders

  • Anonymous

    Why everyone is talking about supply shortage?
    “If you choose not to take this offer, your GALAXY S4 will be shipped as previously outlined.”

    Imagine no one takes this offer, Telus still have to ship them all out. No?

    • Paul

      “As previous outlined” simply means that they have to hold to their agreement. The agreement is that your preorder will be shipped as stock is available. No one is 100% guaranteed the phone immediately, even if they preordered it.

  • Monty

    Future Shop is still accepting Pre-Orders and that company history is they always fulfill pre-orders before all the major carriers. So if you dont want to wait, place a pre-order in store now and dont wait the probable 2-6 weeks that most carriers make you wait.

    For those Ottawa residents – reply to this thread for more details

  • Anthony Urciuoli

    wow….Apple fanboy a little bitter over being dethroned by Samsung?