Bell LG Optimus 4G LTE Review (Video)


  • Tom

    Given what you have written about the speeds, I am now sold on LTE in spite of the battery issues.

    Their statements and history in regards to ICS and CyanogenMod support suggest that I don’t have to worry about upgrades.

    So it is a real shame to read about the camera. Otherwise I was sold on this phone.

  • Shawn S

    Was debating on this, but seeing the battery life issues you’ve discussed and poor camera I think I am going to pass and wait for the next. Thanks MS!

    I wish Samsung would releases the Galaxy s2 HD LTE (Korean model) in Canada. I would take that over the nexus in a heartbeat.

    • calvin35

      This revue is very disappointing. I have been waiting for this phone to come to at&t but now I think I will pass. I calibrate tvs on the side and color accuracy and camera quality is very important to me. I am positive that if there is dithering in the colors that I would notice it. I can’t compromise on the camera.

  • EmperumanV

    Thanks for the review Daniel. Was considering this device as well by trading in my Bell HTC Raider LTE so to speak, but I guess I’ll hold onto it for now.

  • jclg

    I have been waiting for this article since you announced its release! Thanks for another great, in-depth review, Daniel. I think it does a pretty good job of framing this device alongside the Galaxy series and HTC’s latest devices.

    I was tentatively holding out on this phone in hopes that the specs on paper would translate to taking the crown for Android smartphones (ICS notwithstanding). It seems so close to that of the Galaxy series; however, the poor camera life and camera that’s apparently even worse than the Nexus’s are deal-breakers for me. Sure, it has LTE speeds, but there’s no point in having it if I have to carry around 2 spare batteries to use my phone for a full day.

    Its one advantage over the Nexus I see is that is supports microSD cards, but storage isn’t an issue for me.

    Looks like I’ll be settling for the Nexus or GSIIX on Telus. Thanks again for helping with the decision-making process.

  • Alex

    Nexus still king in my books

  • JL

    on my 1Mbps home connection…

    Time to get better internet. Do companies even offer a line this slow anymore?

  • Dan

    HAHA. 3 hour battery life. You might as well have stopped the review right there. This review should read “fastest phone on the market, for the hour its batter lasts” Totally worthless. Better to get a regular cellphone and a tablet if this is where the future of phones is going. My SGS2 Lasts all day with heavy usage. LTE is just too much of a battery hog.

    • Andrew

      I also own this phone and just replaced my iphone with it and the iphone definetly does not compare. It is an amazing phone and also super fast. As far as the battery is concerned like the iphone as long as you turn the screen brightness down a bit because it does have a super powerful back light, and you do not leave a million apps running that are not being used the battery is also great. I can go almost two days without charging it and thats with taking video and images of my two year old and downloading songs and video. And not to mention the 8mp camera actualy captures better images and video than my 12mp Nixon. I dont know but all i can say is TRUE HD because this camera takes the sharpest most detailed pictures out of any camera i have ever used.

  • Gab

    I don’t understand why you gave it a 7. I thought it would be closer to an 8?

    Funny how a bell phone bleeds blue.

  • WetCardboard

    Your home connection is only 1Mbps???!?

    • WetCardboard

      Sorry delete that…just realized we’re talking about upload speeds here, ugh. facepalm.

  • bob

    I think you should make some less subjective battery testings, like on anandtech.

  • gavins

    Lg has a terrible track record worst than moto for delivering upgrades. HTC and Samsung are the class of the Google heap. I want LTE but I will wait for a gen 2 LTE device from them.

  • Mike

    I wish my Galaxy S2 LTE had a textured back like this phone 🙁

  • JPTN

    Excellent and thorough review, as always. I’m glad you go through all the detailed stuff so I can cover things like native 1080p MKV playback. :p

  • Socius

    I work at bell. Have been testing this phone extensively because I was going to purchase it for myself. I decided against it. Reason is battery life. It’s not poor battery life. It’s abysmal battery life. On a full charge, you can only stream under 1.5 hours of Netflix video, while running on HSPA+ (so, not even under LTE).

    I’m not sure what the problem is as other devices like the galaxy s2 lte from Rogers which use the same apq8060 cpu at 1.5ghz get nearly 80% more battery life on a slightly bigger screen, with the same resolution.

    Sorry folks…terrible device. Don’t bother.

    • Socius

      To clarify, the current rogers S2 LTE is not the same resolution as it only runs 800×480. However, the S2 HD LTE version is the same resolution, and still provides that extra 80% battery life.

    • Socius

      Don’t see the reasoning behind disliking my post. I have 6 years work experience in the mobile industry working for 2 companies. My job at one point consisted of creating documentation pinpointing actual advantages (ie. Not just stats on per) of equipment compared to other phones (specifically, phones exclusive to other carriers) for distribution to the front line teams.

      I’m advising you, after having spent the last 3 days with it and running it through various tasks and benchmarks that it’s performance is sub-par, and battery life is about half of what you get from comparable phones. Help me to understand the issue with warning people about the problems associated with this device because I’m not following.

      I probably have more phones and tablets right now than most of you have owned in your lives. 😛 I’m just trying to share my experience to help people make an informed decision considering most people would be committing to 3 years with such a device.

  • Thomas

    Hi Daniel could you share what the SW version was on the LTE you tested. TY

  • meghead

    “the S2 HD LTE version is the same resolution, and still provides that extra 80% battery life” – The S2 HD LTE phone hasn’t even been announced for availability around here. Are you saying that you actually have one to test the battery life on?

    I bought the Optimus LTE and initially found the battery seemed to be draining a bit fast. However, I set the brightness manually to a bit lower than the auto and I’m now finding the battery lasting pretty much the length I would expect – similar to how my iPhone has performed historically.

    I haven’t tried streaming full-length video over 4G but I don’t think that’s something I would ever do in real life – I’m not sure phones are really ready for that personally. I may try copying a movie to it and playing it though – that’s probably a fairer test.

  • Idawg

    I have the Optimus LTE and the Motorola Atrix and one thing that stood out to me while using the Optimus LTE was it’s inability to keep a mobile hotspot going. It constantly lost connection. I used my Atrix for this ALL the time and never had a problem. Mobile hotspot is an important feature for me so the Optimus just doesn’t cut it.

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  • Derek Arsenault

    I’m using the AT&T version (Nitro HD) and I noticed noticeable improvement after installing Juice Defender Ultimate from the Android market. Best 5 bucks I ever spent. It helps a lot with the poor battery life…but then again, if your going to use it all day long like a laptop or something then forget it. I agree, it’s a huge battery hog, but would be acceptable if I could find one of those cases with the extra battery built in. Still looking….

  • sv

    I’m on Bell LTE in Montreal since this morning (LG Optimus LTE). SpeedTest shows Dwn from 5-6Mb to 25MB, Up from 1.2MB to 14MB ! Nice !!

  • Michelle

    I have had this phone since late December and am a Bell customer. Note that I don’t have a data plan on my phone because, everywhere I go, I have access through Wi-Fi to the Internet ie. at University, home, coffee shop, etc.

    Thoughts? Over all good, but the battery life is dismal when sending or receiving data. I’m assuming the same would be true if I had mobile Internet access. Even when Wi-Fi is off, and I make a phone call, the battery drains quickly -approximately at the same rate. I don’t think that I could talk for longer than 3 hours even with full reception. The battery seems to last only when I am not sending or transmitting any type of data. Watching movies already on a MSD doesn’t drain the battery as quickly. So, a word of warning to anyone considering this phone, the battery life is poor.

    Another issue with the phone is that the UI seems to slow down how smooth the animations scroll at times. It often reminds me of a computer screen with 15-25 frps. But I’m hoping a custom rom and UI will fix that or at least when the phone receives the Icecream Sandwich update. Additionally, the camera takes about .5 seconds to capture a photo and it performs poorly in low-light conditions. The video capture is fantastic though at 1080p. I’m quite impressed about that.

    What I do like about this phone is the screen. Compared side by side with the Galaxy Nexus, in my and’s opinion, the images were sharper, more detailed, the colours are more true to life, and whites are white -not with a hue of blue like with the Super-Amoled (Plus) screens. I like watching movies on my phone, so image acuracy/quality was a priority for me as. However, the battery drains quickly. That’s the trade off with the Optimus LTE. I also like how the phone supports Mirco SD cards. When I found out that the Nexus didn’t, I made my decision to buy the LG because I could buy a 32GB MSD for $30 on Amazon and load a lot more movies into the phone.

    The Nexus is a really great phone, don’t get me wrong, and most would agrue that it’s the best phone on the market because Google doesn’t allow software to bog it down. Plus it gets Android updates soonest, etc, though it’s not sold LTE capable in Canada.

    Personally, I really look forward to the Samsung Galaxy S3 set to debut late February at the World Mobile Conference. I hope Samsung increases the ppi to 330 and the resolution to 1280 by 720 at the least.

    At the end of the day, it’s all about what *you* need out of *your* phone. So, do I think the LG Optimus LTE is a good phone, yes, good enough for what I use it for. Do I think it’s the best? Certainly not, but better than most because of it’s tech specs such as screen quality and size, LTE capability, and how it accepts MSD cards. Just my thoughts:)

  • gregory

    i have this phone and i can say that out of all the phones ive ever had this one is the best i would not change a thing. just like on an iphone you lower the brigthness a bit and make sure your apps are closed the battery is perfectly fine 🙂 i love this phone

  • Tony

    lg opyimus 4g lte had mind nearly a year nothing but grief the flash and shutter not synced about every 2 weeks I get a tiny sign the reads no service , no problem just remove the battery and re install when the phone rings very often in trying to pick up the call I get a call declined. stuck with it for just over 2 more years. they should stick to making fridges.

  • Tony

    when taking a photo of my grand daughter the flash goes off before the shutter and I keep getting pictures with her eyes closed

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