RIM officially launches BlackBerry 10 platform (Video)


  • Natasha

    Omgomgomgomg LONG LIVE RIMPIRE!!!!

  • chall2k5


  • Hasish

    Will BB10 support email? Based on playbook? That was such a success!!!

  • Daniel AJ

    Press Release and Blogpost have been removed.

  • lukeiphone

    Honestly, I really hope this company does well. Now I hope their stock rises up.

  • JB

    What do you want to bet it launches without BBM and Email?

  • Kid.Canada

    @JB – Your life, not that it’s worth it or anything but just cuz…

  • Rory


  • jellmoo

    I really hope that RIM knocks this out of the park. They need to spend the next few months courting devs and making sure it launches with as many high end apps as possible.

    Very, very impressed with the little I’ve seen so far.

  • Kid.Canada

    Holy s**t that BB10 phone video!!! Give me one now and take my money RIM!!!!! :O

  • ab

    If this video excites you well…then…I don’t know what to tell ya.

  • yuck


    Get out of Canada!

  • Spikedlemon

    Shows promise.

  • Darryl

    I’m very excited… I have been looking forward to the idea of QNX on a phone since RIM purchased them.
    This could be a game changer!

  • Harry

    blacbkberry 10= year 2010 we should have done this 2 years ago. Android and Apple Stole our ideas damn them!!!!

  • Mark

    Apple lawyers now meeting to discuss what patent RIM violated!

    1.) Corners too round
    2.) Screen is a touch screen
    3.) Keyboard looks like iphone keyboard
    4.) Housing is black

  • Cancuckle215

    It’s like showing up to the party, 2 YEARS LATER. I was able to push a video from my SGS, to my Samsung TV, 2 YEARS AGO.

    But just like iHerd, the RIM faithful will think this is the best thing since sliced bread, even though there’s nothing innovative or amazing or new with it compared to the rest of the world. But it’s new for RIM.

    Have fun with your new equipment when your network keeps going down! 🙂

  • Duw

    So BB10 is a mixture of WebOS and Gnome. I like.

  • Cell Guy

    I’m not sure if RIM has been paying attention… ask any BlackBerry user why they stick with them and its because of the keyboard and BBM. Now they don’t have a keyboard on their lead device? Anyone holding off switching to Android or iOS can stop waiting now… I’m OUT!

  • brandon atkinson

    Looks good sofar. Rim may be playing catch up in some areas but still an improvement.

    Shame that i just picked up a galaxy nexus… but i support rim with my playbook…

  • uh


  • Fenrir767

    Very nice looking OS, RIM is on the right track I just hope the OS is strong enough to pull back all of the people that have been switching away from Blackberry and Also to convince those of us that sell phones that you need a blackberry and not something else.

  • Lemmy

    I’m not sure if I can wait until the “latter part of 2012” to get a new BB phone. I’m ready to ditch my Storm very soon now that my plan is up for renewal. It is sooo slow, it takes an hour to load a website.

  • StEC

    This phone & OS actually has me very excited in RIM again, I really hope they succeed!!!

  • Scotty B

    The phone looks so thick. It was like picking up a brick.

    • stylinred

      that’s just the developer phone its not what they’ll be unveiling/selling to the market

  • dizzle

    yes RIM finally back in the game. time to chop some competition down and rise again high….

    just give some free apps dont be soo stingy…angry birds is free and your charging 3 or 4 bucks. open your hearts so the people will open their pockets to you again “:)

  • Dshroyer

    What a disappointing video…

  • Dewey

    Wake up and smell the Nortel.

  • God #1

    Looks good but it’s very much a teaser.

    I really like how the word suggestions are places on the keyboard.

  • Deli

    RIM, please survive and launch on time. I love Android, but a two-horse race is not good.

  • par_pa

    Look very promising, retaining usual strong RIM email application which something that looks like Skype, but with better image and fluidity. I love the ability to transmit the image to TV in real time. Amazing

  • TH8MA3

    Blackberry always has the best jingles lol

  • Robbie

    I am rooting for RIM. Very few Canadian companies out there. Especially in this market.
    They need to hit this one out of the park. Looks good so far.
    But this wil be released during some tough times.
    Jelly Bean hits. The New Galaxy Nexus running it will be out.
    iPhone5..Then you have MS Apollo with Phones running multi-core chipsets and high res screens.
    It’s gong to be a heavy fight for RIM.
    I am rooting for you.
    RIM…Make me want to buy a BlackBerry!

  • John Marshall

    Cool predictive text. BlackBerry 10’s reinventing the kickass mobile keyboard all over again! 😀

  • d(V)

    not to dissapoint you guys
    but that bezel looks soooo ugly ugh….

    • A. Carmine

      If you were smart, you would have realized that this is not the final hardware, they just made this commercial to show off the SOFTWARE.

    • d(V)

      still looks ugly =P

  • Theywillbepissed

    Really hoping Rim will release a phone that properly utilizes the os, hopefully they have been spending all this time perfecting the os and making it super smooth

  • James

    It will be a good buy, if BB 10 have internal memory of 16 GB.

  • Robert

    I have never really liked that “BlackBerry Bold, Be Bold” commercial, but I must say that I find the Sneak Peek clip for the BlackBerry 10 very appealing. It’s not loud, or abrasive and the tune is quite pleasant to listen to. I certainly hope it is indicative of a new direction in RIM’s future marketing schemes, because marketing hasn’t been one of their strengths over the past while.
    From everything I’ve been able to gather today on the new BB10 OS, I’d say it’s going to be a totally awesome system, with some very amazing Apps coming on board and with that in place you have to know that the new BB10 phone will be more then anyone has anticipated and well worth the wait.

  • Smee

    It’s really sad, but if Apple came out with this demo, they’d sell something along the lines of a gillion phones…

    I’m glad RIM is working with SwiftKey on the keyboard, it’s my favourite Android keyboard. I really hope RIM can turn it around. Losing RIM would be a real kick in the pants for the Canadian Tech sector.

  • facepalm

    They can now proudly be one less step behind the competition. Still many steps to go though.

    Quick everyone, downvote me for not blindly supporting rim simply because they’re canadian.

  • 2dfx

    Weeeeeeo! RIMJOB ME PLEASE!

  • JohnMike

    Hurray, my next phone will be a blackberry! Finaly!

    Good reception, good sound, great keyboard, great connectivity, and now the OS will work well accordingly.

  • Vincent S

    When I send a text I talk into the phone, and hit send. DONE!
    I don’t like typing if i don’t have to. Plus old people, whom are pretty the last people using these things aren’t going to like the small size of the predictive text. It looks sleek enough, but design and function have to go into play. I just don’t like it. C’mon Canada, all that intelligence? Do better!

  • BB

    A lot of people hating, but I find those people are stuck in their ways. RIM is not the next Nortel, and they are not 10 years behind apple google. The only thing they are behind on is cool looking products and stupid apps…and i say stupid apps. If you look at all devices the main apps are on all devices. Twitter, facebook, angry birds…so what is the difference apple fans who are scared of RIM?

  • TyroneLT

    Things are looking up for RIM but nothing they’ve shown here isn’t already been done on other platforms so they still have an uphill battle.