Windows Phone gains developer traction as BlackBerry support drops: IDC


  • Dalex

    This is good news! Even as an android user I can appreciate windows phone, its my 2nd favorite platform. I love the smoothness it brings and live tiles are fun.

    I was considering a WP device before I bought my SGS2, but I don’t understand why the 2nd generation devices never hit our country.

    When I go to stores to inquire about Windows Phone devices, the reps look at me funny. Some of them don’t even know what they are or think I’m referring to windows mobile. It’s too bad really…

    • Binku

      I know how you feel, bro.

      Personally, I am a WP7.5 user who used iOS for 3 years and Android for 4 months.

    • ruddias

      I am a WP7 user and I love it. Its fast, slick and easy to use. but WAY to basic for my taste. Ill be going with android next because WP7 is too limited for me. Ill still be happy using it for a while though.

  • Clay

    This is Great news for WIND!

  • S Kaz

    Who would want to make apps for RIM’s Java platform in 2011 anyway?

  • Zeake

    Windows Phone Starter
    Windows Phone Home Basic
    Windows Phone Home Premium
    Windows Phone Business
    Windows phone Enterprise
    Windows Phone Ultimate!!!!

    lol Love you microsoft. Only you can get away with things like that 🙂

  • Andrew

    There is going to be a resurgence for RIM in 2012? Playbook is now selling for only $199 obviously people are not interested in buying Playbook. US phone market share is decreasing. If BBX does not save RIM in 2012, the stats for developer interest and RIM stock price will be very low. If BBX is not a game changer RIM will become the next Nortel and disappear.

    • curtbrown

      I don’t think so. RIM’s developer support and tools are the worst of the 4 big players and getting more convoluted and cumbersome. On the other hand, Windows has really worked on making developers happy over the past year or so.

      As somebody who develops for all four platforms I’d say iOS and Windows are pretty close right now, with Android in a distance third and BlackBerry in a veeery distant fourth. This ranking is based on resources, training and the tools they provide and how easy it is develop and test for the platform in general.

      That’s just for me and my preferred workflow though.

  • RichardR

    Really? those stat’s do not seem to be the case with all the new native applications coming out for the playbook. Didn’t RIM publish that it’s over 45k now combined?