HTC Deluxe leak promises 1080p Android for the international market


  • contrasted

    Wow sound great. However I like the design of the j butterfly a lot.

    2020 seems like a tiny battery though for that screen power considering smaller phones already have 2100.

    • JohnCash

      They current options are”

      HTC One X++

      HTC One XX+

      HTC Dos XX (The Beer Phone)

      HTC Two (TM)

    • JohnCash

      HTC keeps putting small batteries on their phones.

      The main Quatios these days are:
      Does it have an SD card?

    • Cody

      The design is identical to the Butterfly with the exception of colour options.

  • dukey

    You lost me at Sense 4+….

  • Mr Mystery

    “but when it does show itself, you can be your boots it’s going to be one heck of a smartphone.” Sure for all of about 4 hours, then youll have to recharge it. Battery is way too small. HTC never learns.

    • d3v14n7

      What are you talking about? The HTC One X’s battery life is excellent, I only have to charge it every other day with moderate use, and that’s overclocked to 1.89Ghz with CPU voltage at 1225mV… I can easily make it through a full day with heavy use and with plenty of battery life to spare while overclocked to 2.1Ghz with CPU voltage at 1300mV (although the extra 210Mhz doesn’t increase performance much over 1.89Ghz, so I stick with 1.89Ghz as that’s the sweet spot). The only ones complaining about battery life on the One series are those who have absolutely no idea how to set up their phone properly… It still amazes me how so many people spend upwards of $600 for a smartphone and they barely know how to use it, let alone use it to it’s full potential…

  • zzzZZZZzz

    Please HTC, move away from iPhone philosophy and add expandable memory, a shutter button and if possible removable battery (unless you add something ala Razr maxx)

    • Geoff

      My HTC Amaze has expandable memory, a shutter button, and a removable battery. Somehow not enough people seem to care enough to buy them, so HTC has given up.

  • tweak

    Those specs aren’t anything special except for the screen when you consider phones like the note 2 already have it beat or matched in everything except the resolution…

  • dandroid

    Might as well wait for the next wave of phones for 2013..nothing on here besides the screen is really that much better then anything currently out.

  • dave thans

    High end screen with small non removable battery = not many people will be stupid enough to buy it. Now that these powerful high end phones are the norm people rightfully ask “how long does a charge last.” Good luck to sales people with “4 hours or so.”

    Until we start using our bodys as an energy source to charge, come up with a super slim 50,000ma battery or never leave our homes there is absolutely no excuse to offer consumers an option to remove the battery.

    • dave thans

      *not offer

  • Dro

    Is the screen using the full rgb sub pixel or pentile ?

    • kris

      RGB superlcd3 so glass is optically laminated

  • Brandon

    Sorry. Lost at “Intergrated batte….”

  • Denscafon

    please don’t make it a 1 carrier exclusive…oh who am I kidding, they always do 🙁

  • John

    No 4.2 and only 8mp camera = no buy

  • g011um

    HTC, once the best, has picked up a nasty habit the last year or so of not updating Android and opting for “forced obsolescence” instead. As much as I like my Desire HD, I don’t think I’ll ever buy another HTC device.

  • tweak

    Yeah, the htc one (v?) Is getting zero software updates..

  • Who’sThere?

    Is 2020mAh battery enough? I mean, it has to power a 5 inch full HD screen… And it’s non removable.

  • NienorGT

    I’m not too sure about that one.
    I don’t think that running 1080P on a phone really have much advantages. It’s impossible to not get a hit on 3D and battery performance with such panel. Is really something worthy?

  • MickLiq

    This is clearly part of the One series design, so I’m guessing One Z

  • JayJay83

    Can’t wait!

  • pedro

    Amazing device! I hope it’s true.

  • Kern

    go read reviews before you throw out your own speculations about the battery.
    CNET battery drain test shows that it can last 8 hours and 40 min, around 40min less than the S3.
    so please, educate yourselves before throwing out numbers “oh, it’ll only last 4 hours cuz its a small battery and i know everything”

    • dave thans

      So what you’re saying is… It lasts 40 min less then the competition and the only way to continue using the device is to have it attached to a charger cable.

      Like people said… Unless you can provide a long usage timesince it’s NON REMOVABLE it’s too small.

      “oh look I compared a removable battery with a non removable battery on CNET now I’m a consumer interest expert!” Dum as$.

      The s3 battery does you simply remove back cover, pop in new battery and you’re now good for another 8 hours. This phone dies… Then what? Go back to CNET.

  • Kern

    you’re arguing about something completely different….stop embarrassing yourself.
    if you dont like this phone, look elsewhere.
    HTC isnt gona change their phone development path because some guy cried for it.
    non removable battery and no card slot is a trend, i suggest you get used to it.
    i made you look dumb and you resort to personal attacks, proves my point nicely.

  • Cy

    With HTC having so many financial problems and a declining market share you’d think one of their 6 figure salary executives would figure out that large capacity removable batteries and SD cards are key selling points. Is this so hard to figure out? Samsung seams to have gotten the hint. The GS3 should be a road map to start with then exceed.

  • Cy

    For the people that feal 2020 mAh is good enough and not being removable is a none issue, look into recharge cycles for lithium batteries. The average number of recharges before a lithium battery drops below 80% capacity is 400-600. If your battery gets you only 8-9 hours you are going to be charging your phone every night. 365 days in a year, do the math. Your phone will be a brick in 2 years. Meaning you have no choose in getting a new phone. Hence some greedy companies seal in the battery.

  • Brad F(anboy)

    Here’s one of my useless comments of the day..

    Call this phone the HTC Minus One for having a non-removable battery or HTC Minus Two for no SDCard option and non-removable battery.

  • Steve

    My One X battery is amazing. Stop complaining if you haven’t experienced it first hand.

  • Coryn

    Didnt your mother, or teachers tell you? Don’t judge a book by its cover. My Sensation is probably compareable to a Nokia (duty wise) and has a great battery life, if you know how to use it properly. Sure they give you all the options to throw live backgrounds on, turn your light up high, or keep apps running in the background. But is it realistic for you to do so? Not so much. The average person who uses their phone has the screen turned off when they aren’t using it. So turn your backlight down, and your screen to a minimum hold, 30 seconds is usually good enough. My 1520 mAh battery does me good, so if someones going to up the specs and give me a better battery, OF COURSE I’m going to get the phone. Just because it has more power, doesn’t necessarily mean everyone is going to use it full blast. That’s not realistic. I’m excited to see their new phone. & from what I’ve heard from my HTC rep, they’ve put a lot more thought and effort into the new lineup, vs the million they threw at us last year. Sometimes less is better. 🙂