CRTC says the National Do Not Call List now has 10,786,194 registered numbers, plus complaints are dropping

The CRTC launched their National Do Not Call List (DNCL) in 2008 and they just released some new stats. As of April 2012 there’s been a total of 10,786,194 telephone or fax numbers registered, with the number continually to fall month-over month. Last month saw approximately 80,000 new numbers, while previous monts saw over 100,000 per month.

This initiative seems to be working as the CRTC has fined several companies for “unauthorized telemarketing practices”, including Goodlife Fitness, Bell and Xentel. The total number of complaints totals 542,991 – thankfully this number has been falling, potentially translating into a reduction of calls, or people just not complaining. April saw approximately 13,100 complaints – which is still a big number.

Have you seen the number of telemarketing calls drop over the past few years? Boris the mover still calling you? Or, possibly the hottest cruise line travel deal?

Source: CRTC