LG Optimus LTE now available at Bell


  • Alex Perrier

    i’ll wait for my LG Optimus Chic and my friend’s LG Optimus 3D to get Gingerbread upgrades, and Ice Cream Sandwich at least for him, before trusting LG again.

  • OptiL

    I wouldn’t have my hopes up for the Chic, it’s an old outdated device in almost end of its life. LG officially announced it will do an upgrade for the 3D, so we shall see.

    • Alex Perrier

      They promised for the LG Optimus Chic. It’s sold at Virgin, so what would be Bell/Virgin’s advantage of having a 2.2 device when Telus and others have a 2.3 device instead?

    • OptiL

      Price and terms I believe.

  • Hardened

    What is there NOT to trust about LG? They’re huge in devices and components – iPhone 4/4S’ screens are by LG, their amongst the 4 ONLY LCD manufacturers and have a breadth of knowledge and patents regarding LCD, their smartphones are the BEST they’ve ever been in the history of making phones (no longer second fiddle like the S60 days of Nokia).

  • MickLiq

    No history with LG devices here…but suspect it’s not great in terms of official upgrades. Do LG’s generally have locked bootloaders?

  • motofail

    Thanks Mobilesyrup for mentioning the NO contract/Outright price of phones. This should be the new standard. This allows you to see in real terms which phone is cheaper or more expensive.
    Hope this is the beginning of a new trend in Mobilesyrup.

  • Aphorism

    Yay! It is here…Somewhat. Waterloo is lagging behind. If we get it before next year, that will be a miracle.

    As for ICS, an update of the phone to ICS is promised upon launch of ICS, if that means anything.

  • howitzer

    We need a faceoff between the Galaxy Nexus and this thing.

    True HD + LTE vs. Pure Google + buttonless + its a Nexus

    Fair fight

  • Scazzz

    The update to ICS will not be “at the launch of ICS”, which technically is already launched when the Nexus launched in the EU (or even before that as its been available to devs for awhile now).

    the OptimusLTE will get ICS in the next two months of LG actually gets on with it.

  • WetCardboard

    720P IPS Display and LTE? How can the Nexus compete?

    • leobg

      Don’t forget the removable SD card and the lower outright price tag!

  • Dan

    I would like to see a head to head against Galaxy Nexus as well… but i agree i dont see how it could compete. 720p ips display, 8mp vs 5mp camera, 1.5GHz vs 1.2GHz dual core, bigger battery and LTE… outside of nexus having ics i dont see how it could be a better device than this… at some point this will get ics, but galaxy nexus can upgrade/update any of the above hardware features.

  • Dan

    that should have said cant update / upgrade hardware… also chic i believe is only 800ghz processor can you even upgrade that device to ics?

  • sv

    @Dan, also no Adobe Flash Player for ICS yet…

  • jclg

    Hardware specs-wise, this phone is everything that the Nexus ought to have been.

    However, there’s a surprising lack of solid data on the brands/models of the components, e.x. the processor (TI? Qualcomm?) and GPU.

    Furthermore, the Bell site states THREE HOURS OF TALK TIME?! Unless that’s a typo, that’s a seriously frighteningly low figure, even with LTE turned on!

    • jclg

      Well… I found the chipset. It’s the same one used on the HTC Raider (Qualcomm Snapdragon APQ8060; MDM9200), but the processor is clocked 300MHz higher. I suppose it ought to have the Adreno 220 GPU?

      It has an 1830 mAh battery, so I don’t understand how it only provides 3 hours of talk time juice (LG’s site says 180 min; Bell says 3 hours. Typo on LG’s end?)

  • leobg

    @jclg, isn’t 3H = 180 min?

    I agree this value is somewhat on the low side.. Wondering what would the real life numbers be

    • jclg

      I was meaning to say that perhaps LG had a typo on their site (e.g. maybe 480 min?) and when Bell copied the specs, then that typo was converted into hours. I don’t believe that a 1800mAh battery would last for such short a time.

  • DK

    Played with one at a Bell store… pretty unimpressive first opinion. Stock LG software is really laggy, which is unfortunate at this stage in Gingerbread devices.

    Also the size. Holy cow does it feel big in the hand. I have long fingers, but this phone was still awkward to hold – especially without the hump I’m used to on the SGS. Makes me a little nervous for the new Nexus…

  • JazzyJazz

    180 min = 3 hr.. hmm it’s a tough one

    • jclg

      See the above reply.

  • Socius

    Those mentioning the interface is laggy for such a powerful new phone, keep in mind that gpu rendering comes with ics and this device is only running 2.3 at the moment. People ask me whether to get the nexus or the optimus lte and I tell them that the software on the nexus makes it superior right now as ics is designed for 720p displays, better utilization of dual core processors, gpu rendering which is more efficient and looks better, as well as huge web browsing speed enhancements.

    So you’re gambling on if and when lg will release ics for the optimus. I kinda took that gamble and have an optimus lte on order. But I don’t feel confident in lg and their ability to release ics on this phone quickly enough.

    As for the CPU I believe it’s running a dual core scorpion with adreno 220. Some mentioned possibly apq8060 though I had previously thought it’d be the msm8860.

  • Guy Fawkes

    Its not really a gamble, XDA will have a port, and Cyanogen 9 will be available for this phone as well I m sure, as it is being released on ATT as the nitro.

  • Socius

    Touché, jclg. Now I’m really concerned because I was hoping the bell website had misquoted the 3 hour talk time battery life. 3 hours is kinda garbage. Though I never talk on my phone. I wonder how many hours of web browsing and video streaming you’ll be able to do with it. Because at 3 hours for talk…on an 1830mah battery…I’m wondering if I should skip lte and go with the hspa+ galaxy nexus, considering the under clocked CPU on that providing even more usage time.

  • Socius

    Also curious about that link to the optimus lte p930. It mentions brightness at 500 nits, though the documentation we were given at bell specifically mentioned it’s 600 nits and therefore twice as bright as the 300 on the galaxy s2.

    And it can’t be an lte issue….the raider is rated at over 5 hours of talk time and it has a lower capacity battery. Does the jump from 1.2ghz to 1.5ghz really have that big of an effect? Because the galaxy s2 lte with dual core 1.5ghz qualcomm chip is rated at 5 hours as well….Unless it has something to do with lg’s new super duper awesome LCD display raping and pillaging the battery life….which shouldn’t make sense as the screen is off while you’re talking on the phone anyway.

    Something about it just doesn’t sit well with me. Ok I think I may have it. And also a reason to not buy this phone. Whereas the nexus is using a 1.5ghz chip down clocked to 1.2ghz to save battery life, the optimus lte is using a 1.2ghz chip over clocked to 1.5ghz which drains even more…

    I swear lg are retarded.

  • Daddy-Chicken

    Gorgeous looking device. I would love to see a comparison between this and the Nexus, and also against the LTE Samsung Galaxy S2

  • Crunch204

    The Bell network falls back onto 42 mbps, not 21, that’s Rogers