Astro’s new A50 X Gaming headset can seamlessly transition between consoles

Could this gaming headset put Astro back on top?

Astro A50x

Logitech-owned headphone brand Astro once offered the best gaming headsets around, but other companies, namely Steel Series, have caught up over the past several years. However, that might change thanks to Astro’s new A50 X headset that’s capable of seamlessly transitioning between consoles thanks to its dock that features passthrough HDMI.

The dock, which also works as a wireless charger for the headset, features two HDMI 2.1-in ports and a single HDMI-out port that’s capable of 4K 120Hz and 24-bit audio. This allows you to switch between inputs with a simple press of a button on the side of the A50 Xs, all while maintaining current-gen gaming fidelity.

There are also two USB-C ports on the headphone’s base, with one being used to connect to PC (there’s no PC HDMI pass-through, unfortunately). Instead, the headphones connect to PC via USB-C, which offers 24-bit/48 kHz quality audio.

Thankfully, Bluetooth is still a connection option if you want to connect to your console or PC that way or use the secondary connection to listen to music or take a call while gaming (I often do this with my Razer Kaira Pro Xbox Series X headset). In terms of other features, Astro says the A50 X feature 40mm graphene audio drivers and a built-in mic capable of 16-bit 48 KHz audio. The headset is also capable of lasting 24 hours on a single charge.

Of course, these premium features come at a cost, with Astro’s A50 X gaming headset hitting an astounding $379 USD (about $515 CAD).

The headphones are currently available for pre-order now and ship in the first half of 2024.

Image credit: Astro

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