TELUS releasing the Sony Ericsson Xperia ray November 2nd, $379.99 outright


  • Chris

    Title says Nov 2nd, article says Nov 1st? 🙂

  • XER

    Just buy it outright and no term. A year from now, this thing will be ancient.

  • Barry

    damnnnnnnnnn not 8.0 megapixels, but 8.1

    Move aside SGSII, we’ve got a new contender for #1 smartphone on TELUS!

    3.3 inch screen? Single core? No problem, cause its got 0.1 megapixels more!

    • Sammy

      I see what you did there…LOL

    • Just fine

      @Barry: There’s nothing wrong with this phone. Not everybody wants/needs top of the line specs or a 4.5″ screen (I don’t know what kind of women you know, but I know many whose hands make the iPhone look massive). This phone is $200 less than the SGSII, do you really think they are in the same class? You don’t buy a Toyota Yaris when you want a 7 Series BMW.

    • Jamie

      For those who don’t understand, Barry’s post was a joke.

  • Sammy

    This is a great “mom” smartphone.

  • REX

    To XER, who says buy it outright:
    If you replace the phone at 1 year, then outright it will cost you $380. In a 3 year contract you pay $50 + cancellation fee at 1 year($50) + remaining balance ($270) = $370. Even at 1 year it is cheaper to get the contract and it gets cheaper if you keep it longer.

    • JB

      Actually Rex, it would be cheaper than $370. I got $320 on a 3year contract. At least according to my math:

      Xperia Ray is $49.99 on 3-yr term. (Outright price is $379.99). So 379.99 – 49.99 = $330 discount.
      Take 330 and divide it by number of months of contract…so:
      330 / 36 = $9.16666667. Then multiply that number by 24 after 12 months of being on the contract, so…
      9.16666667 x 24 = $220.

      So $220 would be your device balance fee then with the $50 upfront cost for the phone and $50 cancelation fee, would come to $320, which is still $50 savings from actual retail price. Am i right on that, or did I get lost somewhere?
      Point is, this is a “rare” occasion where you could sign a 3year term and not get “screwed”

  • Jim R

    Interesting to see if this trickles down to Koodo (at a somewhat lower price).

  • REX

    JB, you’re right. I somehow added in an extra $50 when calculating the remaining balance. If you intend to upgrade at 1 year, either the 1 year or 3 year plan costs the same (though the 1 year plan would be simpler – no need to cancel) and either are cheaper than buying outright.

  • aka

    I agree on the math, it’s cheaper to go on a term contract, and upgrade later vs buying outright. even taking into consideration the $50 cancellation fee if you do decided to cancel later. you still pay the same monthly fees.

  • Optimusblack

    Telus does it again: it kills a good phone by overrpicing it!
    Why would you buy this phone at $380 when you could buy the Optimus black for $20 dollars more??

    Telus has to realize that There is competition in handsets too! Maybe we should just wait for the KOODO price at at $299 or less. Why just not align the Koodo and Telus prices on HANDSETS and keep the plans separated?

    • starduck

      Or perhaps you need to understand that telus isn’t interested in selling phones full price, hence why the full price doesn’t ever go down. Phone companies don’t really have killer rebates on them phones. They make cash giving you service for 3 years with it. Not on the phone itself. Why would they sell phones alone at cost price, or even below cost price?

  • a girl

    What a girl wants to know is what colours will Telus carry?

  • frank

    should be $189.99 on a 1 year, $99.99 on a 2 year, and $0 on a 3 year.

  • shamu

    Hello!!?? Telus!! You launch this phone less than a week after GSII and expect people to be excited??? Aside from the camera, this phone is already old.. Two steps fwd ..three steps back