Sony announces the Xperia Tablet Z: Android 4.1, LTE, 1.5GHz quad-core with a 10.1-inch display


  • John Marshall

    Ooh, what a looker. Should be much better than the misguided Xperia Tablet from last year, and fill in that Xperia Z-shaped hole in the Canadian mobile device market. Might have to keep an eye on this, particularly its price point.

    • Eduardo

      Waterproof, dustproof, 2.5mm thinner and 150g lighter than the ipad! Great looks and great specs. Please just tell me that’s not glass on the back!

  • Joseph

    My Sony boner is growing back! Ahhh

  • Nova

    The best looking tablet for sure… this what the Nexus 10 should have looked like!!!!!!!

  • EvanK

    Awesome, if this came in at $300-400 I may bite, but it does face some pretty stiff competition with the Nexus 10.

    What I’m really looking forward to seeing is good performance from a skinned version of Android (which I’m assuming this offers) on a tablet. Before the N7 and N10, in all honesty compared to the iPad, Android tablets just seemed slower and laggier. The next generation of slates should change that, and hopefully take down the iPad as the 10″ king.

  • Strikedownuponthee

    Android tablets and ipads are about to get curb stomped by the juggernaut Surface Pro

    • spanky

      surely you just!

  • David

    Sony: Hey Canadians!
    Canadians: Hey…
    Sony: You like this Z tablet ?
    Canadians: Of course!
    Sony: Too bad for you, you’ll get the ZL tablet, that’s the same exact thing, without all the cool features on it and the nice design for the same fu***** price! What about that morons?!

    • Strikedownuponthee

      Who cares. sony is dead only stubborn fanbois who still think sony is the same company it was decades ago still care. After their credit rating was reduced to junk its all down hill from here. How you like your proprietary junk now sony?

  • gjeff12


  • wp74life

    Another laggy android tablet…
    More interrested in bb10 than this junk.

  • Ron Mexico

    If they can get it out between $150-$250 they have a guaranteed sale right here. Otherwise it’s just overpriced and into Apple territory. They need to go with the Touchpad/Playbook pricing model. Don’t rip us off Sony! Do the right thing!!!

    • Henry

      That’s not going to happen. 10″ Android Tablet is about 399 to 499.

      Current Sony line up is in that price range as well so expect the Tablet Z to be in that price range. 399 to 499 isn’t a bad price to pay. 150 to 200 is a great price but in that current category with the exception of the Nexus line up, many offers in that 150 to 200 price range is also in the crap category (design and software)

    • Ron Mexico

      Get a life, stop posting as me.

  • chris

    Not my thing but looks very slick. Sony has got design down pat this year.

  • Jimmy

    Watch it go up against nexus 7. And then watch google make a price adjustment.

  • Frosty


    *wipes mouth*

    Not bad says I

  • TK

    oh my!

  • Brad

    19200×1200 resolution? that’s one wide tablet Sony has come up with!

  • Dalex

    Looks pretty gorgeous as is expected from Sony. Chances are that this will be Ipad level pricing or worse meaning it won’t stand a chance in the market. Shame really.

    • spanky

      I agree, beautiful tablet. Too bad Sony has never been one to price competitively.

  • FKname

    19200×1200 pixel “Reality Display”. I would love to see tablet with this typo-mistaken resolution ))

    • gjeff12

      160:9 aspect ratio. I guess you could call it a panorama display.

  • tomatoes11

    I might bite depending on the price and release date.

  • Ron Mexico

    Actually looks real solid. If they get it to market soon enough it could do well.

  • curtis

    Don’t get why stuff is announced and takes months to come out.. like what’s the point?? And fk it!! Include fking CANADA FOR RELE

  • curtis

    Don’t get why stuff is announced and takes months to come out.. like what’s the point?? And fk it!! Include fking CANADA FOR RELEASE!!! love That tab tho..

  • MattyMattMatt

    Like everyone they are going to charge an additional 100-200 for the LTE functionality. Seriously Sony, just go all in at 500.

  • skullan

    I think I’m at the point, where a tablet, is a tablet is a tablet…

    Now, give me something that is able to transform into a mini-robot and help me defeat the evil forces of the Decepticons, and you win.

    • Ben

      Yeah, I am pretty much with you.

      It comes to a point where all these new tablets coming out are overwhelming. Their specs are awesome, but at what point do you stop upgrading and at what point is the new, faster & quicker processor actually going to provide you with some real life benefit?

      I mean, my friend has the Nexus 7 (quad core CPU) and I have a Chinese branded dual core (I think) 10.1″ tablet (bought it from an Aussie store, and my tablet (somewhat suspiciously) almost matches the Nexus 7 on benchmark scores.

      When it comes to real life usage, there’s no difference in browsing speed, movie play back, etc. There is a difference in game playback though, where the game is somewhat demanding on the GPU. Other than that, you cannot realistically tell that one is a dual core and the other is a quad core.

      Personally, I feel there are too many tablets coming out, too quickly, and like I said it is getting a bit overwhelming. You don’t need to go quad core to get a satisfactory experience & I know this first hand!

  • Aidolon

    Saving time for anyone else who is curious – the GPU on the APQ8064 SOC (S4 Pro) is the Adreno 320.

  • OMG BASEDGOD #taskforce #tybg

    Looks really nice. If devs are on board with this tablet, I would consider it.

  • Anthony

    I am not interested in ANY android it just me?

  • Todd

    Oh boy she’s a beauty! I now believe in love at first sight.

  • Alan

    Does anyone know if the GPS in the Xperia Tablet is a real GPS chip or is it “assisted” GPS?