International Galaxy Nexus devices being upgraded to Android 4.1.2, Canadians still waiting for their turn

The international GSM version of the Galaxy Nexus has begun its upgrade process to Android 4.1.2. These include the yakju and takju versions of the product, ie. the one sold in international markets, and the one sold directly from Google’s Play Store.

Unfortunately, the model sold by Canadian carriers does not fit within that mold, having entrusted its upgrade legacy to Samsung. And while it’s possible to perform the switch from our yakjuux to the international yakju, one could make the argument that we shouldn’t be in this position at all. As shown from this guide on XDA-Developers, there are a number of steps that one must take beforehand, such as unlocking the phone’s bootloader, flashing a custom recovery or overwriting the boot.img, all things that “crackflashers” like us are used to, but would be seen as alien to anyone who wants his or her phone to “just work.”

So here we have another situation where we’re reporting that a modicum of Canadian Galaxy Nexus users are being upgraded to a new version of Android, while the rest have to languish for an unknown number of weeks or months.

Canadians have a choice: delve into the guts of Android to in order to force a the newer version of Android, or wait it out. Which one will you be?

Update: Looks like Nexus S users on the WIND Mobile/Mobilicity network (i9020t) are receiving their update to Android 4.1.2. Google has yet to push out an update for Nexus S users on Rogers/TELUS and Bell (i9020a) users.

(Thanks Jeff!)