Transit Now Toronto for Android makes it easier to catch that elusive streetcar


  • Matt

    I use this app all the time. I love it. its saved my butt on more than occassion. i should definitely get the plus version.


      “Transit Now Toronto for Android makes it easier to catch that elusive streetcar”

      Does it call a taxi for you?

  • Kevin

    This is one of my most used apps. Haven’t carried an umbrella on rainy days since I got this as my place is 4 houses from the bus.

    Got this app now I track bus, walk out and bus is there!

  • Reggie Noble

    This is definitely in my top 5 list of apps that I use on Android. Saved my butt numerous times.

  • Geek with Kids

    I will check it out.
    I’m currently using Toronto Transit Tracker.

  • OgtheDim

    Even with an app, the buses still hunt in packs.

  • Mark

    Now you can tell when your douchebag bus driver is idling away from your stop at the station when its -10 outside!

  • MG

    Love this app. I use it all the time. It’s almost always spot-on accurate (although it did lie to me the other day… But that was a minor inaccuracy).
    I just wish there was a way to know what the last stop for a streetcar/bus is… All those short turns are frustrating.

  • Zohaib

    I haven’t tried this but I have been using Next Bus for the past few weeks and its been pretty accurate for me.

  • SAM


  • Puleen Patel

    The Next TTC app is much more elegant IMHO.

  • AllanVS

    TTC still refuses to give time tables for the York University bus stop for route #60 … so I have to check times that are 4 min on either ‘side’ of the stop, and THAT isn’t accurate, as often buses will get to the previous stop, and go out of service or, pull in and wait on the bottom of the “P” shaped commons road.

  • fred

    Great app! Good call on the recommendation!

  • new_tradition

    I’ve been late quite often truth be told. I look at the times on the ttc website before I leave home, but no matter how much a calculate, I always seem to *just* miss the bus or end up too early for it anyways. Can’t tell you how many times I’ve skipped breakfast to get to work/school on time, only for it to be in vain D:

    Guess it won’t hurt to try this app *shrugs*

  • Zooey Stadnyk

    Thanks for posting this review, otherwise I would not have seen this great app (I rarely check the market for apps)!

    I’ve been using other apps like NexTTC, and I find this one a lot better, simply b/c it has a ton more features, like the timer. I love setting the timer at home and the human voice will announce how much time I have left to catch the bus. Bought the paid version.

  • Phil

    This app is excellent and definitely deserves praise. I tried two other popular ttc apps before settling on this one. The dev is active and updates keep coming.

  • Joey

    That “are you there yet” feature is really useful. Now I can text the predicted arrival at some destination to my friends. They know when I will arrive at my stop, pretty letting them know im running late 😛

    Great app!

  • Mobile Nerdy

    I don’t like this

  • Anonymous

    I used the free version for a long time and was so happy with it I purchased it just to support the developers.