Google and Samsung reportedly developing a 10-inch Nexus tablet


  • ChrisVassos

    But isn’t Samsungs PPI skewed because they use the ‘RGBG’ in their SAMOLED screens?

    • mehmeh

      Not anymore. They’ve moved to RGBB for the Galaxy Note II, which isn’t really PenTile.

  • js

    A 10″ Nexus tablet is what I’ve been waiting for. Hope this is true.

  • zzZZzz

    Placing it at about $350 will make it a seller 🙂

  • PAFaieta

    mmm 10″ of Android Powered awesomeness… I hope this one’s true. For the price, i’d be on that pretty fast.

  • hoo dat

    Hopefully Samsung’s QC is better than Asus’.

  • Netguru

    Provided Google handles the updates directly, not Samsung, I’m a buyer.

    • Bill

      It depends on build. If you buy the retail version it’ll be Samsung. On the other hand, if you buy the online Google model, then it will be updated via Google’s servers. There is a way to change builds (please refer to XDA developers).

  • Tom

    Google needs to invest in creating a few great apps like apple has and encourage developers to up their game. I have had an android tablet and currently have an android phone but apple seems to have far more good apps than android. I am sure android has a lot but it seems like many such and many are themes, keyboards etc not real programs

    • Adam

      They have – Gmail, Google Maps/Navigation, Google Currents, Chrome, Youtube, Google Talk, Google Authenticator, Google+ with Hangouts, Google Drive, Google Search with Voice Command, Google Now, Play Books, Play Movies, Play Music, Google Shopper, Google Translate………….

    • John

      They have a ton of apps…and outside of Gmail and Google Maps they are sub-par.

      I had Pulse on my phone and it would crash all the time so I had to uninstall it. On my iOS devices…flawless. You hear the same story over and over with Android.

      It’s too bad.

  • Sam

    Price will be $299

  • Damien

    If it has an SD slot, I’m sold.

  • Michal

    If price is no higher than 400 euro I buy one. That is the way Samsung should go – perfect tablet with good price.

  • roman20

    7 inch Android tablet works because phone apps scale up to 7 inches without looking awkward, but 10 inches is stretching it. Who’s making decent android apps for tablets? I can’t think of many.

  • god

    Bought a nexus 7 like 3 months ago… that is what I don’t like with android… when you buy a device, 3 month later, something COOLER appears -_-

    • Wes

      Welcome to the world of technology my friend.

  • hmmmm

    don’t waste your money on a 10 in, 7in is fine, bigger than that, you should go with an ultrabook to avoid the frustration…I like my tab2 7″ but those things are not powerful enough yet to replace a laptop.

  • Nick

    Never had problem with Pulse, I’ve had it on the S2 and the S3

  • zzZZzz

    I don’t know what issues you’ve had with Pulse, but I used it on 4 devices so far and I had no issues, save for the occasional bug.

    Please tell me some iOS apps that you can’t find on Android (in another shape or form) or are really that subpar. I’m honestly not missing anything right now.

  • Derek

    If Samsung handles the updates, I can see this going to s**t like the Galaxy Nexus. There is never a good reason that my mom should have an update to Jellybean on her Nexus S–an older phone than my Galaxy Nexus–before I do. If the only device is one where Google handles the updates, I will seriously consider purchasing it. Now where is Apple Sales Guy and his iPad ranting?