Public Mobile is now offering 50GB of 5G data on its $45/month plan

It's unclear how long this will stick around

Public Mobile

Public Mobile has increased the data allotment on its $45/month 5G option.

The plan previously came with 20GB of data at 5G speed. It now comes with 50GB. Public Mobile’s 5G data reaches speeds up to 250Mbps. Unlimited data at speeds up to 512Kbps is available after customers use the allotted high-speed data.

This plan option also comes with unlimited Canada-wide minutes and messaging, along with unlimited international text and picture messaging.

Customers can save a further $5 on this plan if they sign up for a 90-day subscription, bringing the monthly cost down to $40/month.

Public Mobile’s website labels this plan as a promotion. The carrier has added the same label to its $50/60GB 5G option. That plan debuted last week and originally had a January 22nd end date.

The promotional labelling is also on the provider’s $39/mo 30GB 4G plan, matching similar offers from Koodo, Fido and Virgin Plus.

More information is available on Public Mobile’s website.

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