Rogers giving those who pre-order the Nokia Lumia 900 a “surprise”


  • Sergei

    That would be one crappy surprise for those who don’t like batman

    • Nick

      Especially for those who are surprised to see a $3/month “surprise recovery fee” added to their bill!

  • Romon

    I think that many would agree that we don’t want any “surprises” from Rogers. We’ve had enough.

    • Zombie Ted Rogers

      Indeed. Rogers monthly bills are already jam packed with “surprises” every month.

  • SWheldon

    The Dark Knight Rises premiere.


  • Sid

    My guess: a 4 year contract

  • Cancuckle215

    A better phone just in case? 😀

  • Neptune99

    How about offering fair plans at fair prices?
    What do you mean by “NO”?
    A word “fair” is not in your vocabulary?
    Oh, I see.

    • Mark

      A word “fair” may not be, but Rogers’ take on a word “UNLIMITED” sure is!

  • joe

    the surprise is the lumia access fee.

  • Talnoy

    Crossing my fingers that Wind gets a hold of this….

  • Omega

    Can’t wait to see Android ported to it!

    • blackkey

      Its called the nokia n9

  • Yaguang

    Suprise buttsex!!

    … ok I’m done…

  • Treatz

    Surprise, it’s on Bellus for better coverage!!

  • Nightcrawler

    LOL. Come on Robbers. That’s your surprise !! That’s the best you can do !!

  • andy c

    at least give a xbox 360 like some of the European launches.

    if nothing else you can at least sell it to offset the cost of the handset

    • KC

      All the Canadian Carriers did the free Xbox thing in late 2010 early 2011 when Windows Phone was new. People still didn’t buy it. So then the Canadian Carriers passed on second gen Windows Phone hardware altogether but are willing to give it a try again in hopes that the might of the Nokia Brand will entice a few more people to give it a shot. But when they see they still more then a year later need an app to use their own legally purchaced music as a ringtone, well they’ll return it just like they did the first time. When is this OS ever goign to stop feeling liek a beta?

    • DaRazorback

      Reply @KC

      What are you talking about needing an app to make ring tones, that costs money. I did it many times, with a free app. You don’t need the app per se, you just cannot select it’s start and end point without it.

      I wish people like you would be more educated, so those even less educated wouldn’t start thinking incorrect things about the OS.

  • iSheep2

    Bad service or coverage? 2G EDGE instead of LTE? I agree Romon don’t need any new surprises from Robers

  • fanel

    Elop mentioned April as the release date during the keynote when he announced the 900 for Rogers.

  • shaggyskunk

    is the surprise, Roger’s reservation system?

  • Dylan D

    I know I’ve said this before, and I know everyone is sick of hearing it. But I hope it comes to other carriers soon after and doesn’t remain an exclusive for too long. 🙁

    I love this phone, rogers just has terrible cell service in my province.

  • Kevin

    Everyone bashing on Rogers lol.

    Nice, keep going. haha

  • KC

    I hope the Surprise will be a poll inclused in the phone to vote whether or not you think Nokia Should cntinue to Release Windows Phones or fire Mr elop and Make Marko CEO

    That would be a good surprise.

    But yeah, it’s proably got somehting to do with Batman

  • nerdpov

    I’m guessing the surprise will probably be movie tickets to the new movie. I for one, would just like to be able to order a Cyan Lumia 900 without anything on the phone. This means no bat man logo on the back, no bat man background, no roger apps, absolutely nothing.

    • Dimitri.k

      That would not happen lol. I wish the same but it will never happen.

      Also the movie tickets but also i have heard that it will be the Batman logo on the back of the phone.

    • DaRazorback

      Well they did release the Samsung Focus without any kind of Rogers software add-ons. Besides with WP all that kind of bloatware is completely removable, unlike on most Android phones.

  • Jed

    Aqua Man “rises” from the ocean…

  • chris2

    I hope the “pre-order treat” isn’t only available in black

  • Mike

    Any confirmation that the white lumia 900 will be released along with the other colours in April?

  • ak

    The surprise would be that itll come unlocked right out the box.

  • Frederick Edwards

    Ok preordered. Now to wait for it..

    Re: Surprise. Not that interested in that promotion at all.

    Why can’t Nokia Canada do some Xbox360 promotions like they did with in Singapore (first 100 customers) & UK (OrangeUK for old customers).