Here’s your next Nexus phone, or something very similar


  • Eric

    Pity, I was hoping or a multiple device launch that would include a 4.0-4.3″ device, something more… pocketable you know :/

    • theMediaman

      I agree. That’s the one thing I really like about the iPhone 5 that Android phones don’t have; a one-handed screen on a super-powerful screen.

    • SG3600

      The Nexus phone has been historically mid-top of the line with the Fastest updates this side of the river….at a mid-range price.
      Recently the Nexus kept the same specs but drop to $350 wich is mid -level price fro Oct 2012 (and a great deal if you like screens that big)
      Now it seems like they will nor release 5 Nexus ( Nexae?) as rumored but 2-3 phones sound feasible.
      My Forecast:
      – 4″, 4.3″ 4.7″ with same specs, just different screens?
      – 4.3″ and a 4.7″ same specs, just different screens.

      The idea would be to have decent specs at 4 or 4.3″ at ONE THIRD the price of the iphone5!
      By having the same spces all close to the SG2; nothing special but LTE, big Battery, NFC, and JB (at a good price)the phone will sell in big numbers and will be profitable.
      I think they will avoid the 4″ trying to avoid direct comparison with the

    • Eric

      Unfortunately, “smaller” Android phones usually mean “crappier” Android phones.

    • boojay

      Completely agree Eric! The Nexus brand is alienating itself to a very LARGE target audience, MUCH larger than the phablet demographic, it makes no sense. I honestly have no idea what Google is thinking. If this is the next Nexus phone, that will have been two generations I’ll have skipped due to the size of the phone. They are underestimating how important it is to have a phone that will fit in your hand. Not that I would ever get an iPhone, but they have it right when it comes to phone size.

    • Eric

      I don’t know why everyone is thumbing down comments having to do with iPhones, but as smart consumers we have to acknowledge that 4″ is a sweet spot that Google and co. are not catering to.

      This doesn’t have to do with brand loyalty, its about choice. Comfort and ease of use is so much more important to me than a silly OS.

      They need to make a device like the original Nexus One. Premium build quality and materials, pocketable size.

      I don’t know about you guys, but I am sick and tired of my iPhone-toting friends making fun of my giant 4.7″ nexus, and the saddest part is that they have a point.

    • boojay

      Precisely, the Nexus One was the perfect phone for its time. Aesthetically pleasing, ergonomic, and a beast of a phone that remained at the top for over a year before others finally caught up to it. Even the Nexus S was ok even though spec-wise it was behind the curb when it was released. The GNex was a bone-headed move, as this Optimus Nexus looks to be as well. It’s the phablet fanboys that are thumbing down what is a legit concern for consumers. The average person does NOT want to lug around a gargantuan phones. This isn’t the 1980s.

  • Cody

    Looks very nice but I’ll be holding out for the HTC Nexus 5!

    • Cody

      You’ve never heard of a Galaxy Nexus issue? Seriously?? There’s a reason a different nexus manufacture is welcomed this time around..

  • David

    I don’t think I know of anyone who purchased an LG phone and DIDN’T have issues, so I’ll pass.

    • Kevin

      I agree, but at the same time i’ve never heard of anyone buying a nexus device and having issues… google has such great support.

      This will be interesting. I know i’m not getting it until I see some reviews

  • David

    Would I trade my Samsung Galaxy S3 for a LG Nexus device? I really don’t think so…

  • Jon

    Did you guys even read the FCC report? SARS test 1 includes WCDMA BAND IV.

    • Daniel Bader

      Jon, just because it CAN be used on AWS networks doesn’t mean it will.

  • duw

    >Nexus S is “herring.”

    OffT: Cue image of using a Nexus S to chop down a mighty tree.

    OnT: ughhhh LG. Don’t judge, I had to replace a customer’s Optimus twice in a month.

  • Mark

    The home screen looks like vanilla Android Two thumbs up for that!

    The about screen references a “test” build and kernel version is from July. I wouldn’t necessarily bank on 4.1.2 being the release version nor the next OTA for other Nexus devices.

  • zzZZzz

    If the issues with LG are software based, then I’m not worried about this phone. But are they usually just software?

    • H

      They’ve had both software and hardware issues in the past, which is why everyone is so afraid of them now. Buggy horrible never-updated software, and usually terrible battery life or overheating issues in the hardware as far as complaints go.

      If they’d confirm or deny a microsd slot that would help me and a lot of people cement their decision now… we can dream of expandable storage on a nexus device still 🙁

  • mehmeh

    It’s been said this would work on AT&T and T-Mobile ( WCDMA V, IV, and II bands are required to work on T-Mobile so WIND and Mobilicity should work with this phone)

    • Jon

      Yes. FCC info don’t lie. Band IV, which is AWS (aka 1700/2100) was tested on this phone, so it WILL work on WIND and Mobilicity.

  • Luv Nexus but…

    Why LG?!?!?!?!?!?!

  • Paul

    “the nexus Nexus device” Nexus^2? hmmm, and to think most devices have rounded corners!

  • Jon

    But when was the last time the FCC includes WCDMA Band IV and it doesn’t work on WIND? I don’t know of any. The carrier may not sell it, but this is a NEXUS phone so it will be sold unlocked, no?

    • Daniel Bader

      Fair enough. I read it as having WCDMA Band IV as Tx only, but upon looking into it further the FCC doesn’t include Rx frequencies, which on AWS is 2100Mhz. This is the reason I thought it wasn’t AWS-compatible. Thanks for the correction.

  • Yuk

    Would never go for an LG phone, I really hope we do get more than one nexus phone this year; HTC & Samsung versions would be very much appreciated

  • TKG26

    KeyLIME around the corner, wait for it to be included…

  • shiftastic

    The only thing that makes me think this is not a Nexus device is that it says “with Google” just like my old HTC desire and not just Google like the other Nexus phones.

  • mike

    Weird. That’s true the with Google logo is reminiscent of non nexus. Phones. Like my o2x with the same engraving. But it does match specs and fits all the rumors so it looks like this Is it. Since Samsung or HTC hasn’t leaked anymoreninfo.lately it looks like this is the main/only nexus phone for now

  • Mike

    LG. Le Gross phone.

  • Jay Chan

    what kind of fish is “passion”?

  • gunshoe

    Nexus S had the search bug… some had it, others didn’t but for those that did, it was quite a nuisance. And it never really was resolved. I’d give LG a chance, but only after hearing what the early adopters have to say 😛

  • primetime

    Anyone see a led notification light?

  • John

    Looks like crap.

  • Non

    @ Eric

    My HTC One S disagrees with you

  • Loic

    BIG BIG BIG Nexus fan but LG… sorry won’t buy your crap.

  • Nathaniel James

    Has good looks and its a nexus, but its from LG so never again. Ill stick with my HTC One S because i know it will receive frequent updates.

  • Cyrano

    so… no penta band this time?

  • zzZZzz

    @Nathaniel, how many upgrades did you receive with your One S? Cause I don’t remember any on mine.

  • Jon


    WCDMA Band IV means 1700/2100. The end. There’s no mistaken it for anything else when BAND IV is listed. No need to worry about confusing up and down frequencies because a band numbers are exact.

    That’s why I wished more manufacturers would list it in their specs like RIM, instead of the confusing 1700/2100 label — now does that mean it’s band IV only or both band I and IV? You don’t know unless there’s clarification. But Band IV always means AWS frequency pairs.

  • jack

    LG no thanks

  • Dern

    Kinda looks like a Blackberry sans physical keyboard.

  • Opteron1983

    I had the optimus 2x from LG, if they support this nexus the way they supported the optimus 2x it is going to be a pass for me.

    I have the Galaxy nexus and im extremely satisfied by it and anxiously waiting for Key Lime Pie.

  • SC

    Why on earth would they make the back shiny? Finger prints galore? Galaxy Nexus’ back side is better, has a texture feel

  • sak500

    Having just got out of nightmare optimus 3D phone with ghost call lack of any support and still no ICS or JB in site despite being a fkn $750 top tier model just launched late 2011 and now just a paper weight after i bought S3.

    LG = Lousy Goods even it makes a Ferrari phone and offer at $100 i’ll not waste my money on it.

  • Rolonoa

    I don’t understand how this could be a competitor to the Note II when S-pen functionality is what differentiates Note and other bigger screen smartphones. I ve got hands on Optimus Vu before and writing with fingers is a whole lot different from s-pen experience.

  • Rolonoa

    Oops. Wrong comment.

  • th3x

    LG? Pass.

  • Potato

    I really don’t like on-screen buttons.

  • bblol

    LG has always made decent hardware… Their software has always been the problem. As the Nexus will be running pure Android, this phone should be quite nice. The specs look fantastic, I wouldn’t hesitate to pick one up.