Canada’s telecom providers are hiking prices; the Industry committee wants to study why

Both Rogers and Bell customers have been notified of price hikes

Bell and Rogers logos on smartphones.

Several members of the Standing Committee on Industry and Technology are calling on their peers to reconvene to discuss “the increasing costs of cell phone packages.”

A letter to MP Joël Lightbound, the chair of the committee, points out that Rogers is increasing the cost of wireless services between $7 and $9 starting January 17th. The change applies to its flanker, Fido, as well.

Bell customers have also been notified of a price hike. The telecom giant has yet to respond to MobileSyrup’s requests confirming the change. The same goes for Telus, and the silence of the two companies has been notable.

“Canadians already face some of the highest cell phone prices in the world, due to the lack of competition offered,” the letter signed by five members of the committee states. The committee held its last meeting on December 14th before adjourning for the holidays.

The letter also points to Rogers’ acquisition of Shaw, highlighting the contrast between the company’s promise the takeover would lower prices and its recent price hike.

“Canada’s telecommunications sector needs more competition, not less. Given the fact that the Liberal government approved the decision to make Canada’s telecommunication market smaller and less competitive, the Minister of Industry must answer for the latest price increase by Rogers, and potential price increases by Bell and Telus.”

Via: @RickPerkinsMP

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