Rogers releases the Motorola RAZR HD LTE


  • Hinds2009

    Motorola makes great hardware!

    • SG3600

      The RAZR is a good phone.
      The RAZR at $600; the SAME price as the SG3 is too expensive!

      $500 would have made it a big seller! If the S3 drops to $550 or less for the Holidays the RAZR will be Moto-DOA!

  • wp74life

    Another day, another shitty android device.

    • Dukey

      Just wonderin’ are you going to change your username to wp7.54life or wp84life?

  • Jamie

    Would be a great phone if it didn’t have Motorola’s camera technology.

  • Dalex

    Another day, another useless post from Troll4life. How’s that Lumia 900 treating you? Did you get WP8 on it yet? Did WP overtake Android yet, or is still lower than Bada in marketshare?

    In all seriousness though, this is shaping up to be quite a decent device from Moto. Not a big fan of the SGS3 screen (SAMOLED HD), but the rest is gravy and the UI is nearly the same as stock Android. Not only that, but Moto seems the only one getting the point that at the moment the most important spec is battery life, so good on them.

  • zzZZzz

    Bummed it’s a carrier exclusive

  • Claudiu

    Does it still suffer from the previously reported death grip ? Some blamed the metal band on the side for the issue and I can see the metal band is still there ….

  • Raven66

    Does anyone know if I unlock this phone, will it work on Bell?

  • Jamie

    What a shame all major carriers didn’t grab this one up.

  • bulletwithbatwings

    This looks to be a good device that will be fairly competitive with the GSIII (for Rogers users anyway), since they’re roughly the same power but it has a longer lasting battery and costs $60 less. I’m very happy with my GSIII but more options never hurt.

  • Plazmic Flame

    I want this phone or the RAZR Maxx HD but not on Rogers! #EndCarrierExclusives

    • Raven66

      Don’t matter if its on Rogers, Bell or Telus. Its all the same evil, The big 3 are all alike.

  • Someguy

    Why not maxx version in Canada

  • MattyMattMatt

    I much prefer the Atrix HD LTE to be honest.

    • Raven66

      Atrix over HD LTE…..heck no. Atix doesn’t even compare not even in the same class.

  • Tyrone

    I want the phone but I don’t want to go with Rogers. I asked this guy name Chris at Telus in STC if they were getting it and he said yeah probably they got the Razr V instead.

    My guess Bell going to get the Maxx then I thought why would Rogers get this over the Maxx if it could be coming to Canada. Either way I can go to Pacific Mall or buy the Maxx at a VZ store on Black Friday outright.

  • Kelly

    The RAZR HD LTE is nowhere to be found! Rogers on twitter tweeted me and said the stores haven’t gotten them yet. Thanks Mobilesyrup for getting my hopes up. I was hoping to pick one up today. Looks like the end of the week most Rogers stores will have them in stock.

    As for the Maxx, Verizon has an excellent relationship with Motorola. They made it exclusively for Verizon. So I doubt it will come to any Canadian carrier. You can buy the Verizon version, unlock it and use it with the Big 3. I have used Verizon & Sprint devices on the Rogers network without any issues.

  • Marco

    Agree with Kelly. Where did you hear that it’s available in store? It’s not.

  • Sean

    They have them at the Rogers Plus store Runnymede and Bloor Street West. I almost got one untill the system crashed so I just called Rogers and ordered one to be shipped, should arrive tomorrow or Wednesday