Upcoming Mobilicity Q4 promotions leaked online!

Mobilicity has just come off a banner week: Hired 3 key execs to help build the business across the country, announced that the powerhouse of all Android devices – the Google Nexus One – will be launching soon, and yesterday released the BlackBerry Curve 3G. Great week indeed… Looking for more Mobilicity goodness? How about a look into their upcoming Q4 promotions! Thanks to these internal documents that popped up here’s a quick rundown of what they’ll be coming out with:

– Their Family Plan was officially released on August 17th and this sees you saving up to $20 each month (depending on how many family members you bring on). Originally this was only available when the primary line was on the $35 plan, however starting October 5th Mobilicity is changing the Family Plan to have the primary line be eligible at their $25 plan.

– Mobilicity is extending their monthly credit promotion until October 31st. Depending on what monthly plan you sign up for Mobilicity will credit you up to $15 off your monthly plan each month. (you’ve got to be on a $35 or higher plan)

– If you purchase a Data Stick and combine it with another plan, Mobilicity will be discounting your monthly data stick plan by 50% for life.

– Introducing a new $20 Unlimited Add-On
– To entice potential customers Mobilicity is offering a $100 Activation credit
– Free Social Networking for all customers
– Price dropping the Totem and the HTC Snap

Mobilicity is finally stepping up to the plate. Remember when they were just called “Dave Wireless” and they stated that “Competition is coming”. They even had an advertising campaign that stated that potential customers “Don’t lock into a wireless contract you’ll regret” and “No Action = the best course of action”. Hopefully with these Q4 promotions will bring them more into the spotlight of a wireless player. Now they just need to fulfill their promise and launch in the other 4 cites (Calgary, Edmonton, Ottawa and Vancouver).

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Source: The Cellular Guru

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