TELUS Sony Ericsson Xperia ray Review


  • Alex Perrier


  • RichieRich

    Bah… who cares… where is my Galaxy Nexus already?!?!?!

  • cody

    For this size this is a sick phone for people who are into the 4″+

  • bob

    Would have been great if released last year.

    • eMad

      It is a mid-range phone, definitely not a high end. The specs are fine for the device it is. You aren’t getting dual-core phones for $380 outright.

  • Gab

    For the people who want a small phone I guess?

    I’m still wondering how the samsung infuse scored lower than this..

  • Tom

    Excellent reviews – thanks.

    For many of us, the biggest weakness of Android phones is the lack of OS upgrades, so addressing that weakness is an important factor in choosing a phone. So, it would be useful to know (a) what is SE’s policy on OS upgrades for this phone, and (b) is the bootloader unlocked (so we can load other Android distros, like CM, when SE abandons us).

    I realize that the bootloader will probably get hacked even if it is not officially unlocked, but I would prefer to get a phone that is officially unlocked so that the process is easier and because those phones will probably get better support from CyanogenMod.

  • barry

    isn’t this supposed to have an aluminum frame, not plastic?

  • Mark

    I really wanted to get this phone especially since SE hyped it up so much over the last year and a half. The timing on releasing this is awful though …

  • aka

    to a couple of commenters, no they can’t release this last year, because then it would be considered high end, and if you’re not willing to pay approx $380 outright now, I questioned whether you would have paid $550+ last year for it.

    it’s a great little phone with specs to match for smooth and as lag-free operation as you can get on a single-core handset.

  • Simon

    Bought mine unlocked 2 weeks ago. Using it on Koodo. My first Android and I have to say I really like it. Size is small, weight is unbelievably low, screen is dense! Screen is challenging to type on, but coming from an iPod Touch, it’s not much of an adjustment (apart from the awful lower-left corner key placement). And battery life is indeed AMAZING – makes other devices look stupid! From what I gather, it’s a Nexus S in a tiny package.

    Sony gave away the full line-up of current devices to Cyanogen so they could support them. There’s a 2.3.7 Cyanogen mod available and it’s mostly sorted – less radio. SE has also promised 4.0 support for 2011 lineup – with no timeframe though. This support makes me full good about my choice; and if they take too long I’ll try Cyanogen.

  • Mark

    I bought this phone a few days ago, and coming from an X10 Mini it’s a huge improvement. I’m not a big fan of big phones (I consider the iPhone huge), and I think this one has the best size, it’s not small like the Mini but it’s not huge either. Perfectly usable.
    All the apps are uninstallable if you root it and install Titanium Backup (I rooted mine in a single click and 30 seconds using a program on PC). Sony not only gave the entire Xperia line to Cyanogen devs (like someone else said above) but they also confirmed ICS for the entire 2011 line of Xperia phones. Overall, I think that it has some of the best bang for the bucks out of any android, and if you are not into big phones, it’s a must have IMO.

    There are some questionable choices with this phone though, like no physical button for camera, weak, non automatic led, and the buttons are not backlit, but overall, the phone works very well, it’s one of the fastest single core out there, and the screen looks good. I’m satisfied, even more so since I bought it used in mint conditions for just 200 euros.

  • John

    this or galaxy w???

  • David Canadian

    I’ve had this phone for about a month. It’s upgraded to ICS. It’s a great skinning of ICS, simple and clean. It’s a good phone. It’s slim, simple, amazing screen. The camera takes great pictures in bright daylight, and pretty good pictures otherwise. It’s not a big phone, takes getting used to when typing. I mainly use it to check emails, light web browsing, and messaging. Being that this is my first smartphone, I’m happy. Bang for the buck, if you don’t need the newest phone out there, it’s great.