Apple might allow dual Mac displays for Vision Pro in the future

This would likely significantly increase the Vision Pro's appeal for some people

We already know that Apple’s new Vision Pro AR/VR headset lets you prop up a virtual external monitor for your Mac, allowing you to access and control your computer’s screen in a virtual window.

Now, according to analyst Ben Thompson, who reviewed the Vision Pro, Apple might have plans to upgrade this functionality in the future.

According to Thompson (via MacRumors), sources familiar with the matter suggest that some Vision Pro users at Apple headquarters can project two Mac screens at once. This would significantly increase user productivity and the Vision Pro’s appeal for potential buyers.

The feature works with any Mac running macOS Sonoma.

“Having two 4K displays for my Mac anywhere I go would absolutely make me more productive, and make it worth carrying the Vision Pro,” wrote Thompson. “Indeed, my question then would be, ‘Why do I have to carry my entire MacBook?'”

It’s likely that users at Apple are running and testing future versions of VisionOS, including one that allows them to project two external Mac display windows. It’s currently unknown if and when this feature will be available to the general public.

Image credit: Apple

Source: Stratechery, Via: MacRumors

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