LG reveals wild-looking transparent OLED TV at CES 2024

It sort of looks like a very expensive, high-tech fish tank you can watch movies on

LG Signature OLED T

A transparent, wireless OLED TV might be the most CES thing to be revealed at the annual Consumer Electronics Show 2024 (CES).

Like always, LG, Samsung and several other TV makers are showing off new TV technology at CES this year, but this transparent TV is on a whole other level.

Alongside its M and G-series TV updates, LG showed off the Signature ‘OLED T,’ a TV it claims is the first wireless transparent OLED TV with a 4K resolution. The TV also features a contrast screen that rolls into a box at its base, which turns it into a more traditional television.

So, what is a transparent TV, and why would you want one? That’s a good question, but I’m unsure how to answer it.

According to LG, the OLED T features an OLED panel on the front that includes an opaque film that can roll down, making the OLED T work more like a normal television. Based on press images, the Signature OLED T looks undeniably cool, creating a fish tank-like effect when content is displayed on it in transparent mode. That said, I doubt everything will look good on the OLED T, making the transparent effect feel like a very expensive party trick.

The OLED T includes LG’s new Alpha 11 AI processor, which the company claims offers four times the performance of its previous chip. The TV works with LG’s Zero Connect Box, allowing video and audio to be sent wirelessly to the TV from streaming devices and video game consoles. The OLED TV also features down-firing speakers and a backlight that can be turned off to offer the completely transparent look. The ‘T-Bar,’ an information ticker featuring details like the weather, runs along the bottom of the TV.

Unlike many products revealed at CES, LG says it plans to sell the OLED T in the second half of this year. How much will it cost, though? If you have to ask, it’s probably out of your price range, as I can see this television costing a ridiculous amount of money.

Samsung also showed off a Micro OLED transparent TV at CES 2024.

Image credit: LG

Source: LG Via: Digital Trends, Engadget

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