TikTok user claims to have obtained leaked GTA VI footage from Rockstar employee’s son

This isn't the first time alleged GTA VI footage has leaked


GTA VI‘s long-anticipated trailer is set to drop on December 5th, 2023, at 9am ET. However, fans of the franchise might have gotten a look at what’s to come a little sooner.

A TikTok user named @I_see_In_4K has uploaded two short videos that they claim are from the upcoming Grand Theft Auto VI. They also claim that the source of the video is “some dev’s son,” as shared by IGN.


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A website dedicated to covering Rockstar news, GTABase.com, has reported that the source of the leak might actually be the son of a Rockstar employee, who accessed the game without permission.

“The evidence to suggest the video has come from someone related to the employee in question is fairly convincing. Again, if this is true it’s extremely disappointing that this has occurred so close to the official reveal,” wrote the publication.

The publication also said that it has not seen any proof that Rockstar is trying to take down the video, which might indicate that the leaked footage isn’t actually GTA VI.

From what we know so far, GTA VI is expected to be the most ambitious and immersive game by Rockstar in the GTA series, with rumours suggesting that it will feature multiple cities, a female protagonist, and a dynamic weather system.

This isn’t the first time alleged GTA VI footage has leaked. Rockstar was the victim of one of the biggest leaks in video game history back in September 2022, when user ‘teapotuberhacker’ uploaded a 3GB file with 90 videos.

Update 04/12/2023 7:53pm: The official trailer for GTA VI has released early following yet another leak.

Image credit: Rockstar

Source: GTABase Via: IGN

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