Rogers launching the ACER Iconia Tab A501 November 8th


  • GMan

    Meh. Of all Android tablets, the only ones I’m considering are the Transformer and the Galaxy.

  • Paul Q

    That tablet better be under $100. Those stats are bullshit.

  • D-Store

    Just bought one a few days ago. It became free on a rogers 3-yr agreement, although I would have perfered to buy the Samsung Galaxy 10.1 on the Bell network, it was hard to arguee with free.

    Cons of the Acer Iconia
    – It’s very heavy in comparision to other tablets, and also much thicker.
    – I bought an Avoca brand case for it, which fits very poorly. Can’t really fault Acer for that though.
    – Only available on the Rogers network. I perfer Bell

    – Very easy to sink by Bell e-mail addy too, and connect my wifi.
    – Plays video’s without buffering (other that iniatial loading bufferibg)
    – Nice sound even without external speakers. Currently watching a movie I downloaded and it looks and sounds great.
    – Android OS is always a big plus as well.

    All in all, I think I got a great deal, on a good (not great) device. The samsung tab still would have cost over $300 on the same three year agreement. With Rogers current promo, the Acer was free. My main complaint is the weight of the device. It has fullfilled my expectations of a tablet device, and I would recommend it to anyone who doesn’t want to pay a huge upfront cost for one.

  • D-Store

    – Very easy to sinq my Bell e-mail addy too, and connect my wifi. ** correcting my sloppy typing