Video shows man possibly flying a plane while wearing the Vision Pro

The man claims he was a passenger and not piloting the plane when wearing the headset

Vision Pro

A video of what looks like a man flying a plane while wearing a Vision Pro headset has gone viral on X (formerly known as Twitter). Chris Clarke posted a 21-second video of himself using the headset while in the front of an aircraft.

Unsurprisingly, the post has since been deleted.

Clarke’s X account now says it “doesn’t exist,” which means it was most likely deleted. The video appears to have been taken in the U.S. Potentially flying a plane, just like driving a car, while using a Vision Pro is very dangerous.

Image credit: Gizmodo’s Jody Serrano/@chrisclarkefly

According to Gizmodo, the now-deleted post’s caption read, “The apple vision pro has made my job exponentially more productive.” The publication reports Clarke claimed “he had not been flying the plane in the video and had just been a passenger.”

Apple specifically states in the Vision Pro safety information guide, “Never use Apple Vision Pro while operating a moving vehicle, bicycle, heavy machinery, or in any other situations requiring attention to safety.” Flying a plane definitely falls under these safety guidelines.

To the clear, the  Vision Pro can’t be compared to a pair of glasses. The headset displays a live video of what its cameras capture around you. Users technically don’t see directly through its display.

It seems unlikely the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) would ever approve wearing a headset like the Vision Pro while flying. The headset and its heads-up display (HUD) could be viewed as a distraction or interruption while flying, which the FAA could view to “severely compromise flight safety if they occur during critical phases of flight,” according to its Managing Distractions Safety guide.

Again, Clarke claims he was just a passenger and not actually flying the plane.

A man recently wore the Vision Pro while driving a Tesla using assisted driving features and posted a video of the dangerous action on X. He claimed it was just a “skit.”

Image credit: Gizmodo’s Jody Serrano/@chrisclarkefly 

Via: Gizmodo

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