CBC might still hand out bonuses to execs while cutting 600 jobs over a budget shortfall

This is roughly 10 percent of the public broadcaster's workforce

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) says it will eliminate 600 jobs and that 200 vacancies will not be filled as the public broadcaster manages a $125 million budget shortfall. This amounts to 10 percent of the CBC‘s workforce.

Most of the layoffs will come from its corporate divisions, including technology and infrastructure, along with the CBC and Radio-Canada, its French-language arm, cutting roughly 250 positions, respectively. The broadcaster says it’s also cutting its English and French programming budgets, reducing new television series and episodes of existing TV shows.

The CBC says these cuts result from falling television advertising revenue, rising production costs and competition from streaming services like Netflix and Disney+.

CBC/Radio-Canada received roughly $1.3 billion in public funding from 2022 to 2023. During a recent CBC News segment on The National, Catherine Tait, the broadcaster’s president, was asked if executives would receive bonuses this year despite the widespread cuts across the company.

Tait responded, “It’s too early to say where we are for this year. We’ll be looking at that, like we do all our line items in the coming months.”

Source: CBC Via: The Canadian Press (CP24)

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