Mobilicity’s network upgrade to 21Mbps set to go live the “last week of October”


  • TP

    lol I am satisfied with what I pay and what I get from Mobilicity, but I would be surprised to see even more than 4Mbps.

    • tech

      When is wind going to get its upgrade?
      It shows H+ in downtown but the speed is even worst than 5mb/s that i would get outside downtown usually.

  • JP


  • LazerAndroid

    They have actually been working on this for some time, so I am very confident that by the end of October speeds will increase network-wide. Good for Mobilicity!

    Even though I’ve never got that free Panache I was so desperately begging for, I still love Mobilicity, and their drive to provide service to people who, rightfully so, think that overpaying for something is idiotic.

    Keep on pushing, Mobilicity!

    Your friend and faithful subscriber,

    P.S. I still wouldn’t mind getting that Panache, please 😉

    • Ghoul

      LOL I remember all that drama on HoFo with you (if you are LA) and Dave

  • hoo dat

    The speeds that have been posted by Booth and Lyons so far on Twitter aren’t that special, but certainly an improvement over what they have been. But I’m getting as good or better with my non-“4G” phone on WIND. Plus, their crazy throttling is still going to be around so overall where’s the real improvement?

    • Tommy Texter

      The real improvement is higher speeds. For a mobile data consumption (news, weather, youtube, WhatsApp, Skype, etc.) throttling limites are more than acceptable. It’s people who use their devices as hot-spots (basically an Internet for their tablets and laptops) that will run into trouble.

      If you are using a MOBILE internet on your MOBILE device, you won’t even know what throttling is.

      You are blowing this out of proportion, hoo dat.

    • hoo dat

      How am I blowing this out of proportion? The basic increases in 4G speeds that they’ve boasted about so far are about what I get on a non-4G device with their main competitor. You don’t see that as an issue?

      And why shouldn’t someone be able to use their device as a hotspot? That’s the nature of modern devices and that’s how they’re sold. I do with mine all the time but I don’t have to worry about scant cut off limits (I could blow though 100MB in no time, certain well within the 15 minute time limit that Mobilicity imposes). I bought and paid for a phone because it had a hotspot feature. WIND sold it to me with a hotspot feature. Why should I be punished for using it as such?

  • ActivesiN

    great news, now my galaxy nexus will be more powerful than ever

  • Kid.Canada

    50% off employee discount on my Rogers bill for 2 years. A lot better speeds, a lot better coverage, an amazing phone (Galaxy S3) cannot complain at all. So far very happy with Rogers.

    • David

      please check with your fellow ex-colleagues who were laid off earlier this year and see how they like Rogers’ services without the employee discount

    • Shannon Ritti

      This really is the ONLY way to find Rogers’ service acceptable – if you have a very solid retention plan (how much begging and debasing yourself did it take?), or an employee discount. Anything else is clearly a rip off.

      Wind Mobile user going on 2 years.

      P.S. I haven’t even begun to consider ANY of the Big3 so called “deals” in as long as I have been with Wind. Feels good, man.

    • OGOD

      I believe 50%off is Roger’s employee discount, I used to have 50%off on fido too. But still paying unexpected bills…

      And what’s the point of saying it if the plan isn’t for anyone??

    • jack

      if no one ever needed national coverage or travelled, wind would be the best.

    • Edge

      > “if no one ever needed national coverage or travelled, wind would be the best.”

      Went to the US for a couple days, and paid $16 for 16MB of roaming data. It would have cost me $96 roaming fees with the big three for that amount of data!

      Rogers, where the only decent plans is if you an employee.

  • JP

    @Kid.Canada, “employee discount” are the key words. You won’t be so happy with Rogers once you don’t have those words on your bill anymore.


    Wrong wrong wrong: they should have go with DUAL HSPA instead. phone with t-mo would have been compatible.

    • OGOD

      Good idea my fd, but they might charge u double price on ur plan. LOLLOLLOLLOL….

  • techie 01

    No Thanks i’ll take my Rogers LTE SGSIII with 45 mbps down and 27 mbps up to your garbage discount carriers. $68 bucks tax in 6 GB super plan LTE G GB MY10 and unlimited text i’ll pay 25 bucks for better data service.

  • skazzy B

    Hey Techie 01,

    Enjoy paying $816 a year to reach your nice 6GB data cap much faster at 45mbps, with your crappy LTE battery life, while I pay $420 a year and don’t have any caps. I’ll buy a nice phone with the $396 I save.

    • techie 01

      Haha actually i never hit the cap and while your waiting for your crappy phone to load Mobilesyrup i’ve already posted and am on my way.Can you make a call from Hwy 7 or wait is that roaming for you? Tell me how much money your saving on roaming in city limits troll.

  • T1MB0T

    WOW so now we see that wind is for sale.. will Mobilicity buy them as is or toss out the trash like tony nuke and the other trolls? No LTE, No hope of expansion and now the real sub numbers come out.. when is tony gonna pack it in? Oh warren stop pulling johnns diaper

    • what

      WTF are you talking about? Wind isn’t for sale at all, and Mobi cut 80% of their staff last year. Wind is expanding constantly, and Mobi kept that sh*thead of a CEO Stewart Lyons…..and yes, he’s a complete dick.

      Sorry kiddo, Mobi’s getting sold and Wind is greatly surpassing them.

    • hoo dat

      That’s Rocco for ya. He has these rants every now and it’s best to just let him have his moment, it’s all he has in his sad and lonely world. Besides, he hasn’t figured out that after all these rants and predictions not one of them has materialised and that people are laughing at him, not with him.

      We have to let the “special” people have their fun too.

  • OGOD

    If there is no prove for any company is for sale, PLS stop BS….-____-” WTF!?

  • Juleso

    I would hope for maybe a moderate increase in speed, but more importantly, better consistency…

  • Zeake

    I went over to WIND as a test and only lasted a week. Does NOT compare to mobi speed and reception wise. My friend with his BB on WIND always has one or two bars BELOW mine unless we’re at a place where we both have five bars.

    • hoo dat

      Quite honestly I think you’re the first person I’ve read on all the major forums to claim that Mobilicity’s data speeds are currenty better than WIND’s. Kinda puts a sense of doubt into how I read your statement.

    • STY

      I wish betting was legal. I’d challenge Zeake to a data speed test using Wind, and I’d go “all in” with as much cash as they could put up. Heck, I’ll give 2 to 1 odds and let them pick the location.

  • Jer

    I’m loving the Mobilicity experience. 300$ Galaxy Nexus, no contract, everything for 30$ a month. I’m very happy 🙂

  • aregularonhofo

    Seems like the despearte trolls are at it again!

    The guy impersonating LazerAndroid is none other than bluenote73 (Cory N from BC) the Mobilicity paid troll, stooge, wimp and liar on who is pushing this failed new entrant for his own personal gains…a site that has lost all credibility and no wonder so many former supporters of this Telco have already jumped ship or switched to a better provider. Everyone by now knows that LazerAndroid never wanted a free Panache having integrity simply for complaining about Mobi’s horrendous service/network that never changed even now since he proved his case, Dave Dobbin just wanted revenge for the truth leaking out and would you trust a CEO who spent his time on line secretly pushing deals in hopes of getting support. What a total HYPOCRITE and mainly why he got fired. Wind Mobile’s CEO in comparison has class and fought for what he believed in no matter how bad the situation got.

    Also seems like the Boycott Mobilicity Camapaign started by Amhed is really working and picking up speed, Mobi was forced to drop all their prices on every plan due to lack of interest, all existing problems are still there or worse and that 21Mbps data speed will more likely soon turn to .21Mbps…it’s amazing how fools can be brainwashed to accept false promises and boy has Mobilicity used their customers well. What i***t would pay $30 for a plan that isn’t even worth $10 and kind of explains why the few remaining fanboys have to resort to BS to get people to join. The simple fact that we have imitators proves Mobi has no defence and the company is falling apart. Deserves them right for being so dishonest and bashing those who told the truth.

    The best way to beat Mobilicity and lunatics like Rocco is to join Wind Mobile and be vocal on every social site to support them, they’re the only new entrant that has a chance against the incumbents and if we lose them you will lose any possible chance to improve long-term improvements. The sooner Mobilicity dies the better and now is the time to switch to Wind Mobile.

    • wow

      Not only are you a fanboy, you’re a complete moron.

  • aregularonhofo

    I have to admit Lazer Android was right about bluenote73 (Cory N from BC)the Mobilicity paid troll/fanboy/wimp on HoFo and Dave Dobbin the fired/humiliated former CEO…after almost 2 years they’re still lying/claiming that LA wanted a free Panache in revenge for LA telling the truth in regards to how horrendous this provider is and only proves how despearte this new entrant is as it crumbles. The more they imitate LA the more it proves the company is failing big time and that means success for Wind Mobile who have more class. The Amhed Boycott Mobilicity Campaighn is also picking up steam and supporters of Wind Mobile are encourage to show their preference on any social site they use.

  • Mobilicity is BROKEn

    Mobilicity keeps coming up with these gimmicks and publicity stunts. Mobilicity just isn’t attracting enough customers because they have maxed out in 5 cities and 3 provinces.

    This bump in speed isn’t helpful if customers are still being throttled.

    They don’t have the capacity, yet they keep coming up with these weird promotions.

    Fix your network Mobilicity! It’s broken!

    • jensen

      I’ve been with Mobi since Oct 2010 at $30 with everything. Was with Telus and Rogers before, Paying $60+ a month. I have saved +$800. Regardless of all the bs, the network and speeds are fine, saving even better!

  • aregularonhofo


    Who cares if I type fast and can’t be perfect on here, most of you Mobilicity fanboys can’t read anyways and what is atrocious is your lies against Wind Mobile…there’s a reason why Dave Dobbin was fired and why Mobilicity is failing big time. The company is worthless and uses their customers with BS. Switch to Wind and make the difference.

    • Wow

      Great comment. Clearly you work for wind, you must be really proud considering you go on and comment about wind when it’s completely unrelated to this post.

      Hopefully minimum wage is working out for you, good luck on your sales!

  • BigVic89

    Honestly i dont understand why all these Wind and Rogers fanboys are commenting on how their better than Mobi. Frankly, myself and many others are pretty content with what Moblicity has to offer. I’ll take my 25 buck plan over the old Wind 29 buck plan simply because its a 4 buck per month saving. The addition of supposed “4G” speeds for Mobilicity is a simply a plus. If you want super fast internet, go with the big 3, I’m sure they’ll enjoy stuffing your money in their pockets while you get your web pages 2 seconds sooner than I do. But for the best bang for the buck, I’ll take Mobi all the way…it gets the job done (not to mention roaming fees, if you do roam, are pretty damn cheap – i paid more as a Rogers pay as you go customer normally using my phone than i would roaming with Mobi.)

  • d3v14n7

    Welcome to 2010 Mobilicity!

  • STY

    Mobi data speeds were acceptable. Their “traffic shaping” was not. That’s why one can’t even call it data. Has often been correctly called “browsing”. Otherwise I’d still be with them.
    Everyone notice how Mobi must have a number of people here solely for the purpose of giving “thumb downs” to negative posts, so they’ll be hidden. Wonder how long it’ll take for all the negs on this post? If you notice this, please post a reply.

  • marc

    I’m a Mobi Galaxy nexus user. Just did the a Speed test using the app.

    I got 157ms ping, 2165kbps down and 193kbps up.

    I’m downtown around harbour front. is this normal or consistent to what other people are getting?

    If I even got 5mbps with the upgrade I’d be happy. 10 would blow me away…unlikely though.

  • Ken

    As a senior I’ve heard a lot of manure been shoveled around on this forum and I think its great but speed or no speed my wallet certainly is in great shape these last 18 month thats because its speedily being filled with money that I was speedily loosing with Telus. If wind or mobi has to sell so be it but we do need more carrier in this country.

  • Amy

    I am perfectly happy with Mobilicity’s service. This must be an early Christmas gift. I’m so glad I signed up for the $25 BSB Plan from Mobilicity. The Plan keeps getting better and better.

  • Ahhuknow

    Been with Mobi over 1.5 years and couldn’t be happier. I used to get a Government Employee deal with Robbers (sorry I mean ROGERS…) and most of my colleagues are still on the plan and pay about $70 for Voice & Data if THEY DON’T GO OVER THEIR MINUTES… It is so freeing not worrying about what time it is when you take a call. All that being said Mobi’s roaming is amazing. I just went to NYC for the first time and one of my friends added a $30 plan on Rogers to cover talk & text while in the U.S. Needless to say i paid $8.00 on my Mobi Wallet and sent just as many texts as her. All the Rogers, Bell, & Telus fans need to wake up and learn that paying $500 up front for a phone that pays itself off after 1yr isn’t all that bad. Let me teach you some Arithmetic (Rogers Voice + Data = let’s say $70/month = $840/yr Mobi or Wind with their current sales (Mobi all unlimited Plans = $30) will run you $360/yr at the end of the day you save $480/yr so take your heads out of you asses and see the light.