McDonald’s thinks AI is the secret ingredient that will improve its food

The change is slated to be implemented in 2024

McDonald’s has partnered with Google to bring the tech giant’s cloud technology and generative AI across thousands of its restaurants worldwide.

McDonald’s goal here is to “become the most sophisticated and productive in the industry” by leveraging a range of “Google Cloud’s hardware, data, and AI technologies to implement innovation faster and create even better experiences for its customers, restaurant teams, and employees,” and improve operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

The change is slated to be implemented in 2024.

McDonald’s press release states that the partnership will allow it to roll out significant advancements to its mobile app, expand its loyalty program and introduce advancements to its self-serve kiosks at locations worldwide. “McDonald’s will use edge computing from Google Cloud to power these new platforms, bringing information storage and high-powered computing into individual restaurants,” wrote the restaurant chain.

One significant benefit for customers will be hotter and fresher food, as shared by The Verge. How exactly? The fast-food giant doesn’t say.

This comes roughly seven months after Wendy’s announced that it will use AI chatbots to take orders.

The company did not address the issue of AI replacing human workers, but rather emphasized that the system will “reduce business disruptions, and diminish complexity for crew so restaurant teams can focus on delivering amazing hospitality to customers.”

Read McDonald’s full press release about the partnership here.

Image credit: McDonald’s

Source: McDonalds Via: The Verge

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