HTC Desire Z exclusively hitting Bell late November?


  • Cody

    Like the legend – Desire situation, telus to get a better one two months after would be great!

    • Michael

      What better phone (with keyboard) exists than this right now? I suppose Sprint’s 4G Epic (Samsung galaxy with keyboard) is arguably better, since it’s got a better screen and processor. But it suffers greatly from decreased battery life. Also, I don’t think the chance of Telus landing that phone is very high.

  • TomatoGuy

    Bell is on the Android roll lately, Samsung Vibrant first and now HTC Desire Z. Poor Rogers, that can’t even launch Captivate properly right now. Telus can’t keep the stock of Desire. And Bell just keeps releasing high-end Android smartphones.

    • Jeeverz

      Actually Rogers could not launch the Captivate because of Samsung. You can’t walk into Bell and get a Galaxy either because Samsung had to pull them off the shelf.

  • Adi

    Bah, it’s still using a pseudo Cortex A8 CPU that’s barely cutting it. Also, last i checked, the 3D performance of the Snapdragon family still blows.

    I’d go with the Samsung Galaxy S if i was looking for an Android device.


    • sookster54

      The specs I’ve been finding is that it uses a Qualcomm 800MHz (7230) CPU compared to Desire’s (and HD’s) Snapdragon. It’s not necessarily a bad thing, it would provide better battery life.

    • M1LK

      I’m curious, wouldn’t you want a company like HTC making your phone instead of Samsung? I acknowledge the fact that Samsung has a brilliant GPU in the phone. But the quality you get from HTC is mint in my opinion.

      The other thing is the support for their phones in my experience is better, especially when compared to Samsung.

      Samsung for me had very poor support for their phones and it would take a very long time to address the issues

    • zorxd

      The SoC is a new 45 nm one. The CPU should be about the same as an underclocked Snapdragon, but the GPU (Adreno 205) is much faster.

  • Jeeverz

    I hope Rogers gets the HTC Desire HD. It looks sexy <3

    • M1LK

      it’s gorgeous, no argument there

      but i’m pretty sure that HTC only mentioned the release of the Desire Z in North America

  • Flagg

    Can someone explain why Rogers has chosen to sit on the sidelines as HTC charges full steam ahead with killer Android devices? It has been a year and a half at least since the Magic was released and they have let their competitors snag everything since.

    • mario83

      it seams rogers doesnt care, i think the iphone and blackberries are more important to them because they are their smartphone bread and butter (for now)

    • Michael

      After the crap that happened with the Dream/Magic’s firmware, Rogers’ relations with HTC were severely strained. Hence why they haven’t brought out an HTC phone since. That’s how it was explained to me by several Rogers reps.

    • siv

      if i’m not mistaken, the blackberry makes the most profit per customer and strains the network the least compared to androids and iphones. that’s why networks love blackberry.

  • sookster54

    Rogers and HTC don’t get along, you won’t see another HTC arrive at Rogers for a lonnnng time.

  • Zachary TG

    Rogers, you’re extremely pissing me off. No offense, but their isn’t a carrier that I like at all right now. Not one. Bell’s fee’s are outrageous, Telus has crazy credit score expectations, and Rogers releases the oldest, most useless devices. Wind has a small network, as does everyone else. Really, Canada needs a new carrier that actually has awesome phones. I’m stuck with Rogers right now, and the Captivate may be the only phone I can buy. Honestly, this really sucks. This looks like an awesome phone, yet Rogers hates us and HTC.

    • Trogdor

      I bypassed the Rogers selection and bought a Nexus One. There are a lot of unlocked Androids out there that you can purchase and use on Rogers.

  • Stephen

    Now Bell has a top of the line slate phone and slider Android. My fingers are too big to use phone keyboards well, so I prefer the 4″ screen with Swype on my Galaxy S, but it’s good that Bell has two options now.

  • schultzter

    Sounds good, but I wonder what this “pop hinge” is all about.

    Also, I’d like to see an Android phone that comes with a manufacturer & carrier guarantee of “timely support” for the next two (?) versions of Android. No more wait and pray and see and maybe six months later it will be available.

  • Jay

    The Desire Z is pretty sweet also for the fact its potential download on HSPA is up to 14.4Mbps. Most if not all the other devices will only do up to 7.2Mbps or lower. Will be nice for browsing if it can hit that kind of speed.

    • zorxd

      You probably won’t notice the difference for browsing on your cell phone, but for tethering this is a plus. At least if you get the 6GB/30$ plan. Oh wait, it’s expired so you will be stuck with 500MB.

  • M1LK

    I’m with Bell and I’ve been waiting for an awesome phone like this for a while.

    Despite the fact that Bell already released the Samsung Vibrant, I’d prefer the HTC Desire Z because of the immaculate build quality.

    The vibrant responds well and looks decent, but the plastic exterior just feels cheap and flimsy to me.

    I heard the phone weighs quite a bit, but I think it’s a reflection of the quality of it’s construction. It has a great UI that doesn’t hinder the android concept at all and HTC has a brilliant reputation with their phones.

    With a great reputation, build quality, functionality, and UI it’s essentially a no brainer why one would choose the Desire Z

  • Gere

    Bell and Telus have been getting amazing devices since launching their HSPA+ network. Rogers used to be the carrier to go to if you wanted a cool phone, but look at them today – their iPhones and Blackberries aren’t exclusives anymore and they have nothing else to fall back on.

  • AwesomeP

    Any word if bell will release this for Virgin Mobile as well?

    • M1LK

      I think you mean HTC.

      No they haven’t officially announced anything regarding a release in Canada specifically. That said, they didn’t say they wouldn’t release it to Virgin.

      In all fairness however, it makes sense that an exclusive phone like the HTC Desire Z would go to one of the larger carriers in Canada. Furthermore, it’s very likely that the Desire Z would be exclusive to that one provider.

      If that is the case, all hope is not lost, as you can see if the phone is supported by your provider and purchase the phone outright, and unlock it.

      Hope that helps.

  • Kieran

    Any word on if the HD is coming along with it?

    I thought I wanted a keyboard, but I tried swype on the weekend and really liked it.

    Now I’m torn between getting this and unlocking it for rogers or telus or waiting for something else.

    • TNSF

      If Bell gets exclusive on the Desire Z than it is most likely Telus will have the HD. I say this because Telus and HTC are pretty tight so Telus gets first pick, Bell second and Rogers…well they get nothing.

  • sookster54

    I still doubt the HD will ever come to Canada. And good on Bell for finally getting a decent device with a decent physical keyboard.

  • JazzyJaz

    7230 is a 2nd gen Snapdragon w more advanced graphic acceleration than first gen 1ghz CPUs. Pseudo Cortex A8? Lmao..

  • Justin Credible

    Wonder if this will support tethering out of the box, unlike the T-Mobile version which does not. Fail.

    Nexus still wins.

    • M1LK

      Technically it does support it out of the box, you just need to root it =P

      All jokes aside though it ultimately depends on the carrier not the manufacturer.

  • Dread

    What is stopping Wind Mobile from carrying this model as well? Since they share the same platform as T-Mobile?

  • Dread

    I am waiting for an high Level Android with a slider. I love the Samsung Epic but don’t think its coming to Canada. If Bell gets this, I will move over to Bell pronto.

    What excuse does Wind have for getting this phone ASAP? It makes almost no sense to me

  • carlos dudas

    This device looks like to will be worth switch carriers for!
    hey, i’m wondering if this is going to have the 1.5GB internal space or 4GB like the T-mobile version(G2). also, will it have an FM radio like the advertised unlocked HTC Desire Z? native Froyo 2.2 well designed qwerty(unlike the nokia n900) the ability to capture video at 702P, full adobe flash(unlike the G1)..

  • odr3y

    Its confirmed! The HTC Desire Z case is now available for purchase on Best Buy’s website…

    Too bad I just switched with fido one month ago with unlocked htc desire!

  • davidm

    It would be great to see an editorial about Roger’s Android problems. They really need a professional model with a keyboard; there are at least three good ones on the market now.

  • Vince

    I’m currently on Fido and they don’t have any devices that I really want (was contemplating the Liquid E until I saw this one), and was intent on unlocking this bad boy, but is this phone going to be a CDMA version? Or will it handle both GSM and CDMA?