BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.1 beta coming within a couple days


  • Habi Boobi

    ok and?



    • Bids

      rim is dead. who cares?

    • RIMPR

      Ha, I just got it!
      Suddenly three articles with “good news” about RIM??
      I can smell RIM’s PR at work

      -Just read an article on CBC:
      RIMM dropped from $11.23 to $10.43 and it went as low as $9.50 YES that is NINE FIFTY per share!

      Expect more RIM “articles” that RIM PR will release to the media to try to mitigate the losses.

      Wow $9.50 and we are not even in June! I thought that RIMM was going to hold ground in he low $10s and drop to the low $9s two weeks after Q1 report but if things go like this they might be $8 in July:
      Here is why:

      The Media finally acknowledges that THERE IS NO BB10 PRODUCT.
      -IF they don’t release BB10 like NOW, there wont be time to test in different platforms, countries,languages etc
      -If they don’t send it to production NOW phones wont be ready to sell in October.
      -And finally, if they were close, they would have a date. They don’t.

      Expect RIMM to trade in the $9s tomorrow. This explains all this “articles” about RIM. Normally things like this happen on Thursday so they do a bit of damage control on Friday and by Monday, people and medie forgot, but today is Tuesday. It will be a looong week and month for RIM.

    • RIMPR

      Yeah they took E L E V E N M O N T H S to release OS2: email, contacts an Calendar yahoo!

      Playbook: released April 2011
      native Email (os2) Last days of Feb 2012
      June 2012 (15 months later) the Playbook doesn’t have BBM, WTF!!
      June 2012: 15 month later and the Playbook doesn’t have BIS??

      So now the stock drops to $9.50 and they release a BETA 2.1??
      How stupid does RIM think we are, a beta of a .1 increment is nothing!
      Sorry I take that back, its not nothing, its Damage control and PR to mitigate the losses for tomorrow, this week, this month…but they need to find water on the moon or something to keep the stock above $10!!

      -Actually just put the Playbook at $99 like everybody is expecing it and get over with it ( I will buy two for the car as youtube players!)

  • Gauks


  • htcm

    Playbook is a good bang for the buck until the 200$ nexus tablet comes.out in july

  • Ryan

    I had heard previously that Android apps will function more like normal apps, as well, with one app window per app instead of having all the Android apps within a dedicated Android Player how it is now. This is basically off of just one tweet from somebody with insider information, though, so not sure how true it is.

  • Michael Surwinpindajetkyterlvish

    Just when you thought RIM was out and down for the count with news of operating losses, $1 billion inventory, layoffs looming and them hiring banks to looks at options, they get back up like Mike Tyson in the ring and deliver a knocking upper cut to the market by releasing PlayBook OS 2.1!!!!!! THIS IS GAME OVER FOR APPLE AND ANDROID!

    GO RIM GO!
    GO CANADA GO! (rim is canadian)
    GO ONTARIO GO!(rim is in ontario)
    GO MCGUINTY GO! (mcguinty will save rim)
    GO THOR GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (mighty thor leads rim)

    • kajenius

      Man i hate to see global canadian tec brands like rim struggleing. I hope it’s not too little too late with bb10. They need to reform quick. Hopefully they can be the comeback kid like apple in 1996. They need alot of changes real fast. Start by killing off the old garbage os and focus on bb10.

  • hallai

    ppl are so negative here. rim will comeback and lead once again!!!! GO RIM!

    Sent from my iPhone

  • kajenius

    “BusinessWeek 16 Oct 1995

    “Whether they stand alone or are acquired, Apple as we know it is cooked. It’s so classic. It’s so sad.”
    Forrester Research 25 Jan 1996

    “One day Apple was a major technology company with assets to make any self respecting techno-conglomerate salivate. The next day Apple was a chaotic mess without a strategic vision and certainly no future.”
    Time Magazine 5 Feb 1996
    wired 0697

    “By the time you read this story, the quirky cult company…will end its wild ride as an independent enterprise.”
    Fortune 19 Feb 1996

    “There was so much magic in Apple Computer in the early ’80s that it is hard to believe that it may fade away. Apple went from hip to has-been in just 19 years.”
    BusinessWeek 25 Feb 1996

    “The NeXT purchase is too little too late. Apple is already dead.”
    Nathan Myhrvold, CTO Microsoft June 1997

    “Admit it. You’re out of the hardware game.”
    Wired June 1997

    “I’d shut it down and give the money back to the shareholders.”
    Michael Dell 6 Oct 1997”

    Comman Thornstein turn this s**t around already.. KIll OFF os7 junk..

    • RIMPR

      You can’t compare APPLE with RIM.
      They need to get BB10 ASAP and what do they do??
      They are launching the “new” 9320 and …wait for it for $300!
      Who would buy that POS for $339 (after tax) when BB10 is supposed to be around the corner?
      Lazaridis is still in RIM’s Board of directors

      There is no commitment towards BB10 (why keep releaseing, updating OS 7 and not just put 100% of the resouces towards BB10)
      All the irate comments are from people that CARED and are DISAPOINTED to see a great Canadian company crash into the ground. I’m one of them I want RIM to succeed but they don’t even have an idea of how much trouble they are into.
      in June 28th we will see how long it will last the two $B they had in cash.

    • OgtheDim

      Apple never called in people who specialise in selling off the company.

      RIM did that yesterday.

      Reality is now.

  • dannykavs

    I’m a huge fan of RIM….but this comment killed me hahaha

  • tomg666

    Nobody else is going to say it.
    Sweet! I can’t wait.

  • aregularonhofo

    MCGUINTY is the biggest a*****e in politics, he couldn`t care less about Ontario/tax payers/RIM…at this point all he cares about is his pension and hiding as much money as possible in his Swiss account. The only thing that will save RIM is quality products and they haven’t done that in years. With Windows 8 and Nokia teaming up with Microsoft RIM better hurry and even if they do improve it won’t be a jump to beat either Android or iPhones, it will be an attempt to remain in the market and not go under…in all probability don`t expect too much and be shocked if they actually produce something mind blowing.

  • Peter

    Really, no BBM. No offense, and any new feature is great, but when will built in BBM come?

    • jess

      BBM for Playbook will come when Playbook gets the BB10 upgrade later this year.

  • Stephen Smith

    I bet it’s the Apple fans whom are saying “RIM is dead” – they’ve heard those words muttered about Apple a lot. I still think Apple is dead. haha.

    The Playbook has always been great for me. Its compact enough and I have a BB 9900 so I would never miss email. The point of having a blackberry is to have RELIABLE email access mobility. EAS (Exchange Active Sync) is not as reliable (at all in my opinion). BES is so stable, few of the user actually remember how to set it up. I must say I do deal with less techtards now EAS is widely used. The integration a BB phone had with the Playbook is absolutely pimp. I’m convinced Apple and Google will copy it – like they copied BB features when RIM was “researching in (forward) motion”. I think it’s funny how I have yet to see a Playbook review to speak to the bb bridges awesomeness. It’s great that my playbook uses my phone data connection automatically when connected via bridge. My data usage went from 50MB per month (BB compresses/decompresses data automatically – another reason for the carrier love of Android and Apple?) to a few GB’s. I imagine we’ll be able to bridge our phones to our cars in the future.

    I’m hoping for the SMS over the bridge feature. The app (non-native) that attempts to do this is a total hack.

  • Stephen Smith

    I never missed BBM as I’ve always had the bridge. I see the appeal for native bbm if you don’t have the phone. I just don’t understand why you’d buy the tablet and not already have the phone. I guess the hardware is a steal at its current price point. I doubt I’d use native BBM unless they built it in a way that would allow seamless use of the same contact list as my phone (I know, you’d just use the bridge if you had their phone). The word on the street is they’re completely revamping BBM “to take it to the next level”.

  • Bigs

    Question is, can it keep my coffee warm?

  • Stephen Smith

    No, you need the new ipad with LTE enabled for that one. The new iPad really does do everything.

  • Stephen Smith

    Correction: The New iPad WiFi + Cellular

  • G -man

    I see the iDiots have shown up.
    Sheep or lemmings?
    Doesn’t matter.
    Apple owns your soul.
    Jobs is dead.
    Oh,well…you can always read the book.
    RIM is the future, Apple is the past (thank God).
    Android never was.(smoke…mirrors…)
    It’s true what they say : everyone gets 15 minutes.
    But you can always sue over rectangles…
    RIM should sue you for bezel.

  • OgtheDim

    Can the RIM trolls and the Apple trolls go out and do a cage match somewhere…cause you know you want to… and leave the rest of us to actually comment on reality?


      RIMM trading at $10.30, Market Cap B$5.39 is that real enough for you?
      Q1 report coming end of June, these stock will be in the mid $9s if they are lucky.

  • BB

    RIM is far from dead, all they are doing now is cleaning up a mess and making the investors happy. They are doing the same thing apple did in the past, take their sweet time coming up with a solid product and getting ready to take back what is right fully theirs. as if apples stock is really worth $500, they are over valued just like facebook. The ipad can do everything but work…what a device. Hope your 3 year olds have fun playing with your ijunk while you sit and watch tv.


      Far from dead?
      Stock at $10.3
      -Lazaridis still in the boeard of Directors (whether it makes a difference or not, its a matter of perception at this point and it looks like he keeps telling Heins what to do)
      -Firing between 2,000 to 6,000 employees
      -Shuffle of top Executives doesn’t stop.
      -They keep releasing OS7 devices
      -Are they commited to BB10 or not?? if so, someone that bought at BB from Jan-October; won’t be updating to a BB10 device
      -Last but not least, NO FIRM DATE FOR BB10 and all they have is a pre production-developers prototype-ALPHA! JUNE 2012.
      THERE is no way RIM can release BB10 phones in volunme by October.. they missed the holidays..again.

    • BBB

      I say far from dead because no one looks at the great things RIM does. I know the day of secure email and BBm are done because apple/android have apps for that. But there version is not secure. When people start using mobile wallets, do you think they will trust Iphone/android….?Corporations especially will not trust those phones to be used as peoples wallets. The dev alpha is also being tested now so developers have apps ready for the launch date, only makes sense to get it started. Apple took years to catch blackberry and RIM will need some time as well. QNX also have some of the best operating systems in the world, that make iphones/androids look like garbage. Your points are valid, but for example…look at blackberry fusion…allowing personal and work phone integration…IT people love this stuff because it creates less work for them, and less time being bad guys. We will see BB10 will impress.

  • BB

    apple/android fans….ask yourself this? if android/apple are so great why do they always release new/old products every 4 months? going to the apple store is like going to a club, they fill the store full of apple geniuses and make the consumers wait in the hallway for approval.2nd question, if the product is so great why is the apple store not self service….are you telling me the common apple user can’t figure out how to use a browser on there own? Android fans…..really…new product everyday and its called icecream …is that how we brainwash the youth these days.

  • BBB

    its all hype right now…everyone kills on RIM and everyone loves android/iphone. The trend will change just as fast as RIM being on top and facebook being valued at 100billion. Todays business is about investors/media hyping up a product and making alot of money quick, then selling leaving everyone else with a bad taste in their mouth. Then they do another start up and do the same thing over and over again. Welcome apple. As soon as investors dislike apple they will be gone too, not even the ifans will save them.