LG Optimus LTE sales break the one million mark


  • mark

    Right now I’m happy with the HSPA+ network of my Galaxy Nexus.

  • Andrew

    Having sold a couple of these, they’re really nice and attractive phones. For anyone not watching the “too new” feel of the galaxy nexus (or not looking to drop $160), it’s a solid unit. Plus, compared side by side to the HTC Raider, it’s a very sleak and good looking unit. LG hasn’t impressed me before, but the two new phones they have on bell/virgin are really solid and very well priced.

  • Panzerpug

    Have one. Nice phone. Happy with the purchase. Didn’t grab a galaxy nexus because of the pathetically small non expandable memory in it.

  • Kersat

    I got mine on Thursday. Love the phone with the exception of the battery life. Also this is my first Android.

    • WOW

      I feel bad for you man..
      In two weeks all the problem will start to appear.
      Bad battery life, crashing apps, random restart.
      Welcome to Android..
      Your only hope is to put a custom rom on it or, the easiest solution is to throw it in the garbage and get a real phone, a WP7.

  • keiYUI

    I’d like to see an LG phone with the OLED display concept.. man that would be amazing!

  • Alex Perrier

    i’ve lost my trust in LG software upgrades since they promised but didn’t deliver Gingerbread on the LG Optimus Chic in 2011.

    Honestly, if a carrier can’t sell a phone properly, punish the carrier. Bell has to reduce the Chic’s outright price from $250 to nearly $50 because it didn’t sell the phone properly. Rogers has the LG Phoenix (Optimus One copycat) and Optimus 3D, but neither sold exceptionally well due to weak promotions. No new software.

    If i were LG, i would fine Bell and Rogers for not promoting and selling these phones enough, while Telus would receive a bonus, a better deal, because they sold more than enough to justify a Gingerbread upgrade. It feels like a scam to sell the “Optimus LTE” in regions where LTE doesn’t even exist yet! At least tell us there’s no LTE network! Anyway, it’s out of my control. Guaranteed my next phone purchase is outright or on a tab balance.

    • Muthafluffer

      Did you happen to walk into a bell store in the last 2 months? Seriously?
      They changed the uniforms, posters were up on every wall, Specials in all the flyers and newspapers, demo phones available, etc etc.
      They couldnt have marketed the phone more if they threw free LGs at people from the front doors.

      The phone is a peice of s**t. Thats why it didnt sell. Not becouse of marketing.

      Know your market before you release a product, thats what LG should do.

  • Lee Parkinson

    Now that i have experienced LTE for a few days its hard to go back to Hspa+

  • Tom@BBM

    i feel bad for anyone who bought this phone….batt life is the worst ive ever seen and LG makes the worst Android phones besides Acer. i would never sell one unless a customer had an extended wsrranty.

  • sv

    Have one since last november on Bell. Still no LTE in Montreal (maybe I should go try it in Yellowknife…)but plenty of ads everywhere touting this is the fastest phone period… 🙁