Asus and Google rumoured to partner on a $199 7-inch Tegra 3-powered Nexus tablet, Google Play?


  • Jim R

    Too small. Should be 10-inch, even if slightly more expensive.

    • Dimitri.k

      how is that too small? Not everyone in the world can hold or want a 10′ tablet.. Also for a 7′ tablet for this price is better then buying a 10′ tablet in which you need both hands to hold or carry & use.

    • Lance W

      Too small for you means too small for everyone obviously.

    • EvanKr

      The point of this tablet is to provide quality, quick speeds and a good tablet at a low price. If it was 10″, the price would need to be upped and it wouldn’t be considered a competitor to the Kindle Fire.


      The 7″ Tablet is a perfect size and it will be sponsored by Google, this Tablet will be away better than the very expensive iPad


      Apple will go bankrupt after this Tablet will be released, they had a nice hit by Samsung and now with a double hit from Google and Asus!

    • 5BBusers

      They have to go down to $199 if they want to compete with the $99 Playbook.

  • Dylan K

    10″ is a little large for me, was looking at the 8.9″ Samsung tablet, but not going to drop $600 on it.

    A small, affordable tablet that’s Tegra 3 powered? Sign me up. Bonus points if the price stays at $200.

  • ToniCipriani

    I really don’t buy into the “Nexus means direct updates from the source” thing anymore… seeing how the i9020A STILL does not have an official ICS update in line with the i9020T, with both Jelly Bean and Key Lime Pie around the corner.

  • Ben

    I agree, there is plenty of competition in the both the 7″ and 10″ sizes, however, Google needs to think about the market they’re going after. Obviously they want to say everyone, but those craving simplicity will stick with the Kindle, Google needs to tailor to the young generation by competing directly against the iPad. Make the Nexus tablet $100 less than the iPad, and make it as close as possible to to the iPad. If they could work in some innovation like the Asus Transformer of Lenovo Yoga… we’ve got an apple-killer.

  • Kid.Canada

    And everyone thought a 7″ tablet would be a fail when RIM released theirs, hipocracy is very common these days…

  • Alex Perrier

    i am a happy HP TouchPad user, but i agree that it can sometimes seem a little big. At school, conferences and similar places, the PlayBook is the most popular tablet of them all. The price at $200 is pretty much set in stone for any 7-inch tablet. RIM was charging too much when they were asking $500 for the small tablet. Same with the HTC Flyer.

    Bigger tablets will cost a little more, but they are more comparable to a netbook in terms of size.

    Please add AWS 3G support to your tablets! This will help customers get a good amount of Internet usage for a good price! Wi-Fi hotspots would also be handy for use with tablets without 3G.

    • 5BBusers

      RIMM at $13.20 wait for the Q4 report and you will find the Playbook again at $99. Its going to happen!

      Right now at $200 the playbook is available everywhere. All the people that wanted to get one at $200, got one, the rest are just waiting for the price drop. Wait for the Q report and retailers and RIM will realise that storing something that doesn’t sell makes no sense.

      Playbook: the 2012 Touchpad at $99!
      My guesstimation is for end of April.

  • ebee

    7 in is great. it can fit into my jacket. Even better if with LTE.

  • Nick

    It’d be pretty tempting… I’ve recently gotten into modding my Nexus S and I can imagine there’s a world of people who’d have tons of fun rooting and messing with a foolproof Nexus tablet. Unbrickable, good specs, and this cheap? Yes please.

  • Tom

    7″ is a great size for a tablet, and it would be great to see a ‘modestly’ priced Nexus tablet, but the tablet in that pic is seriously ugly!

    The bezel and the branding are way too big.

  • Stuntman

    I am very happy with my Eee Pad Transformer. I think it is one of the best Android tablets that came out last year. I feel it is better than the Xoom and better than the Galaxy Tab which are the two Android tablets that received the most publicity last year.

    Google was probably impressed with the Eee Pad and their quick OS updates that they decided to pick Asus.

  • MARS

    When does the ASUS 7″ tablet drop? I am very happy with my original transformer but I am looking for something a bit smaller.


      June 2012.

  • jon_d0e

    hopefully it comes with honeycomb OS… now thats one great amazing piece of software.

  • AhCup

    “Google Play” sounds more likely a “me too” things to iOS’s game center to me.

    btw, I can’t wait to get a $200 tablet from ASUS. Now it’s even better that’s a pure google tablet, which should be flashing friendly. 🙂

  • Mark

    There is still a disconnect here that consumers aren’t getting about the pricing of these things

    10″ Device = $600-$700

    7″ Device = $200-$300

    4″ Device + Cell antenna/radio = $600-$700

    Smaller tablets have found a sweet spot with consumers because the price better matches a realistic value. Why do we still tolerate the gouging when the device comes with a dialer?

  • ace

    OKKKK, was gona get a playbook due to price, but now I guess I will wait for this to come out! 🙂