Mobilicity announces “future plans” to expand coverage in several locations, including Oakville, Burlington, White Rock


  • TestMe

    Mobilicity is my favourite!!! 🙂

  • otter

    Slow and steady….

    • STY

      Slow data, yes. Steady promos, yes.

  • Mapple

    Guess we arent going to see a merger with WIND anytime soon if they are going it alone…

    “data accounts for almost 90% of their network traffic.” – interesting…

  • Alex Perrier

    Better than nothing. Many if not all of these additions (Orléans + Cumberland, Hamilton, etc.) are already covered by other new entrants, so this is clearly Mobilicity playing catch-up and not being the leader. That’s to be expected with their low prices. But hey, the “break your cell phone contract day” might be worth it, if only it was more clear how this promotion and the credits work.

    • TCom

      First you complain they dont expand, now you say its not enough. Why dont you just stop posting since you’re a WIND fanboy who is featured in their ads?

    • Alex Perrier

      Does it matter that much which ads i’m in? i DON’T get paid for them at all! There are similar Mobilicity “Super Value Stars” ads too, anyway, and i did send them both positive and negative feedback. Ditto with WIND. i said Mobilicity’s expansion is “better than nothing”. In other words, a compliment, but not a standing ovation.

      i’m interested in the Mobilicity service, but not at speeds of 3.6 Mbit/s or lower. Before you start:
      * WIND delivers faster (4-5 Mbit/s with occasional slower speeds, max in theory is 7.2 Mbit/s) download speeds than Mobilicity after multiple tests, although WIND’s upload speeds (0.1 Mbit/s, 2 Mbit/s max theoretical) disappoint me.
      * Mobilicity advertises its devices’s maximum speeds (7.2/14.4/21.2 Mbit/s) but is dishonest towards customers because it won’t admit that speeds are currently limited to 3.6 Mbit/s. Correct me if speeds have changed since.

      Good job Mobilicity! There is plenty of room for improvement for sure, but good job on the small steps you’re taking to improve your network!

    • Tech

      You Want Clarification…Here you go….” National Break Your Wireless Contract Day” – Mobilicity urges customers to terminate any contract only with knowledge of and in accordance with any applicable contractual terms. $200 credit is provided to customer’s account, in equal installments of $10 per month for 20 months, when customer transfers his/her number on a new activation and while customer is on preauthorized credit payment. Credit may not be redeemed for cash and contain no cash value. Limited time offer. Offer valid only at participating locations. Restrictions may apply on combining offers with other offers or promotions and only applicable to new activations. Taxes are extra. Terms and conditions apply”
      Now shut your WIND pie hole….

    • Alex Perrier

      Doesn’t tell me if the credit is an automatic discount off the first twenty months (like WIND, e.g. $15/month for the first 20 months, then regular rate of $25/month) or if the $200 credit can only be redeemed after 20 months (like Chatr, e.g. months 1 to 20 cost $25/month but months 21 to 28 are $0/month).

      To me, Mobilicity made too many promotions this month (“Now even more for less” on most days, 50% off for four days, $30/month on Father’s Day and now the Break Your Contract Day) and because of this, they don’t feel as “special” anymore or customers won’t be happy if they got a not-so-good promotion (like paying $40/month instead of $27.50/month). i used to also dislike when WIND, even Public, had too many promos or extended them for so long, but now they’ve settled down and their special offers are reasonable and modest.

      i wonder if anyone even pays the regular monthly price at Mobilicity! i doubt many do. In contrast, many WIND and Public (mostly in Montréal for the latter) customers pay the regular monthly rates. It is worth noting and i’m looking forward to seeing how it turns out for the three new entrants.

    • Tech

      Honestly just stop posting….you making a complete fool out of yourself….that explanation is VERY clear unless you are really dum!!!
      “$200 credit is provided to customer’s account, in equal installments of $10 per month for 20 months”

    • John Kickass

      Alex, when will you realize that you are the biggest WINDFANBOY troll around? Every single post you make on MobileSyrup is so retarded that it becomes hidden in a matter of minutes due to the dislikes. Just stop posting! Nobody cares about your 5h1tty option! Come on posters, thumbs up if you think Alex Perrier should be be offially named “Hob Gobblin: Troll Extrodinaire of MobileSyrup”

  • OgtheDim

    I still think this is all a way of looking good for an outside investor. That price deal on new accounts is not sustainable.

    • TCom

      Really? And you must know this because you’ve seen the company’s financial statements, right? I think people need to accept that Mobi and WIND are different. Clearly Mobi doesn’t spend a lot of money on certain things that WIND does. So maybe they can make money when others can’t.

    • OgtheDim

      I know this because I know a BIT about business. This isn’t about Wind.

      Continually discounting your initial incoming revenue by 40 – 50% doesn’t work with ANY company.

      BTW, if they were doing well in cash they would have been spending it in other ways until now. And there is no indication of a recent cash injection from somewhere.

  • WindBlows

    Mobilicity is making moves 🙂

  • johm

    LOLL Mobilicity is on fire now in similar aspects as wind, Public Mobile better have some sort of exit strategy because now their foot print will have every wireless player in it.

  • STY

    I don’t like how Mobi’s words their terms, more or less, to say you must use a devices sold by them.

  • Pablo Moses

    It’s very good think to ear that Cumberland and Orleans will get coverage.

  • Der

    Originally with Rogers, I broke my contract and signed on to the Mobi $30/m for the $55 ultimate plan. I love it! The data speeds are fine, I actually have better reception in my office than I did with Rogers, and It’s nice to only pay $30 a month for a year 🙂 I’m really happy with Mobilicity. I’m soooo happy I took the plunge.

  • David

    It’s about time they expanded their network!! I’d rather have slow expansion but great reception than fast expansion and choppy reception.

  • otter

    I think WIND and Mobi employees/fanboys/customers need to start supporting each other more, and focus on what is important:

    Increased competition in Canada.

    Both companies have forced the big three to start competing, and once one of them bows down to the pressure and stops the price fixing… the other two will have to follow.

    Everybody wins.

  • otter

    FYI: with the port in credit, you can basically get a talk and text plan for 10 dollars a month…. Or unlimited EVERYTHING for 21 dollars a month…

    just prepay for a year and get 30% discount, and then use the port in credit. 🙂

  • Go AWS FTW!

    Mobilicity lost 60,000 subscribers last quarter. With the 2nd quarter ending in just one week, they needed to do something fast to keep the investors happy. These promos are a defensive manoeuvre. Can’t call it a National Holiday if only 3 provinces participate.
    Also, another defensive move is this so called expansion. Unfortunately no dates means it could be 3 years down the road! If they could clarify WHEN this is happening, customers can hold them accountable, right?
    I believe its to satisfy investors and also not lose the licences they bought because they have to be built by 2013…so hopeful for an extension.

    • kidding me?

      Where did you get this bogus information? I don’t mean to sound cruel but….. are you retarded?

    • Go AWS FTW!

      No offense. But r u like all the other Mobilicity customers who live in their parents basement? You keep claiming great service in your basement. Do you also get great service in the food court where you work? That too is in a basement isn’t it? Kind of like where your life is right now maybe???
      Mobilicity’s numbers are also where??? You got it…in the basement!

  • Mobilicity is so slow like a dropped child

    Smokescreen. Dont believe it without dates clarified. They said this when i signed up Summer 2010!

  • mobi guy

    Mobi has NEVER even come close to losing subs in a quarter. Its growing far faster than wind which only gained 12,000 last quarter. Mobi had almost 20,000. I know. I am a dealer

    • OgtheDim

      “I know. I am a dealer.”

      Yup….trusted unbiased information source you be.


      Meh…if they expand all power to them but it still all looks like a smokescreen to me.

    • Mark

      The truth is around 4k nets ad’s in Q1, feb was a negative month, so was October ofe 2011 when they got rid of Dobbin Mobi is trying to secure cash, Bitove is very smart he will survive months after you think he’s dead with others ppl money… He never loses the lender that work with him lose

  • aregularonhofo

    Whether Alex works for Wind Mobile or not is not the point, he at least makes it clear who he is and doesn’t hide behind a fake persona…on the other hand xtachx the biggest Mobilicity troll on has never devulged his real identity pushing/supporting the company since day one pretending to be a typical customer attacking any legal complaints while setting up secret meetings with executives and no one suspects him of working for the provider. Alex has some integrity…xtachx the loser has NONE.

    More Bull from the Bull Kings, they just shrunk the coverage map indicating areas in Pickering don’t get service when thy claimed they did for a year and subs suffered…Wind Mobile and Public Mobile are already in Hamilton and this news is supposed to excite us how considering service in TO is a still a joke. Just a ploy not to lose subs by saving funds for the 700 Auction and selling higher later if they can last that long.

    If you’re with Wind Mobile do not support these i****s and realize neither Mobilicity or Public Mobile is our friend while the incumbents focus on Wind the only entrant that can survive. Mobi can’t sustain themselves on CHEAP rates, which is why they changed their tune on expansion and every month they flip flop on decisions based on the atmosphere and Wind is the only one that is consistently growing/expanding…play it smart and tell your friends/relatives to join.

  • jonny

    I want mobi to be a viable company because it keeps all other companies in check, even Wind.

    But I would never use them. There is STILL no coverage where I live downtown Vancouver, and no coverage where I used to live either. Both spots are supposedly right by a tower, yet you cant even make a call, usually cant even connect to a tower.

  • Mike

    When Montreal is going to see mobilicity in town?

  • hofogoon

    aregularonhofo, is that you LA?

  • ECBomb

    @ Mike, they don’t have spectrum in Quebec, so I’d say probably not in a very very long time.

    • Bob

      That’s ok w have videotron that needs our money!!!

      I love paying more for less with videotron!! I have 75 other services bundled so i only pay 150% more for service rather than %200 more. I so lucky to be supporting such a great company

  • aregularonhofo


    No it isn’t, why can’t some of you just admit xtachx is the biggest loser/goon along with his idol Dave and the one who was giving out private info on individuals…at least Alex never hid from anything including LA and they stood for what they believed in. You a*s kissing mama boys are a complete joke and eventually that will bring Mobi down.

  • Go AWS FTW!

    No specific dates means nothing is going to happen. Mobilicity is losing subscribers so fast because the only markets they are in are tough markets. If they were in other cities in other provinces that weren’t as competitive, they’d really do well.
    Oh well. They need to expand faster. This is taking too long.

  • mike

    way to go Mobilicity I’m so happy Orleans and Barrhaven in Ottawa will have coverage now. Your the Best Mobi, and FYI mobilesyrup> I heard from a manager at a Mobi store that he said Mobi has way over 900,000 customers now, and growing very fast every second of the day.

  • brian

    I had a manager of a mobi store in toronto tell me that Mobilicity had 8.5 million subs in 6 of 10 provinces. When I said that Mobi had coverage only in 3 he argued and told me Ottawa, Toronto, Vancouver, Edmonton, and Calgary were in 6 different provinces. He couldn’t even back up his own lies. In Vancouver one of my best friends is a manager of a mobi store and he is cutting hours and they are having a hard time surviving because there is a wind store nearby that is always very busy. Even during the recent $30 for all plans promo was not enough to bring people in. Mobilicity needs this expansion fast and hopefully they will be able to compete more.
    Just my 2 cents

  • aregularonhofo

    That’s why no more Corporate stores and dealers are heading to the hills.

  • What city next Mobilicity?

    To the Mobilicity fans (all few dozen of you). Mobilicity is an amazing and great company to be with. They love to put on promotions and sales every few weeks because they love customers and show off their great customer service!
    It’s not because they are financially in trouble and need the numbers to sustain over a slow summer. Rumours of imminent bankruptcy are not to be believed.
    It’s not because they haven’t expanded since going live in 2010.

    Yes, somehow 60,000 subscribers disappeared, but it’s the customer service that keeps their numbers the same at 200,000 happy customers!

    They aren’t in it for profit! They are in it to serve customers who value great prices over anything else.

    Great customer service is better than not expanding their network!

  • aregularonhofo

    OMG…HILARIOUS…great customer service!!!!!

    That’s why they don’t even bother contacting people before terminating them and removed individuals for over using data that is supposed to be “UNLIMITED”. 60,000 left because they want better service and are not delusional fanboys praying for signals. Profuts, what profits, with their cheap promos they can’t even sustain themselves and with 90% being data usage you can’t compete with the slowest speeds on the market including throttling…so how can they even promote “NATIONAL” unity with only a few markets where Public Mobile is better with only 2. Lack of profits is not allowing expansion/improvements/build out and the only company who is WIND MOBILE.

    • Anna

      I have a 13 year old daughter. Let me know if you would like to see any pturcies of her.I also have a 6 months old boy, 5 yr old girl & a 3 yr old girl We make pretty babies :-}

  • O’GOD

    It really depend on what location of the store.
    There is lots of different dealers in the market right now, as I knew lots of the owner is new to the industy.
    It should be 5 cities for now. Expending Coverage and upgrading to 4G, that should prove they earns money. And the towers were build by Ericsson, should sounds better than some unknown company.

    Is WIND’s towers build by HUAWEI?

  • Ken

    I keep reading these negative posts and I wonder why some of you aren’t signing on with any of the BIG 3. Considering they have all the bells and whistles with those nice long expensive contracts. So lets quit the crying and snivelling about the new carriers on block. I was with Telus for 6 years and got ripped off really good with there nickel and dimming my bill. So let the new ones grow slowly and enjoy the bang for your buck on there great plans. Patience is the game here. A satisfied Mobilicity SENIOR.

  • O’GOD

    I used to have fido, $67/month with 6GB data. Somehow no matter i live in basement, house or apartment, it doesn’t work well. When mobilicity come up with 50%off promotion, i decide to cancel my fido contract, I got a $45 plan with a galaxy mini. $25.20/month after tax, and I got everything I needed. It work fine at surrey and richmond, the phone and data is better than what I expected. I tried to watch online(Streaming) movie, and its “smooth”.
    Happy with service.

  • aregularonhofo

    Only trolls can watch full movies without the throttling…NEXT!

  • mobi guy

    Oh really Mark? Ive got news for you: dobbin was fired because he was an i***t. The company did around 20,000 net subs in q1 and is around 250,000 subscribers. Do the math, growing faster than wind.
    Btw to all the wind fanboys out there, wind is in BIG trouble. Their owner does not want to fund it anymore. Massive spending, few subs. They are seriously considering pulling the plug.

  • aregularonhofo

    Rocco aka Rockjock, when are you going to stop lying, Dobbin got fired because he was incompetent and Lyons is next…Mobi is losing subs everyday and can’t even be compared to Public Mobile.Your lies abot Wind Mobile show your insanity as Tony has done a great job under bad times and proven himself as a CEO.

  • Go AWS FTW!

    No dates specified means its not going to happen within this year or next. Likely a smokescreen so they don’t lose their licences they bought…they probably want an extension to keep it.
    Without subscribers their financial situation looks very grim. Looking like they are desperate for a buyer.

  • Vineet

    Better Late than never….Go Mobi Go…

  • Go AWS FTW!

    It’ll be never. They just don’t have the money to expand beyond their 3 provinces. They should have expanded when they started to get more customers, instead, they are just trying to survive.
    According to their records, they lost 60,000 subscribers.

  • O’GOD

    Few Chinese apps can stream Full movies(american movies,uk movies,chinese movies, japanese movies,korean movies…etc).
    PPTV,PPS…etc. too bad,they haven’t got english menu. Streaming smooth even they don’t have server in north america.

    Haven’t found a good english apps for watching movie yet.

    data isn’t not fast enough yet, but since I am using the low end android and not lags during the movies. And saving $40/month, with that price Mobilicity can stil announces expanding coverage, I just can’t understand y pp keep saying they have no money.

    Did anyone know when you go out side of local area, Mobilicity is using Roger’s towers? mobilicity charge you 20cents/min. If you are using rogers and you go outside of the local area, they charge you 35cents/min. <<<<using the same towers, they charge even more on their own customers. Every business should earn money, just depends on how much they wanted to get from your wallet.

  • leaffan

    This is great news. I’ve been a Mobilicity customer for over 6 months and couldn’t be happier. I’ve never had a call dropped so far which is pretty amazing. The only knock on them is their coverage zone doesn’t extend out of Toronto.

    I’ve got an LG Wink, bought it for $50 during their promotion during Christmas last year. For me, I just need a basic cell phone with great call quality and reliability. So far, it hasn’t let me down. I feel relaxed when I’m paying my bill online, knowing I’m in for some nasty surprises.

    Shamefully, I was with Rogers and Bell for almost twenty years for my phone, cable and internet. After finally having enough of their crap service, rude customer service and horendous bills, I’m happy to say that I’ve thrown both of them out of my home.

    For my cable, I have a rabbit ear antenna that gives me 17 HD channels, free. In terms of my internet, I’m giving a company called Distributel a try and so far, they’re everything Rogers is not: cheap, reliable and respectful. I put my internet to good use by having something called a netTalk Duo, similar to a Magic Jack. Again, I’ve had this for six months and been pretty decent.

    Too bad it took me only twenty years to do it.

  • Nathen

    LOVE Mobilicity.

    From Rogers to Wind to Mobilicity. Love it here.

    No complaints.

    Thanks Mobi for the best year so far. bring on year 2 !

  • Go AWS FTW!

    I absolutely don’t trust this company. Mobilicity is losing so much money, and they keep losing customers. Bankruptcy before the end of the year is what the industry analysts are saying about them. Too bad, but that’s what happens if you can’t expand and grow your business.

  • Mobilicity going bankrupt fast.

    Their last $200 port in promo of $10 for 20 months…they only got 235 subscribers from that marketing fiasco!
    I wonder how many they lost since then!

  • Ken

    As a senior citizen on a fixed income I find Mobilicity for me the most affordable.For $44.80 tax included I know exactly how much I need to pay. My plan gives me everything I need for my HTC Amaze.As for the big 3 there charges are outrageous for what you get.So if Mobi has some short comings I’m sure they’ll work them out. If some of you are not happy with Mobi maybe you should go back to the big three and be happy with what they’ll charge you. That way Mobi will grow without the whiners and crybabies hanging on. Patience is the game here.There will always be issues for them to deal with. Have a good day.

  • Rob

    I’ve been with mobilicty for well over a year now and never once have I run into a situation where I didn’t have coverage in an area where I should have (except for hockey rinks). I got really excited seeing that mobilicty would be expanding into Orleans and Cumberland seeing as I just bought a house there. After looking at their map it looks like it’ll miss my area. Too bad because I have nothing but good things to say about mobilicity.

  • Mark L

    June 21, 2012

    those located in the following areas can expect to see Mobilicity coverage soon:

    Vancouver: White Rock, Pitt Meadows and the Richmond-Surrey commuter corridors
    Edmonton: Expanding St. Albert to the north and southward to the airport
    Ontario: Milton, Oakville, Burlington, Hamilton, Pickering, Ajax, Whitby, Oshawa, Barrhaven, Orléans and Cumberland.

    OR NOT?