Windows Phone gains developer traction as BlackBerry support drops: IDC

For Microsoft, leveraging their growing developer base to bring more users into the fold is key to growth, so a latest study by Appcelerator and IDC should be good news to the folks at Redmond. According to the survey, which was taken by over 2000 developers at the beginning of November, developer support for the Windows Phone platform is growing faster than any other, and has recently eclipsed the BlackBerry OS platform for third place behind iOS and Android.

It seems that Microsoft’s partnership with Nokia is the driving force behind this renewed developer growth, in addition to improved tools made available since the release of Windows Phone Mango in October. When you take the numbers at face value, however, the news isn’t so good: 91% of developers support iOS, while Android garners 83%. Windows Phone, however, sits alone in third place with 38% of developer support. This means that 38% of developers would be very interested in pursuing app development for the platform.

Since last quarter, RIM’s support has dropped dramatically: only 21% of developers want to create BlackBerry OS apps, while only 13% look forward to developing on the QNX-based Playbook. Compare that to 88% for the iPad and 68% for Android tablets, and it’s clear that there are just too many choices for developers out there, and the Playbook is being left behind.

Let’s hope that 2012 can bring a resurgence of support for RIM and the BBX platform. In the meantime, it looks good to be a Windows Phone user.

Source: Appcelerator
Via: Techvibes