Huawei Ascend D1 Quad XL now available at WIND Mobile


  • Kody

    I feel sorry for any new phone launched post-Nexus4

  • bblol

    Do anyone other than 70 year old women buy Huawei phones?

    • apple chodeboy

      Yeah, a bunch of people who don’t like to get ripped off.

  • danada

    Bet that 2600mAh battery still can’t get over 3 hours of screen on time 😛

    • amc

      more than 24h under heavy usage, for typical user – 48h no problem.
      (+++) battery
      (+) screen
      (–) huawei updates: it may never get next android version

  • Tr

    If they can stuff all that in PLUS a 2600mAh battery…why doesn’t everyone else?

  • Marion

    I think Huawei is the new HTC…I mean when the Diamond came out no one knew what the heck it was

  • cheenachatze

    There is already a 4.1 beta for Ascend P1, so this one will definitely get it, if not 4.2.

  • 2c

    once again RIP RIM!!!!!

    • 45

      Go away.

  • haxor99

    LOL I agree with Kody, anyone buying this phone over the Nexus4 is a sucker!

  • 2c

    and wind you are making me very happy, please keep up the good work and keep chopping the balls of other networks slice by slice.

  • ukrainian fob

    i ordered my nexus 4 on the day of launch but still no shipping cobnfirmation. so, i consider myself a sucker too right now. the worst launch ever !

  • Josh L

    I’d get it for $99. Doesn’t seem so bad. And yes, nexus4 is probably better…

  • Aregularh0mo

    its a whoweeee garbage like wind. Nuke says his phone works anywhere a rogers one does.. but the bet is if it does not he gotta smash it.. no no warren not that kind of smashing…

  • Cell Guy

    Does it really matter what phone you have on Wind, the problem is dropping calls… whats the point in having a phone that drops calls half the time. If I wanted to stay in one spot when I make a call I could go back to the 80’s and use a pay phone.

    • STY

      Must be a shill and/or uneducated. Haven’t had a dropped call in over a year and a half. And I travel between Hamilton, Brampton, and Ajax.

  • Is this Bb10?

    Ian, pls do a review. I am interested in the battery life. And it’s $50 less than the razr hd

    • Cyrano

      engadget has a revive and say it can last 8 hours which consists of running video on an endless loop at 50 percent brightness, receiving push emails and social media notifications

  • JP

    @cell guy, maybe if you take your phone out of your a*s when you talk, you wouldn’t get dropped calls. I never get dropped calls and I am on WIND.

    • T1MB0T

      JP aka jerky puller.. why lie about it.. Wind drops calls we all know that. Wind has the worst customer service we all know that too.
      Wind was sold twice, and is for sale again we all know that. You money goes out of the country and into swallies pockets. No call center in windsor.. oh wait you all forgot about that? under new management ” it was not feasible to continue on that path ” ouch must sting! No LTE, no S3 Note for existing masochists of winds terrible network no hope for the future.. lets not forget no LTE… Is Mobilicity still kicking the wind tires at the used cell shop? oh wait yes they are!!!! Nuke where are you? fagoo? warren?

    • STY

      @T1MB0T…..what are you smokin’….I want some….obviously just a poster trying to work people up….ignore them. Wait, I didn’t, better start following my own advice…

  • Is this Bb10?

    Should be $309 unlocked like Nexus 4.

  • Zombie Ted Rogers


    I’ve been on Wind for 1.5 years.

    Number of dropped calls: ZERO.

    Don’t you ever get tired of trolling with the same BS?

    • T1MB0T

      so sold 2 times no call center no LTE, uncle swarie is the owner again, well he ran it so why not.. do comment ted. no dropped calls? ahuh suuure everyone has had dropped called even nuke, warren told him that just to get him off the phone.. whats that you hear? static and no signal.. ooops dropped call

    • Brent

      T1MBOT you are a total fuc*ing r****d! Over a year on wind and only 2 dropped calls!!! both of which happened in my basement where my company BELL pos blackberry can’t even make a call in the first place.. how old are you kid? 15?

  • new_tradition

    As mentioned, pretty much all phones are gonna be compared to the Nexus 4 now both spec and price wise. But if not for that, the D1 ain’t bad at all. If the price is right, I might just get this if the Nexus 4 is on back order for longer than I can wait (and I’d like to think I’m pretty patient-used my first phone for over 3 years, lol).

  • Dim