RIM’s new “BlackBerry World” goes live, aims to be your “one-stop shop for all of your mobile entertainment needs”


  • Blackberry World

    An alternative titlre for the article woud be:
    “Blackberry App World” becomes “Blackberry World”

    When RIM promised 70,000 apps in their “world” by launch were they talking about submitted or approved apps??

    -Does anybody know how many APPROVED apps are in BB World now?
    -Does anybody think they will make it to 70K on time?

    Do you think you will be able to go to a store and buy a BB10 phone in February or in March?

    My guess is March.

    • Dan

      More than 70,000.


      Early February.

    • hoo dat

      @BlackBerry World. First of all up until a month ago RIM already had 70,000 native apps prepared for the BB10 OS, that number is currently nudging 122,000, by far the highest number of native apps created for a brand new OS. And yes, that’s approved and ready to go. That’s also excluding the apps that are being ported in from PlayBook, Android and iOS.

      Secondly, when was the last time Samsung announced an availability date for a device that had yet to be launched? How about Apple? Name me ANY major device manufacturer that’s announced a date previous to a device’s launch. BB10 will be release to the carriers, on February 5th. What the carriers do after that point is entirely up to them. All carriers have point of sale materials at hand and most have the dummy display phones. You want a date? Harrass your carrier.

    • Joe public

      Just another upset clueless android user mad that Google wallet was hacked again and Google play top 100 are all malware / virus infested apps. Don’t worry about blackberry’s app store just go play with your Android Mc Donalds happy meal toy with 8 cores running the clunky os..

  • Senor Chang

    The blackberry world website looks terrible so far, no consistency in graphics and little forethought in what apps are being promoted. Same old blackberry.

  • Roger

    im personally hoping they start dubbing it BBW.

  • RichieRickardo

    Jesus it better be a typo because I was gonna buy at $10 but opted to stay away due to the volatile nature of their stock right now.

  • ile2010

    Why is it that paid apps are more expensive than their Android/iOS counterparts (something I noticed on Windows Phone as well)?

    Personally, I won’t purchase an app if it’s 3-5x cheaper on competing platforms (sales notwithstanding).

  • Sweet

    I wonder if they’ll allow people to buy movies to run only on their desktop or laptop computer. If they do and they offer the same video & audio quality as iTunes but without DRM or with a standard DRM (Apple uses a proprietary DRM), then I’ll surely start buying my movies and TV shows there.