Google and Samsung reportedly developing a 10-inch Nexus tablet

Here we go… yet another Nexus rumour. This time around it’s not a smartphone, but another tablet. Google and ASUS recently teamed up to launch the first Google tablet, the Nexus 7, but now it’s Samsung reportedly developing a 10-inch Nexus tablet with Google.

According to a report in CNET, both Google and Samsung will extend their relationship past the Samsung Galaxy Nexus and the Nexus S and bring a tablet to market that will have a 10-inch display. The report indicated that the rumoured Nexus tablet will have a resolution of 2,560 x 1,600 and a PPI (pixels per inch) of about 299, specifically noting that this beats the new iPads Retina display of 2,048 x 1,536 and its PPI of 264. The rumours actually stems from Richard Shim, an analyst at NPD DisplaySearch, who stated that Google will “partner with Samsung and cobrand it with Samsung,” and “it’s going to be a high-end device.” So based on the previous co-branding Nexus device, we could see this tablet be called the “Samsung Nexus 10”?

There’s now word on a release date, but Google has been rumoured to released up to 5 Nexus devices this year. In addition, Shim also said that he “confirmed that Google will start production on a $99 tablet in December.”

Source: CNET