Fido customers can now reserve RIM’s BlackBerry 10 smartphones


  • John z

    Never thought Rogers would actually let Fido do this. I guess there is a first for everything.

    Very happy to see Fido getting the Blackberry 10 phones now tho. Rogers should let them get more high end phones as well.

  • Dan S


  • Dan S

    I was on the verge of switching carriers if Fido wasn’t going to carry BB10 phone at launch. I guess all my emails and complains to Fido worked!! 🙂

  • Nexus is the best

    this has to be the biggest marketing scam ever. why would anybody with a brain lay down 40 dollars on a product they know nothing about no price no stats no testing. how desperate is rim. of course the BlackBerry sheep who think they have the best phone in the world who think their business men when the average blackberry messenger user is a high school punk. bbm is a complete waste of time I can easily just text my coworkers colleagues whatever. f the BlackBerry devices are not sold for 300 dollars or less they will not do very well in sales

    • John z

      You sir know nothing what so ever. I would just suggest you stop typing & go outside for a bit.

      Rogers & Fido started the $40 reservation fee 2 years ago.. Any person wishes to get a reservation phone has to put down $40 BUT once the phone is shipped or the reservation gets cancelled, the $40 gets credit back to you. Here let me explain more as a troll like your self knows nothing.

      RIM has 79 MILLION customers. All of them are active on BBM / BIS. Every single carrier in Canada / USA & most of the carriers in Europe have signed up for the Blackberry 10. That shows that they are wanting the device & want to sell it. Major app companies are working with RIM to make better apps. The OS is one of the most amazing OS’s i have ever seen built from scratch. The phone specs have been already leaked out on the Rogers training manual that MobileSyrup showed us last week. I would suggest you read that for more specs.

      Now GET OUT!.

  • David

    It should be a lame price

  • Dan S

    I have $426.00 Fido dollars! On the phone with Fido.. they are not sure when it will launch. Hopefully the same time as other carriers. I don’t to wait a second longer.

    • John z

      Seeing as they opened up the reservation system, that means it should launch the same time as Rogers. If i am not wrong, Rogers has the exclusive rights to have pre orders / reservations open within the carriers ( Best Buy & Future shop are just stores).

  • screamer

    Why pre order a phone that we don’t even know the price? Should not more the 400$ it’s not the phone everybody wants. I still can go in store and pick one up when it’s out. Sold out? Hmmm no

    • John z

      Over 3,000 have reserved with Rogers. I know my local Best Buy has 60+ pre orders & Future shop at Dundas Square has around 100+ going at the moment. You see many people want the phone. Just because you think it may not sell it does not mean it will happen. Same thing was said about the Nokia Lumia 920 & every single store & the MS store was sold out for weeks.

      The price most likely will be around $500-$600. No more then that for the flagship. The lower end blackberry 10 phones will be around $300-$400.

  • ME

    What’s with all the complaining? No one is forcing you to do anything. For those of us that have been waiting, we are glad for it and reserving our phones! $40? Pfff – if you bothered to read – go get that back regardless – whether you choose to keep the phone or cancel it, so whats the problem? Its just to show that you are serious and not effin up the reservation system with bogus reservations messing it up for everyone else. Under $300?? Take a deep breath and get a life! Android’s top phone SIII is 550 – 750 Iphone5 is 550 – 900 so how do you figure this is going to be under $300?? Even that dumb nexus is over $300. And more likely than not they will be available at a discount on contracts just like any other phone. Contribute something positive or stay offline.

    have a Nice Day!

    • John z

      You see people are stuck that Google made the Nexus like which is $329+ tax. They think every single phone should be that price. While i do agree, the flagship / top phones will be around $500+. Apple high end 64GB sell for $899+ tax. Round it up near $1,000 with taxes & a case if you get one. The Galaxy Note 1 was $799 when it came out. I guess the people that complain never really look at the facts before talking.

      Do not get me wrong, the Nexus is a great phone & all but it was never made to be a high end phone & mostly everyone knows that. It was made ONLY to have the new OS in it & just be a cheaper phone. People are stuck with that idea tho.

    • Brad F

      you must be re******* to say that the nexus 4 wasnt meant to be a high end phone.

  • dmartin

    I’m number 25. Can’t wait. BB forever.


    Rim didn’t reveal all spec of BB10 yet.whatever leaks online is very good specs. but its $700+ phone. not all functionality are revealed yet.most people will go for 2 yrs contract. I don’t understand understand some people ready to buy an expensive phone, they don’t know complete spec, no detail reviews and gonna use it for next 2 yrs. Its ok if someone already have blackberry for business. Its too much hurry to reserve a phone before its actually available for full review.

  • T1MB1T

    FIDO is blocking wind and BB10!! why are you all not signing nukes petition. No not the one about no panties Thursdays! Warren calm down!! Yes johnn we know you don’t care! You wear a diaper. And the reports are all false Wind is not for sale!!! I do not care what the media says! I called tony while he and nuke were putting capt’n crunch on the shelves .. and he said rome was not built in a day ..

    ” Industry sources quoted by Canadian newspaper The Globe & Mail speculate that a move by Vimpelcom to sell Wind Mobile to one of Canada’s three incumbent nationwide mobile operators is likely, as the Amsterdam-based group looks to cut its losses. Sources added that merger talks with a rival second-tier operator Mobilicity have recently gone cold, while Rogers is mentioned as the most likely buyer for Wind ahead of nationwide peers Bell or Telus. However, an immediate takeover is hampered by the legal ban on Rogers, Bell or Telus acquiring the frequency licences of market newcomers before 2014. Last week Rogers announced an agreement to purchase the 2100MHz spectrum of cableco Shaw, to be implemented in 2014. “

  • ME

    Most of the specs are online – and Im in constant contact with employees who have been testing the phone for over 3 months now and have seen it. So like I said its a free world – you do you and I’ll do me! And dont forget there WILL be lower models coming out for the under $300 budget customers!

  • Gregory

    Just reserved my BB10 phone, based on this article. Thanks for the heads up, mobilesyrup! And to Apple and Samsung… BYE!

  • Gregory

    Oh, by the way, I’m number 195. Is this number by store location or by city? Or is this the reservation number for all of Fido?

  • Brandon-123

    Reserved 2 phones already. all my friends and family want to see my BB10 when i get it and if it is not buggy they are all buying it. That is over 25 people.

  • Ren596

    Rogers seems to have remembered that there is a limit to the amount they can strip the the Fido Brand DOWN! At times it seemed their GOAL was To Make Fido SUFFER “The DEATH of 1000 Cuts”

    Hoping for a Decent price and More than TWO BB10 Models for Fido.

    “Holy Daylight Batman Rogers Shooting FIDO “

  • Ren596


    Meant to Type:
    “Holy Daylight Batman Rogers Stopped Shooting FIDO “