Rogers Nokia Lumia 900 coming “early April”


  • Lamothe

    made it a but clearer


      $629 for this crap?

      $700 for the galaxy note and now you can get Galaxy s2 for ZEROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

      tell me some thing that Nokia 900 can do and other phones cant do? one thing only

      better Camera? ohhh now we are talking like Apple when the released the iCrap 4S, A NEW CAMERA!!!!




    YEPEEEEEE, A 3.7″ Screen and single core processors!!! its not worth it

    Thumb down, I don’t care

    Just an advise to spend $500++ for this devise its Ridiculous

    • Eluder

      Uhm, it’s a 4.3″ display, learn to read. 🙂


      3.7″ , 4.3″ STILL SMALL and 1.2 single core with 720P video
      and the worst thing is WP7

      low profile

    • LUMIA

      wat a dumass.. thats why a single core is beating dual core phone. its easy to push in dual core on any device but that does not mean it run efficient. Had a SS2 and the performace was great at first, and more and more i used it, the more and more it felt like my nokia 5300(old phone still works at same speed). And my lumia 800 which i have been using since December, still works like the first day the turned it on. the OS is much more faster then and android and its as good or better than iOS (when not jail broken). go and try it first b4 commenting on thng u have neva used (r****d)

  • TheTigerTek

    I can’t wait.. I love my Bold but I’ve been waiting to try out a good Windows Phone. Its been over a year since I last had a Windows Phone… Looking forward to it.

  • Stu

    I’m currently off contract with Rogers. I was all set to go from Rogers to Telus to get the Lumia 800. I went thru negotiating a comparible contract to what I have w/ Rogers then they said they would require a $400 deposit on the account. I said, if you want my business you’ll may want to provide me the same courtesy Rogers does. I killed the deal – Since I’m eligible for a tech upgrade with Rogers anyway and the Lumia 900 is coming out with them in a month why should I switch over to Telus? They’re not the only girl at the party.

  • Jesse

    Sorry if this phone can’t run Crysis…..considering that’s not what it was designed for doing at all because it is a PHONE.

    People have been saying the same spec crap since day one. You’re beating a dead horse. Didn’t you hear that WP8 will have multicore support? I really could care less about that but considering that information is out there, maybe you people (or just one single person in general- we know who you are) can stop spewing caps lock ridden, uneducated opinions.

  • Dimitri.k

    I would buy it but i might wait till the Sony Xperia S comes out. If Rogers does not get that then Lumia 900 is the device ill upgrade too.

    I do not care about specs & all.

  • T1MB1T

    AGAIN rogers is locking wind from getting this phone! Tony said rogers is paying extra to have Nokia take out the AWS! WHY are you all supporting a company that is trying to kill the carrier with the most megga hurts! Rise up! Sign the petition!!!

    • Eluder

      You sir are an i***t.
      Stop posting stupid misinformation like this.

    • JAY ARR


      Is your name indication of size of your brain ?

    • Dimitri.k

      Oh T1MB1T. Have you had sex with Tony yet? GET OUT Troll. Go live with Tony.

    • Alex Perrier

      WIND has a modest HTC Radar at a modest (better than TELUS, although somewhat steep) $400 price. i don’t see what the problem is. WIND doesn’t need the Nokia Lumias, even if they may be good phones. Try one from T-Mobile if you want. The plans and service alone already give WIND an advantage. Rogers will only really be useful those who want the expensive $50/month “unlimited talk and text” plan which requires at least two lines. Other than that, avoid Rogers.

    • Big Bob

      Alex I need a network that works. I need to be assure that if my phone has a problem it will be repaired, reading on the wind forum it is more miss than hit. And I want a Canadian Warranty. I need to have different options for phones not the table scraps they are offering. For me coverage is the killer. I pay slightly more with the big 3 but I get a solid signal. For me and most of the big 3’s subscriber base we would love to have cheap rates but in the end it is the service we need to be top notch. Just go to the wind forum and see the countless threads about issues and people being treated badly… Wind no thanks sorry to see you leaving.

  • Jimmy

    Good phone. Good build quality, Nokia cameras are one of the best and it runs windows. Windows OS doesn’t require dual or quad core to run, it already is a smooth os, so single core is perfect. Why boost the power if not needed? It will only drain more battery power.


      You are tilling me the Car with 150 horsepower is Faster than 350 HP??

    • blackprince

      You sir are speaking with sense and reason and that will not be had here. /s

    • Alex Perrier

      Indeed, the 1 GHz and the 512 MB RAM (for example) is more than enough for a smooth Windows Phone experience.

    • GrapeApe


      And yeah @ JustSpraying, a 150Hp car can be much faster than a 350HP car, because there’s more to it than just HP (compare Lotus Elise @ 150HP to an old 300HP boat of a sedan); or Mhz/Cores in the case of phones. That you simply state it like that shows you don’t know this about either cars or hardware.

    • Sub-Joker

      the problem is not only about running smoother or not…. a well build Android can run smoothly at a single core 1Ghz processor (Nexus S, Nexus one, Incredible S…. and plenty more)
      the problem is with the higher specs, developers tend to take advantage of that (especially in the gaming segment) and they are releasing apps that I wouldn’t believe one day I would see on a phone. for example, Look at many of the games available for Android and iOS, beautiful graphics and great game physics.
      yes, there are good apps on Windows phone, but it’s a fact and will remain a fact, if you have better hardware (better processors, better screens, more ram) developers will use that to their advantage when creating an app. and this will give a better OS experience.

      although WinPhone is not a big thing now, I am predicting the game will change when Windows phone 8 start rolling. that’s my personal thinking though.

  • Anirask

    Really looking forward to upgrading my LG Optimus Quantum. I love windows phone but I love this hardware by LG quite a bit less.

    • Braumin

      Yes the LG Quantum is one terrible piece of kit. I would even go so far as to say it was the worst WP7 device at launch. Of course, that means that several Canadian carriers decided this would be their one and only WP7 for the last 18 months…

  • uranus

    If you are in a wind zone the radar is better value. Unfortunately I am not in a wind zone so I’m stuck with bell.

  • bob

    haha $629

    • Dimitri.k

      You do realize it said ” but might fall in somewhere around the $629 no-term mark” So really that might not be the price. Hopefully its not because honestly these prices are getting really bad. It should be around $400 – $500 mark not more then that.

  • gwydionjhr

    What happened to the earlier leaked price of $499?

  • Dillion

    How does Rogers early upgrade work? I Google’d it and got a lot of different answers. I will be about 11 months into my contract when the 900 comes out and I want it. Started with a BB9810, bought the 710 outright but will appreciated the added specs of the 900.

    Thanks for any answers.

    • Steev

      You need a year done in your contract.
      then it’s:
      10$ x 12 months = 120$
      Activation fee = 35$
      Price of phone = (probably) 150$

      Plus you need to re-commit for 3 years. So around 200$.

  • N

    What about ROM size? Do you think 1-core CPU and ROM size will be enough for WP8 upgrade?

  • pearl

    grt idea