LG’s Nexus device to feature wireless charging, a quad-core processor and 1280×768 True IPS display: Rumour


  • Dorfington

    Not a fan of LG

  • mmm

    This should be written as:

    “LG’s Nexus deviced RUMOURED to feature wireless charging, a quad ….”

    It’s cute how you qualify it at the end as being a rumour, but you should remove any ambiguity by stating it right up front. Just makes for more ethical and accurate journalism.

    • tiesto

      The title is: “LG’s Nexus device to feature wireless charging, a quad-core processor and 1280×768 True IPS display: Rumour”

  • Mike

    Except it’s still from LG. Yuck.

  • Stephan

    Nexus One had a removable SD card.

    • boojay

      Nexus One was ahead of its time. No other phone even came close to its specs when it was released.

  • qu3becker

    That’s all swell but a non removable battery and no micro SD slot (which is not new to the Nexus line as mentioned in the article) could be a deal breaker to me, I’m looking to switch my updated but showing its age Nexus S.

    • Rio

      Get with the times buddy, 10 years from not people are going to look upon this generation and wonder why we went through the trouble of carrying around these little cards with information them.

      The Cloud is here USE IT!

    • jonny

      The cloud is a bad idea.

      1. I will not give any company access to my stuff. Googles cloud storage gives Google ownership of anything you store on there. And cloud storage gives governments access to your files.

      2. Cloud storage requires you keep downloading the things you want, which can be slow.

      3. Downloading the things you want, uses up your data. What if you are on holidays in a different country and data is super expensive?!

    • Dan J

      Sorry qu3becker, but I have to agree with Rio.

      There are so many cloud services available now, who needs 32GB (or more) storage on their PHONE?

  • erodaland

    I just want the HTC NEXUS 5! TAKE MY MONEY HTC, won’t spend a dime on LG!

  • Ron Mexico

    Wireless charging won’t impact my decision. I’m buying the Note 2 upon release 🙂

  • Non

    If it has Vanilla Android might be good but I dont like LG , they are slow and copy most of thier stuff from Samsung

  • jonny

    I wanted the next nexus, but now i dont.

    No removable storage = fail.

    I think the other nexus devices would have sold significantly more if they had removable storage.

    I will not pay big bucks for a phone that has very small amount of storage and is not expandable.

  • H

    Wireless charging is cool and all but a non removable battery on an LG is just asking for trouble. Also why would they even consider 8gb internal storage with no microsd slot? This isn’t 2010 LG, even 16gb is too small now… Hopefully the other nexus devices are better, this is a failure on paper already.

  • ns.dev

    Hopefully it won’t be proprietary wireless charging, I’d like to see it catch on. I think an excellent place to start would be a little recess on car dashes/centre console where you could just set the phone where you get in, and remove it when you get out (even better if it had nfc audio).

  • Yannick Wolfe

    in need of reviewing:

    The rest sounds standard for today’s smartphone world: 2GB RAM, an 8MP camera, 8-16GB internal storage with no removable memory (as has been the case for all Nexus devices). There’s also a non-removable battery, unfortunately, but it should help keep the phone’s waistline to a minimum.

    Double mention of the non removable battery

  • ELNY

    *yawn* not excited at ALL for this.

  • Dern

    No lte, no thank you.

  • haxor99

    The phone “looks” very nice, but I haven’t had the best experiences with LG phones so I will stay away. I hope there is a Nexus phone that I can get exited for. Currenty on Nexus hoping to move to the next generation!

  • griffen72

    Meh. I’ll stick with my Galaxy Nexus thanks. Too much bad blood with LG to consider the upgrade. Hopefully the next Nexus goes to Moto… It’s been a while since they grabbed my attention (loved my qwerty Droid.)

  • Hal

    Hey, they keep telling us our Galaxy S3’s can do wireless charging but try and find a charger for it! You can say all you want you can perform wireless charging but only if the hardware is available to perform it!!! Don’t be fooled!

  • Pablo Moses

    I don’t like the idea of no microSD and non removable battery, so i’ll wait for BB10.

  • Vaughn

    Non removable battery is a deal breaker for me. I have Galaxy Nexus and I use the 3500mAh batteries and can barely make it a full day on one.

  • TouchMyBox

    If there is only a 16GB option and no microSD slot in the year 2013, I’ll laugh.

    Maybe as a low-end model, but they’d best make 32GB standard.

  • andy c

    I dont see LTE anywhere in your post……

    if no LTE i’ll hang onto my Gnex

  • zeake

    The iphone 8 is planning wireless charging for 2015, said to be revolutionary and “the next great thing”.

  • STY

    Wireless charging should have become standard on cell phones years ago.

  • mattprime86

    Rumour: MobileSyrup to post rumours about upcoming rumours. Rumour.

  • amc

    wireless charging is a marketing trick.

    unless i can drop my phone wirelessly anywhere in the room for charging (without health risk) it is more pain than gain.

    for “wireless” charging i need:
    – wire plug it into outlet (is it calls wireless???)
    – have special bulky charger instead of usb
    – find a spot to place it with the phone (not easy on my desk)
    – carefully position my phone and hold a breath, because any shifting would stop the charging.

    it may also cost 10x more to have a spare charger at my workplace or car.

    what are advantages?
    none i see so far… or i am not right?

    anyone can proof me wrong? please do.

    • Geoff

      I like the idea of wireless charging because then I can just put it on a mat on my desk at work. Not having to spend the 2 seconds to plug it in and unplug it is appealing to me. That being said, it’s really the bottom of the feature list for me. I’d rather have a battery life that made charging my phone at work unnecessary.

    • jonny

      The benefit of wireless charging is that they will be able to make waterproof devices, like my toothbrush!

    • JC Denton

      @Geoff: 2 seconds? You must be the laziest dolt in your area right now.

  • Lance W

    No removable battery, no microSD slot, and probably a clunky LG design. At least the HTC One X is thin and pretty.

  • 45

    Who cares about wireless charging? You still have to plug in the charging pad. I’d rather carry around a USB cable than a USB cable and a big plastic block.

  • some guy

    … I know it’s still a rumor… but non removable battery? Especially on a Nexus device, IMO is not a smart move.

    LG needs to create some cred with developer/modding community and taking away requested features (ie. a removable battery) is not going to help them.

    Am I the only one that is finding the super thin and wide devices are becoming increasingly uncomfortable to hold? Adding the extended battery to my GNexus gave it just a little more thickness and made it infinitely more comfortable to hold onto day in day out.

    • Geoff

      Not that I disagree with you about the non-removable battery, but if you want your phone thicker you should be able to find a case that does the trick.

  • Zeake

    Why the neck would you buy a thin phone just so you can buy a case to make out thicker? Makes no sense.

    Don’t know why every one is going ape balls over thinner lighter phones. Go the the gym. If you can’t carry around a phone that weighs a couple of ounces then you have bigger problems.

  • Zeake

    Ps. swype and all other virtual keyboard s are garbage.end of story. Can’t even write the word aspire. No not aspire spite. No not spite spore…

    *Slides out keyboard*

    Ape i want to write ape, you cheap piece of crap! &*%#$!! where the #$&*# does aspire come from? maybe im doing something wrong…

    • 45

      I love Swype, and rarely have any typos with it. No more than I would while typing on a full sized keyboard, at least, lol

    • monsterduc1000

      @Zeake: Love Swype! So much faster than a virtual or slide out keyboard. You just have to be smarter than the keyboard =D

  • qu3becker

    16 GB? Heck my 2007 iPod Classic has a 80 GB hard drive! At least give us 64 GB and no Apple tax on flash memory.

  • Osama

    Some really critical features are being left out of all the new phones… LED notification, SD, removable battery, physical camera button, even the hook for a strap!

  • I Like Good Food

    LED notification is super useful. i would have liked to see it on this phone, along with some other basic things such as expandable memory and removable battery. WHy give us a lesser quality camera?

    If the nexus G and OPtimus G are both similarly priced and the specs are as they are i will be pissed. You are asking me to pay for slightly better hardware or software.

    put them together says I!

  • seb

    what if the next nexus device was made by apple O____O

  • Max Chen

    Not impressed so far. Been looking for an upgrade soon once for my galaxy s2 but I don’t know if this would do it even though I’ve been wanting to go back to a Nexus device. Last phone was Nexus One…loved it.

    Lacking in the LG:
    Removable Storage- speaks for itself especially when it has 16gb as the base storage

    Camera Improvements- doubt the sensors on that is going to be great. Would prefer an upgrade from my phone from 2010.

    Removable Battery- having a built in battery allows for thinner phones but you can only go so far with thinness before it stops be practical. You put on a case and it wont even matter.

    Wireless charging- it’s developing technology. A Nexus device should set a standard in the market (ie. Galaxy Nexus @ $350, or Nexus 7 @ 200), not using prototype tech.

    LED notifications- miss the nexus one…damn

  • John

    Why don’t these companies understand that certain things are deal breakers for a huge number of people.

    No expandable memory. Fail.
    Non removable battery. Fail.

    The number of people saying the same thing has to wake these guys up eventually.

  • Toto

    Meanwhile at Apple in Cupertino:

    An iPhone designer notes the following:
    NEW Android phone features to be [strikethrough]copied[/strikethrough] for iPhone6/7/8: Wireless charging

  • trev

    I’m excited.glad someone else is taking the nexus throne. LG makes really nice devices but more than half don’t make it to north america. Stop hating and get off that wagon.

  • min

    LG never release firmware updates
    but nexus devices release updates pretty fast
    Im curious what will happen

  • Is This Bb10?

    1. The energy waves from wireless charging may cause cancer.

    2. A non removable battery means you have to wait until the battery runs out before you can recover from a hard system freezup.

  • dave

    Nope Is This Bb10. It’s the everyday radio waves. Rock, Country, Talk, Classic.

    You are toast. You Can’t escape.

  • jay


    I have a galaxy s3 and need nothing else. When we think how much carriers gets from us….

    Just thought

  • jay

    I think in times with HD movies non removable memory is soon out.

  • Zoomus

    If its pure Google and gets its updates from Google I will think about it, no expandable memory no big deal, no removal battery no big deal, I change my phones every 6 months to a year anyways, BUT its from LG going to wait and see, the best thing its NOT from Motorola, even though Google owns them its going to take something very very big for me to buy something from Motorola again ,

  • Christian

    I’m wondering, if I don’t get this, would getting the Galaxy Nexus be a good idea? How long after until Google stops sending out updates for it?