RIM announces new Physical QWERTY Dev Alpha C device, rebrands BlackBerry App World to “BlackBerry World”


  • BB

    GO RIM!!

    I like the name change.


      Just when you think it is over for RIM they come out of nowhere and rebrand Blackberry App World to Blackberry World!

      These guys don’t quit! GO RIM GO, GO CANADA GO, GO ONTARIO TEACHERS GO!

  • screamer

    Does the bold get blackberry 10?

  • BB

    No it will not.

  • skazzers

    I guess… the ultimate question is….

    Will it blend?

  • Brad Pidscalny

    Its already been declared that all Blackberries currently in the market blackberry 7 included will not be upgraded to blackberry 10.

    this is not to say the hardware couldnt run it. but the resolutions on all current blackberries are not supported by blackberry 10

    BB10 is 720×720 for the N series QWERTY and 1024×720 for the all touch L series

  • g011um

    Seriously, BlackBerry World? BBW? Go ahead and Google that. Probably not the search results you were looking for.

    • Nothin But RIM

      Hahaha nice

  • Kevin


  • The Spaniard

    Big Beautiful Blackberry LMAO

    GO RIM GO!

  • Plazmic Flame

    I will pay $750 to someone willing to give me their DevAlpha C!!!! OMG! BB10 with QWERTY keyboard?!?! I WANT IT NOW!!!!

  • J-Ro

    i have an GS3 now and i love it but blackberries are amazing for business and i cant wait to get one back.

    personally, i had a 9700 and i loved it, i regret getting rid of it to this day. It was amazing in every way to me.

  • adam man handler

    the 9700 was probably the best phone i’ve used.

  • 2dfx

    Redefining BBW!!!

    • Phil R

      Redefining BBW… big time!!!

      *Puts on sunglasses


  • Jansen

    Dear RIM,
    I dont care about what you plan on naming stuff, just give me the mofo device soon.

  • Mr Dobolina….Mr Bob Dobolina

    @g011um….BBW….LOL…thats funny!

    • MrHomz

      Great…now I read your user name, I have that song stuck in my head. You thought you could manipulate, you thought you could fool us.

  • BMaz

    BlackBerry World is still better than Google Play, that has got to be the worst re-branding ever.