Samsung unveils new Neo QLED, Micro LED, OLED and AI processor at CES 2024

The 2024 display lineup rings in the “AI screen era,” according to Samsung

During CES, Samsung revealed its 2024 display lineup, including new QLED, micro LED, OLED, and Lifestyle TVs. Plus, new AI innovations are on the way, thanks to a new processor.

The key standouts from Samsung’s announcement are the Neo QLED 8K display and its NQ8 AI Gen3 chipset, which powers it. Samsung’s latest processor includes a neural processing unit (NPU) that is said to be twice as fast as its predecessor. The number of neural networks is upgraded from 64 to 512.

Samsung’s Neo QLED series utilizes the NQ8 AI Gen3 chip to achieve crisp 8K upscaling. The technology takes a piece of low-resolution content and sharpens and displays it in a much higher resolution. The NQ8 AI Gen3 also aims to automatically enhance distorted images due to rapid movement. For instance, using deep learning, the chip can apply a detection model to a ball when watching a soccer match. AI is also being used to apply depth and more dimension to an image on screen. By detecting which part of the scene the eye naturally focuses on, the NQ8 AI Gen3 chip can ensure it becomes the focus of the image.

The Neo QLED series is revealed to be staggeringly thin, with a screen depth of 12.9mm. It also features what Samsung calls an “Infinity Air Design,” in which the display looks as if it hovers in its surroundings. Neo QLED can connect multiple wireless speakers and soundbars using its Q-Symphony technology. The same technology will allow it to sync with the new Music Frame. Audio is also enhanced using a proprietary AI dialogue in the event that audio mixing has the score overpowering spoken word.

Samsung also announced a new transparent Micro LED. Described as a piece of transparent glass, the company hopes users may one day adopt a completely transparent display. To make what sounds like a piece of sci-fi tech a reality, Samsung developed an “extremely small” Micro LED chip that eliminates seams and light refraction. The display boasts a modular design that can be personalized based on the home and B2B environment. LG also revealed a new transparent TV at CES this year.

This year, Samsung is introducing a new OLED model to its catalogue. The S95D provides a sharp 77-inch display with support of 144Hz. The display is said to be 20 percent brighter than previous models. As it’s Pantone Validated, the S95D ensures it can render deep blacks and AI-enhanced colour accuracy. Samsung is also folding in a new S90D and S85D, both ranging from 42 to 83 inches.

Complimenting its new OLED displays, Samsung is introducing its new ‘OLED Glare Free’ tech. Designed for its 2024 displays, the technology can maintain true colour accuracy and detail, even in daylight. Using a low-reflection coating, Samsung’s OLEDs aim to provide and exceptional viewing experience without the glare from the sun.

In 2024, Samsung is iterating on its lifestyle displays. This includes a new version of The Frame, which is said to help reduce energy costs by up to 10 percent. It now includes an ‘Art Store’, which features over 2,500 artworks from global museums and galleries. The Premiere 8K projector is the world’s first to feature wireless connectivity. It incorporates picture-off premium audio, cloud gaming, always-on voice capabilities, far-field mic and four multi-view screen splits. The second-gen Freestyle portable projector introduces Smart Edge Blending, allowing users to merge projections from two Freestyle devices into a screen as large as 160 inches.

Finally, Samsung’s 2024 soundbar offering includes updated models supporting new AI algorithms. For instance, the Music Frame can be used as a standalone wireless speaker or be paired with a Samsung display using Q-Symphony. The new HW-Q990D soundbar includes an 11.1.4-channel configuration with Dolby Atmos, supporting passthrough for content in 4K 120Hz. The ultra-thin HW-S800D is only 1.6 inches deep and can fit into many spaces seamlessly. It also boasts ten drivers and an overhead speaker.

Image credit: Samsung

Source: Samsung

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