TELUS Galaxy S4 sales are “so popular” that they’re offering select customers a $50 credit to delay shipping


  • Zany

    Life is rough indeed (1st world problem that is) when you have both the HTC One and the GS4 to choose from and you have Motorola’s X-Phone just around the corner. I’m loving the competition in the market right now.

    • theeye30

      I’m sorry, what competition? Oh you meant about the OEMs…

  • bill murph

    Pre orders are not popular – the issue of Samsung’s support is limited. The launch should have been delayed but they didn’t want that embarrassment.

    • Shawn Thomas

      I agree

    • peacekeeper05


  • talarico

    I’ll read about all the delays on my new HTC One! 🙂

    • peacekeeper05

      Sorry for your waste of money

    • talarico

      I expected that from at least “One” HTC hater!

  • Matthew Wargarbalton

    Could we discuss this ridiculous price of $200? This is what the US is paying FFS!

    • monsterduc1000

      On a two year contract…

    • Super_Deluxe

      Bad idea to complain about it on a Canadian site when we have it worse than you guys. I’d rather have $200 on a 2 year than $200 on a 3 year…

    • Matthew Wargarbalton

      I am complaining about what we pay in Canada dude.

    • Phil

      At the moment, the most expensive Individual plan on Rogers’ site is $100 a month. A similar AT&T plan costs $140 a month. 100*36=$3600 > 140*24=$3360. I’d personally prefer to have a lower monthly bill, but they are paying less throughout the course of their contract.

  • Pewz

    Rogers does the same thing with all device reservations.. this is nothing new

  • Plazmic Flame

    Really? It that popular? Dang, go fig…

  • robertottawa

    Way to spin a bad delay to look positive lol

    • Sean Lumly

      …. or that the phone demand is greater than the anticipated phone supply, and they are trying to get customers to delay their expected order in order to avoid shortages.

  • Rich

    Oh Android hardware… moving too fast for the software to keep up.

  • Super_Deluxe

    Buy but but what about the $50 credit?!

    • silver_arrow

      The One is $50 cheaper there you go

    • SHR3WD

      They also have their 100$ trade offer too 🙂

    • jacky

      but the htc one is very boring to use got it yesterday just returned it, samsung imo is better functionality wise with pop up browser/multi view and air gesture something that i would use daily

    • solrflow

      ……..said nobody ever.

    • peacekeeper05


    • jacky

      well thats just my opinion because i’ve had a chance to try both the htc one and note 2, sure the design of the htc one is nice but im sorry to say it is no where near as good as the note 2 imho, im not trying to say htc is no good lots of ppl will like the design of it, im sorry tbh in a smartphone design plays a small roll what the phone can do plays a major roll and from my experience with it the htc one is no match for samsung as for custom roms/rooting on htc device is a pain compared to other phones

    • Zed

      the One might not be for you, but you can’t deny it’s a better built than the S4. When i’ll find it boring, I’ll just install a new ROM like on my other HTC phones before it. Every phone gets boring at some point.

      Comparison: My One S, after close to a year of use, not scratches on the body (have a screen protector just in case). My friend’s S3 has some weird scratches on both sides, as if the paint came off.

      I have no doubt this One will fare me as well as my previous.

    • Stephen

      Your friend is a big klutz then. It’s really hard to scratch, the One series is not

    • peacekeeper05

      I agree.

  • Jojo

    Lot of people want plastic garbage?

    • EmptyTome

      Most people will put their phone in a plastic case anyways.

  • Guest

    It’s called “hunger marketing”, folks … they create the illusion of short supply and subsidize the carriers for the “credit”.

    Telus only need to handle the situation on a first come first serve basis. Why would they pay 50 bucks to remediate Samsung’s problem? 😉

  • Stephen

    Skip the delay and buy high failure rate Taiwanese HTC!

  • Guest

    Please read the email again.

    There is no guarantee how many people will take the offer. It’s up to the customers’ choice. If no one takes the offer, Telus almost certainly will ship all pre-orders on schedule.

  • peacekeeper05

    No Pls. I’m tired of HTC’s crap. I don’t want to own an inferior phone that becomes irrelevant after a month.

    • solrflow

      htc doesn’t want you either.

  • John Smith

    this didnt happen with blackberry z10

  • kroms

    This will make the Iphone people not too pleased and also anger the Winph8 crowd. As for the HTC fans being a tad jealous about the S4 ,,, well at the least you have options now. If you want the S4 you can wait and if you don’t want to wait there are other great options like the HTC One.

  • Matthew Wargarbalton

    You don’t have to pay that much. My family in the states pays seventy per line. I pay a little less than that. 200 on both sides of the border is ridiculous.