Mobilicity launches the BlackBerry Curve 3G for $299.99 no-contract


  • Karam

    Very very nice!

  • Bubzilla

    After months of barely breathing it sounds like they mean business now

    Could it be possible that they waited way too long to expand to other cities to compete with Wind though?

    • hilo

      Barely breathing?

      Mobilicity has had the most aggressive promo’s and plans since they launched.

      They launched with those insane LD plans and brought $25 unlimited to the market.

      Then they beefed up their $35 package with every feature needed.

      5 months later they are bringing out new devices.

  • havok

    im happy to see this take place coz they need more smartphones. however, i just went to blackberry to do a comparison, and my 9700 on mobilicity, is still better then the new curve. now, okay, i get the bold is a higher end model. but your releasing the curve, when id think, you would want better devices…. so, why not release the torch?

    • Canadianman20

      They are being smart about it. Not everyone wants the top of the line smartphone, but a decent middle ground smartphone, and the BB Curve 3G is just that, it offers great specs for the average user, and is priced very well. Mobilicity is clearly showing Wind how it should be done, making Winds failure to grab handsets even more apparent.

  • DaRazorback

    I am moving to the GTA in between 12-14 months from now. My wife and I are currently English teachers in Chile. When we first move to Canada, I have to admit if Mobilicity keeps up their development they will be at the top of our list of carriers to check out!

  • joseph niagara

    Mobilicity, Wind…whatever. Both are useless to me cause they’ll never get me service in Niagara.

  • Rocco StiffReddi

    hmmm and yet wind still acts like they are not worried.. I wonder what would happen if the public knew of the yelling matches in the office? oh well.. wind is getting the tar kicked out of them.. so much so they have loyal wind lackeys reading keynote speeches and trying to pick things up to keep morale up.. morale for morons is the quote of the day.

  • Regulator

    Rocco, you damn WHOP. What are you sniffin?

  • JAWG

    And he says I’m a racist…nothing unusual for a Windy!!!

  • Regulator

    I didn’t post that someone else is pretending to be me!

  • JAWG

    OK…no problem!

  • havok

    @Canadianman20: ya know, your absolutely right. perhaps some middle ground. more handsets in general is a really good idea.

    either way, im sure mobi has a few more tricks up their sleeves.