Fantasy Football: 2024 Video Game Edition [SyrupArcade Cast 12]

Check out what games we picked for our 2024 Fantasy Draft [SyrupCast 287]

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Similar to last year, the MobileSyrup team is having a video game fantasy draft. Even if you’re not into sports, you’re likely familiar with fantasy football. The idea of drafting players or teams early on to see how they fare down the line certainly makes for some good discussion. With our video game fantasy draft, the SyrupArcade crew tries to pick which 2024 games will be reviewed best on OpenCritic.

We assembled the regular SyrupArcade Cast hosts, Dean Daley, Brad Shankar and Chris Brown, as well as Gabrielle Huston, MobileSyrup freelancer and writer for The Gamer. From there, each of us picked three games that we believed would be the top-scoring of the year. The quartet will also do a follow-up podcast in the middle of the year after more titles are announced at Summer Game Fest and other 2024 video game showcases to add two more picks for a total of five each.

If you want to learn how Dean will be the winner of this year’s draft, the games he picked, and why Chris Brown will probably be in last place, tune into the latest episode of the SyrupArcade Cast.

As always, you can listen to the SyrupCast below or find the podcast on your favourite streaming platform. You can find last month’s The Game Awards-focused episode here.

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