Google says more Nexus 4 stock will be available “in the coming weeks”


  • Dan J

    How could they NOT have seen this coming?

    • Brad F(anboy)

      I couldn’t tell them in time because I was in the middle of exams.

    • RIMtheRIPPER

      THEY DID see this coming.

      LG had to finish their own production of their own Optimus G. NOW that the LG initial (And final, since I doubt they will need many more at $600 a pop, locked and with slower updates) bath is out, they will start churning N4s as fast as they can.

      Apparently the next biggest shipments for Canada and the US are on November 27 and December 11. This truly the phone of the Season Yr and they will sell as many as they can.

      Expect Demand to be met in North America by the end of January, and then hopefuly they will be able to meet demand in Jan-Feb, with the Lunar Calendar (The other holidays; actually potentially bigger than NA by sales size)

      Its too soon to tell, but my guess is they released a very limited number of phones this week. Can’t wait to see the figures for November in about 3 weeks.

      To quote somebody:
      N4 at $310 and $360…This Changes everything!

    • RIMtheRIPPER

      I know its hard ladies and gents; but we will have to wait 4-6 weeks for the N4 to meet demand.

      At least we are not witing in line, it will be shipped to your work or home, the price is right and if there are any upgrades in Android by the time we get it, you just take it out of the box and upgrade it over the Air via Wifi.

      At the same time, in a couple of weeks the first kernels will come out and we will start seeing the potential of the phone being unleashed.
      Remember that an Android “In the coming weeks” is shorter than a RIM’s “Coming very soon”.

    • RIMtheRIPPER

      If it was any other phone. People would simply would sat:Frack this” and get another phone.

      But this phone is soo good and offers so much value that will everybody wait for another two-three weeks.

      After all the closest thing is the S3 and or the Optimus G at $500 or more.

      For that big difference I will wait.
      Now if the operators had a gram of brain they would reduce the prices of said phones while the N4 is out of stock. After that the S3 and Optimus G will be a very hard sell.

      Samsung can’t complain with around 30 million sold but the Opimug G will Fail in Sales ( altough LG will recoup with the sales of the N4)

  • Skumon

    Dear Dan,

    There’s so many Android based websites, go work for them? Mobile Syrup is supposed to be about Canadian industry news. Not your personal fandroid blog.


  • Hilman

    Hopefully my 16 GB Nexus 4 will be here by the end of the week, anyone want to buy a GN :p

    • Samuel

      I might if the price is right

    • Pat

      I have 2 GNs. And I intend to keep them for a while.

  • Peter

    They’re pulling an Apple stunt

  • Samuel

    Oh they did, they just want to amp more the hype around it.

  • Jm

    I just hope I get my Nexus 10 by the weekend 🙁

  • Alex Davies

    It seems that Google actually started selling them BEFORE 12pm EST. I logged onto the Play Store around 11:30 am just to check, and both the 8GB and 16GB were shown as in stock. Foolishly I decided to think on my purchase for a few minutes, and when I went back to buy the 16GB Nexus 4 it was back to being coming soon. I think the 16GB was only in stock for a matter of minutes.

    One thing I did read is that Google was allowing people to buy MORE THAN ONE! That shouldn’t have happened, since profiteers probably grabbed 10 at a time, and will now sell them on ebay for exorbitant prices.

    I did manage to get the 32GB Nexus 10 – both the 16GB & 32GB model were in stock for a few hours yesterday, but it looks like the 32GB is also now sold out.

    The conspiracy theorist in me likes to think that LG asked Google not to stock too many Nexus 4’s initially(or they just didn’t ship them enough, citing production delays or something)so as not to take away sales from the Nexus 4’s just released more expensive brother, the Optimus G

    • Rich

      It’d be silly to stop people from getting more than one. Maybe they should have capped people. I did get two but not to sell on ebay, my sister needs a phone too.

  • mrmarquis

    Daniel will the carriers offer the nexus phone anytime soon?

    • RIMtheRIPPER

      Probably not:
      The entire point of selling directly is to have Sales CONTROL and reduce COST:

      Imagine the N4-16 at Telus: First of all they would like it LOCKED, With LTE (Canadian version) with bloatware and with a slightly different version of Android, so that you don’t/can’/upgrade so easily.

      It would be $310 1yr/ $260 2yr and $99 on a 3yr plan min $73 (Plus Caller ID and VM) per month!

      The ther issue would be that Google would ship the phone to Telus and if you were to buy online, then there would be a second shipping adding time and cost.

      Wait! they do have it: its called Optimus G, if you want it you can get it, its in stock at Telsu for $650!

  • Mark

    I never had these problems. I added a Nexus 10 to my cart, went to lunch, came back 90 minutes later and clicked purchase.

    • Pat

      Your internet is slower than mine…

  • haxor99

    Why anyone would buy a phone on ebay for a higher price just because they can’t wait a couple weeks is beyond me. Have some patience! It’s two weeks! Three tops.

  • How Do I Get a Nexus 4?

    Google knew exactly what they were doing: Creating “wantlust” by releasing a few devices for a ridiculously low price, then leave most people waiting and hungry. Over the next 3 months, a few more devices will be released randomly and will be sold out within 5 minutes.

  • greg

    I hope apple sues google for copying their marketing scam.

    • cheenachatze

      I hope Apple copies Google’s marketing and sell an iPhone for $300 direct.

  • Brandon

    I have been hobbling by on an unlocked Samsung Galaxy Ace that for some reason only gets 2G because my Nexus S suffered a fall that left it dead. “In the coming weeks” doesn’t sit well with me. I was in a meeting when the Nexus 4 Fire Sale started, so missed out, although, sounds like I may not have gotten one anyway.

    What may count as “hype” to some only means frustration to me. Not sure what I’ll do now, but I know I can’t put up with the phone I’m using.

    The HTC Droid DNA looks nice, but it would only take one person calling it a “phablet” to my face and I would have to beat them senseless with it.

    • jack

      wait u mad they sold out cause u were in a meeting? lol

  • jussayin

    Well not surprising , LG is not used to this kind of demand

  • Nishant

    They sold out because some i****s bought them in bulk to sell it on ebay / kijiji for ridiculous price.

    • Plan Shopper

      The bigger 1diots are the ones that buy them from there.

  • Tom

    My problem is not that it sold out, but that the Play store couldn’t handle the demand.

    If it is sold out then I should get a message to that effect and an opportunity to go on a waiting list.

  • Jeremy

    The conspiracy theorists are funny. There’s limited stock because these things can’t be built instantly. It takes time. Would you rather that they held off the release so there was “enough”?

    They could have handled it better but preorders would just have the scalpers getting in and scooping even more.

    In short, have some patience and you’ll get the phone in a week or two. Or whine on the internet because you obviously know how to have a major worldwide product release at a hot price and sufficient stock everywhere.

  • trent

    Hey, I’m not an i***t, its called capitalism, by the way i have 20 nexus 4 8gb for $1100 I’m putting up on ebay tomorrow. I’m paying the shipping.

  • Ken

    My question is why wouldn’t Google have enough units on hand if your really putting out the advertising and wanting to make the big sales numbers. Half a million is insane, maybe have 2 million on had would be a better number as to selling out and then looking like i****s.

    • jack

      the chinese workers can only work so fast…

    • migo

      Google didn’t spend any money on advertising. They cancelled the launch event and just announced the Nexus 4 on a blog post. From there it was entirely tech bloggers, forum discussion and word of mouth that promoted it.

      Which is pretty awesome, if that shows companies that they can sell devices on the cheap simply based on word of mouth and news reports, they don’t need an advertising budget.

  • Richard

    Scouring the net, there are people talking about running scripts against the Google play store and buying 10 orders of 4 phones each within seconds of each other. And other wonderful news like that as well. Google can’t be held responsible for that.

    There is also talk that a lot of Google Staff missed out buying the phone due to the demand.

    Anyway 3 days is the current estimate for when the next batch of phones will be coming up online.

    • N4WTH

      Stop making excuses. They can if they wanted to limit the number of phone per-sale, then per-payment method. 1 or 2 per-CC number or paypal account. Done.

      The monkeys running the Play store don’t have the first clue how to run a shop and offer customers a reasonable experience. The exec who said pre-orders aren’t needed, needs to try being a customer of theirs. The experience isn’t great. Some can sit on their hands and make do, others need a Nexus for development purposes and are now waiting until they decided to communicate more than “Coming Soon!!!!”

  • Tony

    A lot of the problem was that the Google Wallet checkout was laggy/couldn’t handle the load. A lot of people tried ordering one but kept clicking the order button since it was slow and ended up with more than one.

    As a result people would return their multiple orders hence why some phones kept coming back in stock. It took over 40min for my 8gb order to process. I was able to snag a 16gb by constantly refreshing for an hour afterwards.

    • jonny

      You are lucky! I stayed up late waiting for it to go on sale. Got up early, waiting for it. As soon as it went live at about 8:35 PST both me and my brother added it to our cart and tried to check out. Both of us had it error and removed from our cart during check out, and when we tried to add it again, it was already gone. We both sat there for hours refreshing, even running the 5 second script. Twice we saw the Add to Cart button but were not even able to get it into our cart. I wasted almost the entire day trying to get one phone, and didnt even get it. I understand phones sell out, but someone like me who was there waiting and attempting to purchase it the entire time it was on sale should have been able to get one. Once it was in my cart, it should have been a done deal. Google messed up big time. They should have anounced the time they would be selling at, they should have had servers that were capable of processing orders, and they should have taken a bunch of back orders and told people it was sold out. That would have SERIOUSlY reduced the load on the servers because people wouldnt have to refresh like a madman all day long.

  • nrj4life

    I agree with Tom. This whole thing was a joke. I refreshed my browser every couple minutes and not once did I ever get an option to buy, in 8 or 16GB. Just “Notify Me” which I never was by the way. It was only until late last night when I decided to take a peek did it say “Sold Out”. I’ve been waiting months for a phone, this phone, and they handled it so poorly. They’d better improve themselves in time for the next batch because no one will wait if their current phone’s days are numbered. I want a Nexus for the updates, so if this crap happens again, sorry to say I’ll be packing up and jumping ship.

  • new_tradition

    Like I said before, I was pretty cheesed. Still am, when I think about it. I sacrificed most of my sleep and the better part of the day for this phone, and I have nothing to show for it.

    And that “Notify Me” email was a joke. Did anyone ever actually got one?

    EDIT: But I won’t lie, I still want the phone.

    • COB

      Yah, the notify me is pointless, I never received an email.


    People are frustrated because the phone is out of stock, but all we have to do is wait for a couple of weeks and hope we get one in the next shipment.

    IS not like Nokia released their new flagship and released it ONLY IN BLACK!

  • Mike K

    I never got a notification at all by email that they were on sale. Mind you, I was pressing F5 like no tomorrow until 11:29…went to get something to eat, got to the computer at 11:42, and they were selling like hot cakes! I was pissed cause I thought “well, I’m screwed”..

    Mind you though, I did manage to snag an 8 GB 2 minutes before they went back to “Notify me”. Says it’s shipping tomorrow. Took only 30 freakin attempts.

    Honestly though, they should have something like a limit of 3 per customer, to stop from people buying 10-20 at a time, and maybe give a more accurate time as to when they will be released on that day. A lot of people missed out, and while I’m glad I’m not one of them, I feel bad for those that missed it.

  • peters~

    That’s it ! I’m buying the i-phone at twice the price. On second thought. I’ll wait patiently. Google didn’t have enough units of the Nexus 4 to begin with. Lets face it. You go on Future shop during boxing day and they don’t sell out of a flat screen tv in 2 minutes.

  • John

    So basically their hardware releases are just as badly managed as the software releases…

    • No

      You clearly know nothing about their software releases or about Nexus phones. I couldn’t get a Nexus 4 yesterday on release day but I did get 4.2 on my Galaxy Nexus (and it’s awesome). Slow software releases are the fault of your phone manufacturer or your carrier.

  • Derek

    My complaint is that I felt like garbage the next day from staying up all night hitting F5. The least they could have done is set a time(and stick to it) that they would open up sales.

  • Joey

    I would like to make it clear. Both Items went on sale at 11:45am I had a nexus 4 16GB in my cart and wasn’t able to purchase due to server issues. after 5 minutes it was sold out.

  • deli

    No carrier in Canada ever locked the nexus s or the gnex .

    • No

      I’m like 99% sure my Galaxy Nexus is sim locked.

  • Larry

    Just think if most people filled out the “Notify me when available”, then Google has a idea of the forward demand.
    The launch was brilliant in developing pent up demand.
    The launch was poor in that the online store handled demand poorly.

  • deltatux

    Personally, I wouldn’t mind them taking orders and then slowly rolling them out. At least we’d have our place in line even if we don’t get the first batch of shipment.

    What I don’t like is the fact that right now it’s still “kill each other for short supply”. While ASUS borked their Transformer Pad Prime launch (wasn’t happy) they still took orders so you can cement yourself in the line.

    Google should have placed an order limit too like 1 or 2 per person to stem the scalpers.

    Also, I still put blame on Google as I was filling in my info at 11:35 and the system just kept crashing, if it didn’t I would have had my phone order through.

  • andy c

    the limited supply make sense for google.

    the nexus one was criticlly well received but was a commercial flop. other nexus devices have only sold modestly. why would google not produce limited supply? no previous evidence of commercial success for the nexus line.

  • screamer

    The price from phones are high because of the carries. They want them high because want to give a rebate so we have to sign a contract. Who is gonna sign a contract when the phone is 299$ and with contact 99$?

    Happy owner of a galaxy s3

  • Matthew Fabb

    The Galaxy Nexus didn’t quite have anywhere near the attention as the Nexus 4 has gotten and I really do think Google was caught off guard.

  • mattprime86

    Its funny to see adults crying that they couldn’t buy a phone. Grow up

  • flin

    i understand the need to offer a short supply and sell out to create even more PR for the product. its good press and makes the lg nexus 4 look like a super hot item. but it leaves consumers like me pissed because i didn’t get it. what would be even better is if another cellphone maker would have their phone being sold at a discount to steal some of the angry customers. I am not happy with how google handled this and if there was another cell phone available that is comparable, even if its more expensive, i would get it just because i’m pissed at google right now.

  • Apple Sales Guy

    On behalf of Apple, I would just like to send out a congratulations to Google and LG for selling out their thousands of nexus phone stock.
    We, at Apple also know what it’s like to sell out so quickly, when we sell out of our 5 million+ stock of iphones.
    Keep taking those baby steps Google, you’ll get to our level in no time 🙂



      hey Apple Sales Guy, why do you have to be such a douche?

  • so now what?

    the thing has been leaked for how long now? Google should have a better plan when it came to this product launch. It just sours then buyer because the phone will cost the same price in a couple of weeks anyways. I for one won’t buy a glass phone until I can get a proper case.

  • abc123

    If a phones sells out in mere “minutes” worldwide, there is obviously little to no stock available on hand.

    This is with a phone that wasn’t even advertised except in tech circles. Just imagine what kind of crap would have ensued if they made a commercial with the advertised price and ran it on the major TV networks.

    The problem was they just did not have iPhone launch levels of stock – not even close. I’m thinking just a few thousand for each country.

    But then again, every Nexus launch has been a disaster… so it’s good that Google is keeping it consistent. We should come to expect FAIL for the next launch as well.

  • smoke-signals

    Apple and Micro$hit bought all the stock cos they’re scared 🙂

  • Jason

    I thought these co*ksu*kers were supposed to ship from Canada. UPS Tracking info says Nexus 10 is coming from Louisville, KY!

    • Randy

      Mine too – expected delivery date tomorrow (Nov. 21). If they didn’t take care of customs clearance…….

  • Jay

    I’ll wait until after the holidays to grab one. Who knows, maybe they’ll have a 32GB one in the next few months.

  • Steve

    I placed an order during the 1-2pm “refresh” period. I rcvd the following from Google a moment ago.

    “Thank you for your recent purchase on Google Play. Due to overwhelming demand, your Nexus 4 is on backorder and is expected to ship within three weeks. We’ll send you a notification when your order has shipped and will credit the shipping charges.”

  • mo

    seriously, this Google store seriously sucks. I am very dissappointed at Google and their service.

    I even never got the “Notify” email that they promised to send you when the phones or tablets go on sale.

    This seriosly pathetic. and what is up with these flukes that people experienced about adding item to cart then unable to checkout??

    Google, you need to get your heads out of your a$$es cause you start to make me sick with your stupidity

  • Curts

    I had a nexus 7.. as of right now I am getting a rzr HD…

    I wouldn’t mind 2 gigs of ram and slightly better graphics, but I have to fork out $450 on credit….

    It seems to make more sence to pay $30 more a month for a 3 year contract with additional internet and unlimited incoming calling….

    Nexus… No expandable memory and I am really not sure how long these will last, or take a fall.

    I honestly think they are fixing a lot of the nexus’s that had an issue with the antenna causing the screen to flicker that’s why i returned a Nexus 7 I had purchased… I’ve had my rzr k1 cell phone for probably 7 years and it still works fine.

  • Curts

    my experience with the nexus 7 was short SHORT battery life. expect to charge almost daily.

    But incredible graphics, but yet, it’s not like your playing battlefield 3 on a tablet YET…

    Besides I’d rather have great graphics on a 10″ tablet. not a tiny 5″ little cell phone.

  • Dave

    Im in UK and no sign of when they will meet demand here. Why dont they simply let us preorder them and then they will know how many they will need or at very least give us a date to expect them.