NSFW Dune 2 popcorn bucket will be available at Cineplex theatres

Bruhhhh 🤦🏻

Dune‘s sequel, Dune: Part Two (yeah, they weren’t creative with the title), comes out in March. While the Denis Villeneuve-directed sci-fi movie’s release date is still a few days away, one specific merch item has become the center of attention, and for no good reason.

The merch item is a harmless, limited-edition popcorn bucket with a lid. The lid features the infamous sandworms found on Arrakis, a desert planet in the Dune movie. However, internet dwellers have sparked comparisons between the bucket and a NSFW personal pleasure device.

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Cineplex itself posted a tongue-in-cheek video of the bucket, listing down tasks the bucket can be used for. Props to Cineplex’s social media manager 🫡. The video also confirmed that the popcorn bucket will be available in Canadian Cineplex theatres.

The internet is now calling the bucket a ‘Dunelight,’ and it is sure turning out to be a marketing success for Warner Bros.

Image credit: u/RJamieLanga on Reddit

Source: Cineplex

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