International Galaxy Nexus devices being upgraded to Android 4.1.2, Canadians still waiting for their turn


  • Varroa

    Nothing yet on a yakju on Bell.

    • FoolMeOnce.

      The main reason to get a Nexus phone is to get the fastest upgrades operator-independent AND to get the highest Reselling value of the phone.

      Getting a Nexus from any Canadian operator and not being able to upgrade was simply Unfair, weird and unnecessary.

      Hopefully the new Nexus will be avaialbe directly from Google In Canada (not only the US) if that’s the case I will never set foot at a ROBELUS store to get a phone, will get them cheaper $350-400, highest reselling value and fastest upgrades; what’s not to like???

      Hopefullly the local operators figure out that loading Bloatware is not the next model for profits and stop that practice.

    • neuromatico

      My GNex is also running yakju, which means updates come directly from Google – the carrier doesn’t come into it, but I’m on Virgin/Bell. After clearing Google Services Framework and checking for uptakes 3 times, I received the OTA.

    • XS

      Try to clean Google Services Framework and check for update afterwards. Worked for me after doing it 3 times.

  • bunny

    nexus s on wind, got it!

  • NexusFreak

    That is why I can’t wait for Google to start selling Nexus devices directly through the Play Store! F$ck carriers!

    • Muhammad

      I agree. I had to apply a generic build (from the international version) onto my Bell Galaxy Nexus so that I could even get Jelly Bean update. Because of that I was able to get the update today on time. The Canadian carriers are the worse in terms of timely updates.

    • jack

      too bad its not the carriers who do the update, its samsung.
      derpa derp

  • MrMarvelous

    My yakju version received the update today and my Nexus 7 a few days ago.

  • LSO

    Nexus S with Wind…. just got it around Noon today!

  • Milpool

    My Nexus S (Wind) got 4.1.2 a few hours ago.

  • Jeff Mersereau

    Got mine on virgin yakju build at 2pm today

  • Nathaniel James

    I should get a nexus phone, except the LG Nexus. Wont be suprised if that phone doesnt get updated

  • Tom

    I’ve done the upgrade from the Canadian 4.1.1 to the newly released 4.1.2. It was easy, but only because I’ve done it before. It is not really suitable unless you enjoy doing stuff like that, and like Daniel says, you shouldn’t have to!

    So, a request to Daniel and MS. When you review the next generation of Nexus devices, ask LG Canada (or what-ever contacts you have) pointed questions about the plan for upgrades.

    If LG Canada is responsible for upgrades, and if they are not willing to make any promises about upgrades, then potential buyers should be warned.

    • GNexUser

      Very good advice and I too would love to know this information for the next Nexus and any future models sold in Canada.

      I flashed mine to Yakju this summer and just got the 4.1.2 OTA today. It’ll be interesting to see how many more days/weeks/months it takes for Samsung Mobile Canada to release it to the Canadian/yakjuux users.

      Hopefully it’s not 9 pathetic months like the last update.

  • Gus83

    Confirmed. My Wind Mobile Nexus S now at 4.1.2!

  • Mr. Reliable

    I still just don’t understand how Canadian carriers were event able to get special versions of the Galaxy Nexus. Nowhere else in the world but Canada? How was that even pulled off in the first place???!?!!?

    • FoolMeOnce.

      Bloated Nexus and
      3yr Contracts and
      Maple syrup!

      The Canadian contributions/untributions to the world!
      Canada: the only country in the world with 3yr contracts and one yr warranty!

  • it’s all about the Nexus

    i’m pumped! what does 4.1.2 bring to the table?

    • mehmeh

      High res contact photo sync

  • Mark

    I got galaxy on virgin yakju. Nothing yet

  • S2556

    My galaxy S3 has been on 4.1.2 since it was released.
    Nexus phones are so easy to root and flash why do you guys wait for sammy to update? instead of waiting for unconfirmed jellybean release dates you could download it in the first couple days. I know not everyone is comfortable doing this and I understand however my phone now blows my stock S3 away in every aspect no contest.

  • Andy

    Still waiting on Wind for My Galaxy Nexus Update 🙁

  • It’s all about the Nexus!

    Google better not make the same mistake they did with the Canadian GNex with this new round of Nexus’

  • Therm0

    A friend of mine is on the Bell version, and the issue for him moving away from the Samsung version of the firmware is warranty: He bought an extended warranty and doesn’t want to jeopardize it. He’s a delivery driver for one of the big shipping companies and he drops his phone daily, and even with an Otterbox it eventually starts to flake out. So he’s stuck waiting for Samsung to do the updates.

  • ElNad

    Update appeared this morning. Will update when home. Was on yakju 4.1.1. Everybody should move to international version. It’s really not that hard. Search for Galaxy Nexus Toolkit.

  • bobfreeze

    Got my Nexus S update on WIND today!

  • Mike

    Got mine on my LG Nexus 4 this morning.

  • Crazypeaches66

    Just got the 4.1.2 update for the Nexus S on Rogers! Well, technically a Wind phone being used with a Rogers SIM card…long story.

  • GNexusUser

    Just got 4.1.2 update on GNexus (yakju) on Rogers. Had to clear the Google Services Framework once.

    It’s a real shameabout this whole Nexus update ongoing trainwreck.

    • The Freeman

      I did the exact same thing. Cleared it once and checked for updates. 2 min later I am now on 4.1.2

  • Blair

    I’ve tried clearing/force stopping the Google services framework 10-12 times now and still no update on Rogers.

  • Rufus

    I’ve been continually hitting the “check for updates” on my Nexus 7 and still it reports I’m all good with 4.1.1 – sure, 4.1.2 isn’t Earth shattering; however, if it has been out for nearly a week and if I ping it, I’d expect to get it… yes, I could sideload; but still, what gives for the delay?

  • chris k

    got my update today. yakju telus. Didn’t do anything special just got the update notice

  • Dibzz

    I keep checking for updates on my takju from Google and it always says that my system is up to date.

    • Dbott67

      Also running takju on Virgin Mobile and no updates yet after clearing GSF about a dozen times. Another post I read indicates that the update is for yakju devices only at this time.

  • Lil Wayne

    I love that they always use the i9020T users as guinea pigs for Nexus S updates

  • Matt

    I’m on mobilicity with a white international version and still no update…
    Any idea why?

  • Acco

    If you’re unlocked… then just grab the rooted images. 😛

  • Doug

    Already flashed and rooted last week. Messed up with backing up my files and lost everything.(shoulda used titanitum backup instead of mybackup pro)

  • jimmy

    Koodo pushed my update at 12EST.

  • Zoomus

    Got the update, running 4.1.2 bought my Nexus from Bell but installed yakju and now the updates come as they get released, I recommended anyone who has one just do it forget Robelus and Samsung you will wait months and months to get it, and soon 4.2 will be released, I think the Galaxy Nexus will get it quick and if your with a phone purchased from Robelus you might not even get it, well maybe next summer LOL, did the same with my Xoom and now when Google releases an update bang I get it,

  • Brett

    Got it yakju on Telus. If it hasn’t pushed yet, try going to settings> apps> all> Google services framework. Clear data and check for update again.

  • Phil

    I’ve got a yakju version and have been trying all day to force the update using this trick and nothing. Getting a little frustrated

  • Varroa

    STILL nothing with a yakju on Bell, even when using the force trick.

  • Not a bear

    Waiting for the sojua update!

    Just wondering, but exactly how hard is it to turn a GNex into yajku?

  • Craig

    my update is installing right now …. sweet

  • kevinc

    receiving my 4.1.2 update on my Mobilicity Nexus S right now. Wheee!

  • Rufus

    As of 2:44pm (EST), I’ve been pushed 4.1.2 on my Nexus 7

  • Glen

    Still no update. I have tried the clear data trick about a dozen times. Takju 4.1.1 on Telus.

    • Glen

      Tried the clear framework and got the update notification at 11:38 this morning. Telus Galaxy Nexus (Takju)

  • Zeshan C

    Switched my yakjuux to yakju sometime in February… received my yakju 4.1.2 update today morning… was on rogers now on bell 🙂

  • l1

    Running on Fido with yakju 4.1.1. The update notification for 4.1.2 popped up earlier this morning.

    Had switched from Fido yakjuux 4.0.1 in July when JB came out after getting tired of waiting for Fido to push out any sort of fix for the intermittent full-zero-full signal drop bug and “airplane mode” bug I had been having (which was resolved when it was updated).

  • dbott67

    Woke up to 4.1.2 update message this morning on my Galaxy Nexus (takju) on Virgin.

  • Dana

    Wind pushed me my 4.1.2 update notification earlier when I walked through a zone on campus with service but I have to wait until I actually leave campus before it will download due to the lack of coverage

    • Dana

      Well…. I did have the notification for it but when I tried to update on the university campus it wouldn’t download. Now I’m at home and the notification is gone and it says my phone is up to date, but I am still on 4.1.1…..
      Wind Mobile = ugh

  • Regis

    Nothing yet with videotron. Even if I cleaned google service framework 4 times >:(

  • Regis

    Nothing yet from Videotron even if i cleaned the google servive framework cache 4 times.

  • celmsley

    Got it yesterday on my Nexus s from Rogers