Google begins informing Nexus 4 buyers of backordered shipments of up to 3 weeks


  • Cantona

    Yes it was, 8GB

    • JohnCash

      Apparently Google will cancel the shipment charges Globally from now on, not only on the backordered ones, making it in effect $310 and $360 yeah!

      Apparently they were getting a shipment in two weeks and another one in Second week of Dec. Looks like they are consolidating them and will try to match demand In December instead of running out of stock again in Two weeks.

      If you look at Apple and how they start making phones 4-6 weeks in advance before Launching the phone it makes sense.

    • JohnCash

      The biggest irony is that the N4 is giving competitors 3 weeks to drop prices, but they won’t budge! making people think that “saving $300 in three weeks is not too shabby”
      The S3 is dropping to $500 in December but that’s not close enough in price and will be only about one week before the N4 is back in stock.

      The N4 release will be down to the wire, as good as it is a lot of people will be upgrading their phone in from Dec 01-Dec23, if the N4 is not in stock by 15th, or earlier, sales will start to suffer.




    • tech

      i want to know the number of phone purchased.

  • Keith

    Got that e-mail too… They handled this so poorly… Makes me wonder if I even want the phone anymore.

    • Keith

      16GB, for me sorry for double post.

    • Geoff

      You definitely don’t want it. When you get the phone in can you send it to me?

    • Scott

      I’ll take yours if you don’t want it! 🙂 jk

    • ehoustoun

      If in the span of three weeks you can’t decide whether or not you want to spend over $300 on a product, you’re a pretty impulsive consumer.

  • lukeiphone

    That is worse than Apple. Atleast Apple said in advance that your orders would be backordered, so it was upto buyers to decide if they want to wait or not. Google, after taking orders are saying they are backordered. This would be a slap in the face to them who ordered these….

    • caribouroader

      So very true.

  • Skumon


  • Dab

    16GB models for me. I managed to miraculously get two, for my wife and son for Xmas. I just received Google’s ridiculous back order email. Now, knowing the debacle all of this has been, I seriously doubt I will have them before Xmas. Shame on Google for this – I expected better.

  • caribouroader

    16GB for me…know what you mean Keith.

  • TheOne-RajaBabu

    Just got the same e-mail that my 8GB Nexus 4 is on back order. Google completely botched the experience!

  • Andrw

    Google should offer free shippping of the Nexus 4 throughout 2012 to compensate for a disastrous launch.

  • Labrat

    Anyone in Canada got a shipping confirmation?

    No emails for me yet still have this in Google Play Store: “Shipping estimate: November 15, 2012”

    Nexus 4 8gb for me, Order date: Nov 13, 2012 11:50:54 AM EST

    • Cantona

      Mine says November 15th too, but I also received the email saying within 3 weeks, so i dont really know whats going on.

    • Clockwork

      Crap. I ordered 5 minutes after you did. So I will prob get delayed. Oh well.

  • Jamie

    Got my email today as well, with all of the technology and online shopping today I find this to be unacceptable. This is Google were talking about to here not some local shop, so disappointed with this whole process from Google. Hopefully it doesn’t end up being closer to the 3 week mark and they said that to play it safe.

  • Hal

    I had so much trouble on the web site that I went out a bought a Galaxy Note 2. Twice I had it in my cart but couldn’t check out. At least I now have the new Note 2 in my hands!

    • nely

      I think I’ll do the same… getting a note 2, costs about the same as nexus 4 + nexus 7 anyways, and it’ll replace both for me.

  • Tk

    Thanks to those ppl who ordered like 5 phones and reselling them for profit, and thanks Google didn’t even limited the purchase amount.. Man, all I want is just one phone for myself..

  • JB

    Damn, this happened to me last year with Amazon and the Transformer Prime.

    I think this proves just how much the world hates their carriers. Plus if I were to guess, Google was limited in the number of phones it could sell, for fear of upsetting the carriers. Remember that LG’s primary customer is carriers, not consumers…

    • Dab

      That would make sense, if they weren’t so hard to buy in the first place. Most people never even got to buy anything. So why would the ones who DID get to buy later be told their already rare purchase would then be on back order? It all makes no sense.

  • AB

    Google wins either way. Those who decide not to get the Nexus 4 because of this will probably just get another Android device anyway.

  • Cob

    Got the notification for my 16 GB nexus 4, ridiculous.

  • Peter

    Haha. The catchword is ‘expected’. Some people may not even see nexus 4 till next year.

  • Marc

    Yes for me too, 16gb 11:42 EST Toronto. So f*****g pissed right now.

  • Rosaski

    The 16gb version 🙁

  • Jeff

    Yes, 8GB, pretty frustrated.

  • Connor

    Anyone get their Nexus 10 yet? Or get any information at all about its progress?

    • Randy

      I ordered on the day of the launch and it went through – at least without a “backorder” message – and it stayed in a “has been ordered” state until the 16th. I then got the confirmation that it shipped out and expected delivery is tomorrow, the 21st. Hope yours is on it’s way too!!

  • LW81

    I still have a phone but can only imagine what others are going through. All they have left is food and shelter. how dare you google?

    my 8GB Nexus 4 on back order; like a backhand to the face. At least they give you the option to cancel your order.

    The funny part is all those people who are already trying to sell theirs on Kijiji saying they’ll be getting them on Friday. haha.

    I’m assuming (hoping) this will increase the resale value of these the phones.

  • Craig

    Got the 8GB within at about the 15 minute mark and I seen you could order them on and off throughout the day, I would really like to know how many was in Stock?

  • Laurie

    If this is the case, why didn’t they allow people to pre-order a device? And why don’t they allow it now?

    If this turns into a place an order->go on backorder ordeal every time they “have stock” it’s going to reflect very poorly on Google.

    I nearly sold my Note in anticipation of getting the Nexus 4; I think I’ll hold on to it until I have the N4 in my hands.

    • stiawdftw

      Completed my 16gb order at 9:33am MT(2 minutes after it became available). No accessories and no problems at all. Haven’t got an email about it being back ordered but I also haven’t got an email with shipment information. Supposed to be shipping tonight hopefully. Pre-ordering wouldn’t matter because it would be the same outcome. People would just sit and hit refresh over and over till the pre-order tab appeared. Unless you want to wait in line for days for a phone like some apple fans this is really the only way it will work. Servers can only handle so much traffic at once no matter how powerful they are.

  • Russ

    16GB for me from Toronto. I had my order in within MINUTES of it going on sale and this is what Google does? I suffered through the Nexus 7 pre-order garbage and this is even worse!

    • k

      That sucks man… Toronto here too. My order was placed within 5 minutes of the early release, no email yet though.. I’m scared

    • lilbitrusty

      k, Did you receive your device? or communication from Google?

  • Russ

    Has anyone in Canada gotten a shipment confirmation?

    • hunkyleepickle

      ordered from my iphone at around 825 am pacific time…as of 2pm i haven’t got the dreaded email…. but no shipping confirmation yet either, and today is the ‘ship date’.

    • Adriel

      Canadian here, just got my shipping confirmation for a Nexus4 8GB.

  • Kyle Tuck

    I contemplated ordering a Nexus 4, but my experience pre-ordering the Nexus 7 told me that waiting to order is a much better route when it comes to how Google manages the Play Store ordering process. Honestly, I’m not at all surprised that it didn’t go smoothly.

  • Threecube

    I learned from the Nexus 7 ordering never to trust Google with online ordering.

  • Peter

    Yes. Got the lovely email. Replied telling then to shove it. 8gb

  • Squint

    So I didn’t even try to order the phone. I kind of found out about it too late. I do want it, but I’m okay with waiting. Granted people should be ticked off, but the whole “well now I don’t know if I even want the phone” statments are a bit childish. What’s a few weeks of waiting?

    Google kind of screwed up, they had real idea of how much interest there would be in the phone. It’s a new thing for them, they don’t have a store to sell from like apple, selling devices online for them is a fairly new thing too. Growing pains. Sure it will be all up and running soon enough, and next time they’ll hopefully be prepared better.

    • nely

      aww poor google they don’t have their own store *Sarcasm*
      What am I suppose to feel sory for this multi-billion dollar organization…? they basically freaking own the internet in this side of the world!

  • haxor99

    FREE SHIPPING!?! Lucky guys!

  • Ivan

    I had to wait over a month for a Nexus 7 16 GB…so its “business as usual” at Google Canada. They still haven’t learnt from their mistakes.

  • k

    what time did everyone here get their order placed? Exact timestamp on order…I got my order in at 11:41am EST, no email yet

    • Russ

      I got my order in at 11:36 N4 16GB – backorder email came today 🙁

    • COB

      Mine was 11:44… 16 gb, got the backorder email at 3:06 today

  • Treatz

    Thanks Lucky Goldstar! (LG)

    • john cena

      LG was renamed to Lifes Good

      Lifes good for waiting a month!

      maybe its a good thing i didnt get it.

      i got a gnexus still waiting for the 4.2 firmware update.

      may give me reason to hold off till new years and see what the next nexus phones and price points will be at.

      hopefully bigger and better battery, screen and camera mp

  • Yaghi

    I managed to buy the Nexus 4 16GB after a lot of effort!

    Today 15th November which is supposed to be the arriving day I received this msg :/

    Really Dissapointed!

  • kungriffey

    I should have learnt my lesson from the terrible handling of my Nexus7 order the first time. Maybe they should stop playing Minigolf at the Canadian Offices and do some actual Business process improvement.

  • John

    I said it in another post and I’ll say it again…they handled this hardware release worse than they handle software releases!

  • Blas

    Being that this phone wasn’t getting picked up by many carriers combined with the low sales of the Galaxy Nexus I’m not at all surprised Google didn’t have the stock to meet the unexpected demand of this phone.

  • Larry

    The mighty Google is great at many things, but retailing is not one of them. While the Nexus 4, 7 and 10 look to be great products that will no doubt accelerate the adoption of Android, the sophistication of the Google online store is poor in comparison to Apple and Amazon.
    Knowing that supply will be limited at launch, why did they not consider a maximum 2 unit per customer policy, similar to the iPhone 5 launch. Yes, at the end of the day if they sell 250,000 units they get the same amount of $$$, but by allowing speculators to buy 5 or 10 units (if that truly happened), then Google will not have 250,000 satisfied customers. Which in the end is all that matters. In addition, many people may still have purchased a phone even if it was 4 or 6 weeks away, as long as they knew they had purchased one and were given a timeline for delivery.
    I myself remain cautiously optimistic that I can purchase a unit before Christmas. But this is not a good start with the potential customer base for looks to be one of the better smart phones around.

  • Slype

    I’m sure it sucks that you guys have to wait but hopefully Google will learn from this little ‘adventure’.

    That being said, this is a big win for Android because the world wants Android. How can you say no to such an open system that doesn’t restrict users, doesn’t use propriatery connectors and does not push non-standard technologies?

    Did I put enough double negatives in there?

  • Tim H

    Seriously. It’s a phone.

    Do you still have clean drinking water? Food on your plate? A warm roof over your head? A job to pay for all your nice things?

    Relax people. It’s a phone.

    • astroboy99

      so true! first world problems having to wait two extra weeks for a cell phone!

  • Gus83

    any word on if this is a Canada only issue?

  • Ricky

    Wow my sister sold her phone just to get the N4. First she couldn’t order it on launch day. Now the people who ordered are backordered. My sister’s gonna be without a phone for months….

    • in Calgary

      There seems to be some damaged genetic material in your family tree. Who would sell something before confriming they have a replacement confirmed?

  • so what now?

    People continue to knock apple but when it comes to android ie. galaxy s3 still not being updated and then a product launch flop to this magnitude. There was a buzz about this phone long before it was actually launched and the demand is definitely there. For these companies actually looking to be the market leader in this segment, they keep missing the point. After the iphone 5, it’s within reach they just need to actually pay attention to their consumers.

  • Rich

    Thought I made it in for the order for my Nexus. Called Google and they said I would be getting a shipping confirmation today or tomorrow but later today I got “backordered” notice.

  • Netkid

    8gb ordered at 945am PST – delayed but really not a big deal – they’ll give a small refund and just makes it more Christmas-y. It is a phone after all – for fun!

  • Gabriele

    Got the 8GB model (for a friend) shipped already, but the 16GB model backordered, of course that was mine…. Very unprofessional and unexpected from Google.

  • Blair

    be thankful that the nexus 4 launch was such a HUGE success, means google will continue to do this each year. Also be thankful that they arent being rushed off the production line.

  • Alfred

    I was in NYC at the time of the debacle Google called a launch!! was up at 12am, then 3am, then finally 11am – logged into the play store early and was able to add the N4 16Gb to my cart on the first attempt, but got kicked out and had all types of error messages…this went on 4 more times before I finally got the dredded “coming soon” notice!! at this point I was sooo p’d off that I went out the next day and bought mine outright from T-mobile. Yes i know I paid almost twice for the unit, but in the end I have an N4 in my possession…and loving it!!

  • neil

    8GB for me and got the email. Did anyone NOT get the email ? Has anyone seen one shipped ?

    • Sean

      I didn’t get the BO email yet. Ordered at 9:32:22 MST

    • av

      I just got an email saying that mine has shipped

  • geokilla

    Man this launch was terrible… Soft launch for a phone. Wtf. At least I’m getting the shipping charges waived…


  • sean

    Order Date: November 13, 2012 9:47:18 AM UTC-8
    Got a same email!!!
    WTF!!!!is there anyone earlier than me in canada?

  • Cnote

    8 GB and got the back ordered email
    Order Date: 13 November 2012 08:49:09 UTC-8

  • SC

    Why did they not accept preorders? Or was November 13th the preorder??

    • stiawdftw

      Wouldn’t make a difference I dont know why people think it would. Exact same outcome just a couple weeks before. Any online pre-order or purchase will always be like this with high demand products.

  • Joe

    Did people expect this to go smoothly? We are talking about Google here.

  • stiawdftw

    Completed my 16gb order at 9:33am MT(2 minutes after it became available). No accessories and no problems at all. Haven’t got an email about it being back ordered but I also haven’t got an email with shipment information. Supposed to be shipping tonight hopefully.

    • an

      I’m in the same boat – ordered 9:33 MT and no email from google yet. kinda nervous actually – sigh *first world problem*

  • Ben

    What are you all talking about? I’m still waiting for the email telling me that it’s available for purchase!

  • mike

    Its so ugly looking having the IMEI seial number on the back of the device like that. makes it look kinda cheap

  • Rich

    I’m starting to wonder if anyone actually got one shipped today. I haven’t recieved any confirmation or delay email yet and I placed an order for 2 at 11:41AM EST (not to resell, my sister got one too). I’ve had a bad day and lack faith so I’m expecting it any minute now which will probably lead my sis to cancel hers because she’s already been without a phone for 2 weeks. Refunding the $15 for shipping is nothing though. Real crummy.

  • N4WTF

    “Due to overwhelming demand…”


    I fully expect they knew they wouldn’t have enough stock and decided not to give a sh!t if there wasn’t anything they could do. A Pre-order would have sold out fast, but at least they could place a larger second order for the devices even before they were released and give an ETA. This is just a complete shame and totally frustrating to those who could get through and those that couldn’t. The employees responsible for the Nexus program have been talking big and falling short for quite some time now. They need to get off their asses and learn how to ship a boxed product. It’s not rocket science, like actually engineering the phone itself! There are no excuses or apologizes they can make to fix this. We just have to start excepting that Google can’t ship hardware without major headaches. The N4 was going to be my leap back into Android after 2 years. Good to see everything is still a crap shoot.

  • wmchen

    Dear Google:

    Send me a free bumper and we’ll call it even ok?

  • superfly

    @mike……that is why your mom has her imei number on her lower back.

  • superfly

    @Wmchen…… everyone did.

  • GeeRod

    Placed my order: November 13, 2012 11:40:29 AM
    2 8 gigs, no email yet

  • Yazzie

    I got the email today saying my order has been backordered. 16 gb version. Damn U Google!!

  • JBK

    I haven’t heard of anyone in Canada getting a shipping confirmation, so I’m really curious if the batch of phones destined for Canada was redirected or something? I can see them doing this to us Canadians.

    When I spoke to the Play store yesterday, they said that the phones were hug up in customs, so hopefully that is true and we may see the phones earlier than 3 weeks. I knew things were going bad when my status changes from “pending” to “preordered”.

  • Brad

    ordered at 8:42am just got the shipping info from google and ups
    ordered a 8gb n4 and 16gb n10

  • k

    PHEW… Just got email confirmation that my order has shipped! Order was placed 11:41 EST, Canada

    • stiawdftw

      Thats kind of messed up I havent got anything and I ordered 8 minutes before you which doesnt seem like a lot but it’s huge considering the traffic on the site.

    • stiawdftw

      Is yours the 8gb model? Where does it say its being shipped from? Whats the estimated deliver?

    • k

      Mines the 16gb. Not sure where it’s shipping from yet, UPS has updated

  • Cyrano

    dont think i can get one til march or so…if every batch like the release…
    i have no way to buy one if it happen on day times and without queue lol

  • Rej

    Just got my tracking number for my 8gb nexus 4….can’t wait till Monday.

  • FB

    got the email too.

  • Jordan N

    Haven’t received shipping or backorder emails yet… keeping the dream alive. Fully expecting it to be back ordered, though.

  • Chad

    I got my order in at 11:37, and I too have received a back ordered email today.

  • clockwork

    Got shipping confirmation. 8gb ordered at 11:55

  • Edward Gein

    The best part about all this is, the same thing is going to happen every time they get a new batch of phones. This could go on for MONTHS. Why in the name of all that is holy didn’t they go to a pre-order method where you bought the damn thing and when it was ready it shipped to you? Instead it is going to be mystery door crasher script kiddy nightmares every time they put another handful of phones up for sale? Seriously, Google? In 2012? Screw it, I don’t care how nice a phone it is anymore, I am not going to play this game.

    Note II sales are going through the roof as a result of this fiasco, this debacle, this special olympics opening ceremony flop of a release. Jesus, at least apple knows to fill the damned warehouses FIRST and then announce a release.

  • Mike

    Order shipped. Thank u google.

  • Samuel

    Order Date: 13 November 2012 08:46:02 UTC-8

    Nexus 4 8GB

    Shipping e-mail received and charged to my credit card already.

    UPS Tracking number provided in the e-mail but not trackable on UPS website. Will update tomorrow.

  • new_tradition

    Bummer. I was hoping I’d be able to order one in the next few weeks like Google said, but with all the back orders to account for, I doubt I can get my hands on a Nexus 4 before 2013 :/

  • an

    UPDATE!!! I recived my shipping email from Google with UPS tracking number (doesn’t show up yet).
    I ordered the 16GB at 9:33:17 MT to be exact.
    I also wonder if the majority of the backordered ppl had multiple phones ordered.

    • stiawdftw

      Ordered mine at 9:33am MT as well but I havent received any shipping or back order emails. You would think they would be going in order of time ordered.

  • Rich

    Order in at 11:41 EST as well. No delay email (yet) or shipping confirmation. This is really crummy. And a refund on shipping is garbage.

  • Max power

    Got my confirmation email at 6:06 pm est.
    Ordered phone at 11:36 am.
    Thanks google!

  • Max power

    Oh yeah 16 gb nexus 4.

  • Labrat

    For those interested /y order has been shipped , got the notification a 6:30

  • BAWS

    If Google had a store, you guys would most likely be in Line for days. Too much making fun of Isheep’s can turn you into Gsheeps. Beeeehhhhhhh

    • stiawdftw

      Ya “we” probably would for a phone thats more than half the price of an iphone 5. Most of “us” would not sit in line for days to spend $800 on a scratched iphone with a ton of problems.

  • ninde

    Ordered a 16gb at 8:33:10 AM. No shipping email but no back ordered email either, so I wonder what that means.

  • X-Rusky

    It’s 6:18PM in Vancouver and my order status is still in the limbo – no back order or shipping confirmation.

  • trytofa

    Give it the me for free and I can wait for another month

  • Max Power

    I just checked my UPS status and my Nexus 4 is being shipped from Kentucky, not from Mississauga, so my estimated delivery date is Tuesday.
    Weird that it’s coming from Kentucky. Anyone else check where there’s is coming from?

    • k

      Mines also coming from Kentucky… damnit was hoping for TOMORROW lol… ohwells we’re luckier then most people

    • Laurie

      My N1 and N7 both shipped from Kentucky when I ordered them from Google; however I didn’t have to pay any additional taxes or duties because the devices were purchased from Google Canada.

  • hunkyleepickle

    haven’t got my back order email yet….i dare you google. I dare you to test my patience. Been waiting for months to upgrade my iphone 4, hemmed and hawed over windows phone, GS3, Note 2, and nexus 4. Finally decided on the nexus, stayed up till midnight to ‘order’, that was a wash. used my iphone to somehow get in an order at 830am pst. So i dare you to back order my phone Google, i’m not going to be patient anymore. Pretty sure Rogers will sell me an S3 or Note 2. Not crazy about renewing my contract, but seriously, in Canada, do you get any savings by having an unlocked off contract anyway?

  • hmmmm

    it’s because LG isn’t as big as Samsung……….I like the price of the N4 but I don’t care about the latest updates if the phone doesn’t offer productivity like the Note 2. I’m still waiting to make a purchase…there’s no rush guys, you all look funny…

    • k

      I actually kind of am in a rush for a phone since my contract is expiring with Rogers and I’m planning on switching over to Wind’s $40 unlimited plan promo which expires Dec 25th. I much rather have a phone sooner than later in case some other problem pops up

  • in Calgary

    TO Anybody Whining :

    Seriously – you knew, you knew there would be an over demand against available inventory. You sat there trying to log on the moment it went live to purchase to make sure you get one. You set up page auto-refreshers or simply sat there hitting refresh manually.

    You knew this would be a very popular over subscribed OMG this has way many orders. You even had the advantage to hear/read about the launches in Austrailia and Europe selling out in minutes.

    Time for you to put on some big people pants. If you wanted absolute certianity, go buy an Blackberry Curve 9320. I’m sure they are in stock and ready for immeadiate delivery.

  • Is this Bb10?

    Looks like if you didn’t get your order in now, you won’t get your Nexus 4 by Christmas. Get a Huawei Descend Quad XL D instead.

  • Mediartist

    Hey Google, welcome to the big league lol

  • Thrasher

    Free shipping is nice! $17 bux off this phone makes a difference! Too bad I wasn’t able to get my order in. I wouldn’t mind to wait if they waived the shipping fees for me.

    I only wonder what benefits will be given to people like me who were up half of the night to wait for the midnight launch for nothing, than turned on my PC 5 minutes prior to “announced” 9am release only to find out they already started selling the thing 20 minutes earlier…

  • Thrasher

    To all those saying that Note 2 sales are going through the roof, where are you guys buying that phone?

  • mark

    I got my shipping notification yesterday afternoon. It is arriving from Kentucky on tuesday. 🙂
    So there are some people getting theirs on time..

  • joey8

    Iphone5, Note II and now Nexus have all had a terrible launch. Is this the new norm for cell phone launches? Create the hype then F consumer? BB10 will be delayed and limited. I’m going back to my razor flip.

  • Steve

    Got the 3 week email; 8gb

    There’s no need to be personally offended. They are offering a product for you to purchase and ran out of stock. They are the ones supposed to be upset; they don’t owe you a phone.

    People are reacting very silly to this as if they feel they are owed a product when they want to buy it. Well no, you’re not. Now you can choose to wait, or buy another phone. No one wants to hear you whine about it.

  • honeybadger

    Yea, people really need to relax. It’s a phone. You most likely already have one. If you sold your phone in advance of purchasing a N4, that you knew would be in very high demand that is your own decision.

    I got my order through at 11:36 am EST. Still no 3 delay email, still no shipping confirmation. Oh well.

    • N4…sigh…

      Sure, you suck it up and enjoy the mediocrity of a paper launch and quarter long unfulfilled promises. Some of us need a development phone for development purposes, not as a way to get a discount toy. The Android emulator has been a 2 year disaster and the Galaxy Nexus isn’t available anymore. A business isn’t going to sign up for a 3 year plan or full price for a locked GSIII. Some of you are happy to wheel and deal used phones on eBay with the other scammers. That’s not the way you secure a replacement development phone. The Nexus program doesn’t differentiate from Android developers and everyone else, they just sell out as soon as they have 1000 in stock globally.

  • cg

    I disagree Steve they took the order they should have the stock on hand. Otherwise why are they not still taking orders right now? They knew they had x number of devices and should have only let that many orders be taken. A solid preorder would have avoided all of this.

    • caribouroader

      Spot on CG….indeed.

  • Mudar

    Got the same backorder email for my 8G version.

    Quote: “Due to overwhelming demand, your Nexus 4 is on backorder and is expected to ship within three weeks. We’ll send you a notification when your order has shipped and will credit the shipping charges.”

    I would have prefered to get it now, not caring much about the 17$ shipping fees 🙁

  • Samuel

    I reall the same thing happen witht he launch of the iPhone 5, some were even offerred and upgrade from 16 to 32GB version if they were willing to wait two weeks at Rogers I believe. I can’t blame google for having so low stock on launch, after all, N4 being done by LG got a lot of mixed feelings at least on this site, being LG made and all. I do have to agree that they should have put in place a pre-order system, but I have no doubt that by mid december the store will be back again in full swing. After all, they know they can’t missed the xMas season.

  • ukrainian fob

    I got a notification for an 8GB, so I cancelled it right away. Forget android it doesn’t work well anyways, my s3 didn’t work properly. No more android for me. Still have to check out microsoft, looking forward to it.

    • stiawdftw

      Sounds like it wasnt a problem with the hardware. A problem with the DFU sounds more likely. 😉

  • Russ

    anyone in Canada get a shipment notification at all?

  • Rej Lafond

    Yes i’m from Winnipeg and my Nexus4 8GB is on it’s way. For the people asking why the phones are coming from Louisville, Kentucky this is where UPS’s worldport is….so UPS are the ones processing the shipping so that’s why it’s taking a bit longer.

  • Peters~

    What a joke. This really tarnishes Googles reputation – Big time. They have great products, we all love them. But this was a terrible experience for everyone. They completely forgot about the customer in this instance. What a blow. I may seriously consider the Samsung Galaxy Note II.

    Google clearly didn’t have enough phones available that would warrant a Nov 13th launch to begin with.

  • Peter

    I got my shipping confirmation last night for my 16GB unit, complete with a UPS tracking number. Based on the latest from UPS, it’s scheduled for delivery by the end of the day on Tuesday, November 20.

  • Peter

    I forgot to include that it shipped from the US, out of Louisville, KY.

  • Peter

    My order timestamp (I’m in Mississauga), was Nov 13, 2012 8:41:10 AM PST

    • Russ

      Peter, you are lucky. Google is simply lying to me then, I placed my order at 8:36:49 and they have the audacity to tell me that they are filling orders “based on the order in which they were received”.

  • das

    I am from Mississauga.

    Order Date: November 13, 2012 8:45:47 AM UTC-8

    Still did not receive the confirmation email nor the back ordered email. I spoke with Google Support, they said to me, if you do not get the shipping or back-order email by Monday, you need not to wait 3 weeks, you will get your phone soon, but give us a call on Tuesday, we will credit the shipping fee.

    Waiting for Monday….
    Google Nexus 4 (Waiting), BlackBerry 9320, Sansung Galaxy Nexus, Nokia Lumia 710, Samsung S2X, HTC Sensation, LG G2X, HTC Mytouch 4G, HTC HD7, HTC Maple, HTC HD2, Nokia 5230, Nokia 5800, Nokia 7710–

    • X-Rusky

      I am in the same boat. 12:15 PM in Vancouver and no backorder or shipping confirmation from Google yet. Also spoke with Google rep who told me that they are still processing orders trying to figure out who will get it and who will go on back order. Advised to call them back on 11/17 if no upate by email.

  • Das

    I am phoneless now. sold my phone hoping I sould receive the nexus 4 by weekend. Might not worth to wait for the nexus 4, I got an offer from a store for S3 for $475 incl taxes and $625 for note 2 pentaband. will wait till monday and confirm one of these.

  • Connor

    Everyone here has been having issues with getting their phone. Has anyone had any problems when ordering their Nexus 10?

    I ordered mine well before they were sold out (about 16 hours difference.)

    I have neither got a confirmation or a back-order, though I highly suspect I have been put on back-order thanks to two conversations with their ‘support’ staff.

    One guy said I would be getting a shipping confirmation within 12 hours, and another has transferred me to a case specialist. Still no tracking info or any indication of what is going on, or any offer of waiving the shipping.

    I am kind of wishing I had just bought an Asus Infinity.

  • cg

    I was on with a call center supervisor around noon today and was told I should have my tracking number by 5 pm eastern. I waited and still nothing. I called back about a half hour ago and was told by another supervisor that I should have my tracking number by 12 midnight eastern time. So now I have to wait until 1 am Atlantic to call back and be told to wait longer I’m sure. By the way if anyone’s order arrives outside of the 3-5 day SLA for delivery you should also ask for your shipping to be refunded after it arrives.

  • Tusnal

    Very disappointed! I got the order @ 11:48 still no email to confirm shipment or delay….. sad…. very sad

  • Gesu

    I am too phoneless.
    Sold my phone to some guy thinking that I would get Nexus 4 by Friday… What a fool I was…
    no shipment confirmation nor backorder notice.
    8gb. time of order 11:46:13 AM EST

  • furyoflight

    LOL, by the time you people receive the Nexus 4, I’ll be buying the Nexus 4 32GB version.

  • furyoflight

    LOL, by the time you guys receive your nexus 4, i’ll be buying the nexus 4 32GB.

  • LOL

    LOL, by the time you receive your nexus 4 32gb, i’ll be buying the next gen Nexus.

  • SylvainC

    I also got the backorder email. I’d ordered at 1:19 PM.

    Well, I just cancelled my order for the 8GB Nexus 4. I didn’t even have a smartphone, only had a pre-Android phone and was looking at a mid-range phone before learning of the Nexus 4. I went to Futureshop yesterday and got the Samsung Galaxy S II 4G with Virgin Mobile for 25$ and 150$ on SuperTab. It perfectly fits my needs: it’s got 16 GB, a microSDHC slot and a pretty good camera. I installed the Nova launcher and the MagicLocker lock screen replacement to bypass the Samsung TouchWiz crap. And I’ll eventually unlock the phone and install CyanogenMod. And I’m saving 135$ (before taxes).

  • lol

    llllooooooooooolllllllll i have it all of u suck

  • ……

  • furyoflight

    LOL, by the time you get your next gen Nexus Google would’ve went bankrupt

  • xxx

    guess the word s_x, if you guess right i’ll gift you my nexus 4

  • duraeas

    Ordered at 11:34:24 EST. Didn’t have any issues quickly adding it to the cart and getting through each step of the check out process. Ensured Google had my shipping and payment information pre-loaded the night before.

    Last I can see, it left Syracuse early this morning. I should get it in Halifax on Wednesday.

  • smartphonedumbpeople

    I say, screw smart phones and get back the dumb phones, it would definitely make you smarter!

  • ohhh

    Guys, nexus 4 sales is back!!

  • hahaha

    Dear google,

    People are sacrificing their sex life for the Nexus 4. Can you not see people cant wait any longer!! They’re going to explode any minutes. just sayin.

  • X-Rusky

    This may help to those who have NOT received the backorder email, but did not receive tracking number either. Apparently Google also had a glitch with sending backorder emails! After almost a week of callging Google customer service, today I was told that by now I must be on back order even if I did not get the dreadful backorder email and that’s that, nothing that they can do about it other than say they are sorry and wave the shipping fee.

    I wonder if Google would have waited a week for me to pay for my order and then be understanding if I promise to pay 3 weeks later?

  • Das

    I got my shipment number. Order time stamp was 11:45 am 13 nov EST.

    called 3 times, this time they transferred to specialist and immediately it shipped.

    Later I called them and asked about shipping refund. They said that all the people whose phones are not shipped within 5 days of order date, will get shipping refund.

    Current status of the shipment:
    Louisville, KY, United States 11/20/2012 22:29 Origin Scan
    United States 11/20/2012 16:25 OrderProcessed: Ready for UPS

    Google Nexus 4 (Waiting), BlackBerry 9320, Sansung Galaxy Nexus, Nokia Lumia 710, Samsung S2X, HTC Sensation, LG G2X, HTC Mytouch 4G, HTC HD7, HTC Maple, HTC HD2, Nokia 5230, Nokia 5800, Nokia 7710–

  • Das

    Received my phone now. Its amazing fast. who all have ordered on 13th, please call the google support couple of time and then they will escalate to shipping specialists. your phone will be shipped immediately and google will wave off the shipping fee.

    happened to me.

    • lilbitrusty

      Well, after several calls to Google asking for an explanation why people who placed their order 10 minutes after mine (8:36) are receiving their devices and I am on backorder, I continue to get lip service. Apparently the shipping specialists don’t have phones at their desks all the supervisors can give you is an explanation that they don’t have any information and it needs to be escalated.

  • joe

    For all those “not wanting their nexus 4 anymore” email me and once it arrives i’ll take it off your hand! To the rest it’s a phone! and most people who bought this phone will usually have a nice phone now anyways, so tomorrow next week or in three weeks, who cares? At this price you couldn’t get anything a half as good, just wait and enjoy when it arrives.