Gmail app for iOS is once again available in the App Store


  • Brayden

    This is news?

    • Matt

      On a site dedicated to “Mobile News and Reviews for Canadians,” yes. Yes it is.

  • John Mack

    Where’s the Google Talk Native app??

  • yadeed

    It is not working in my Ipad 2

  • Matt

    I was really hoping for a Google Buzz or Google Wave app… :p

    I love the idea of having a Gmail app – I don’t like using Mail for my Gmail since I already have my iCloud account and my work Exchange account in there, and having to open up a Safari window every time is annoying.

    So it’s working fine for the purpose of not using those two apps… but limiting notifications to badges is ridiculous. If companies with much smaller budgets and audiences can code apps to use Notification Centre, then surely Google can!

  • freestaterocker

    Of course, with wp7 you don’t need a Gmail app. Support is native. 🙂